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Nellie decides to interview one person from each department to see how things are operating.

“So, how is everything in your department going?” Nellie asks.

Pete is the first of many of the employees to be interviewed.  “My department of one, you mean?”

“Yes,” she clarifies.

“Oh,” he shrugs happily, “Yeah, everything’s going smoothly.”

“No complaints coming in?”


“Any compliments?”

“None of those either,” he responds.

“Right.”  There is an awkward pause between the two until Nellie pipes back up.  “...Do you watch Downton Abbey?”

“Okay,” Pete concludes the interview himself as he gets out of his chair.

Next up was Clark.  “So, it’s been just over a week since you’ve taken over for Jim, how has that been?”

“Oh, really good, actually!” he responds with a smile.

“Excellent!” she responds.

He proceeds to list off a whole list of new clients from his spreadsheet, her face sinking as she’s having to listen to all of them.

Next was Creed.  “So, you work in quality assurance, correct?” Nellie asks.

“We sit across from each other every day,” he responds, confused, “you should know how I operate by now.”

She’s starting to get confused. “... Are you confusing me for Meredith?”

“I thought you were Pam.”

She looks at the camera, mouth still slightly open in confusion.

Next was Meredith.  “And that’s it, you won,” she tells Nellie, getting through with playing Solitaire.

“Oh, my God, that’s brilliant!” she whispers, astounded, “You don’t even a second player!”

“Yup,” Meredith nods in agreement, “Some next-level s***.”

Next was Oscar.  Nellie wanted to discuss accounting with him, but because they were discussing finances, it quickly turned to a rousing discussion of the Series 3 finale of Downton Abbey.

“How is Lady Mary going to raise that child by herself?” she asks him.

Right?” he responds, exacerbated, “Gah, and Matthew was nearly back at the estate, too!”

“God, what a tragedy.”


And, last but not least, Erin.  Nellie moves her monitor at an angle to where both her and Erin can see it displaying Dunder Mifflin’s official Facebook page, “You and Pete are total rock stars.”

“Thank you!” Erin replies happily, “Oh, and if you don’t mind me asking, how’s the adoption search going?”

“Ugh, I dunno,” Nellie says, demotivated, “I’ve sent in the application months ago and nothing,” she sighs dejectedly, “Guess I’m just… not fit to be a mother after all.”

Erin, crushed that someone who wants to give someone like her a home is losing hope, motivates her, “Listen… I know exactly how you feel.  But they’re out there.  All you have to do is keep looking, right?”

Nellie, motivated by Erin’s simple words, offers her a smile.  “Thank you,” she says quietly, “I needed to hear that.”  Erin nods with a bright smile of her own.  “Keep up the good work.”  With that, Erin departs.

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