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Story Notes:
This was never going to be a thing. Turns out peer pressure works, kids.

But in all honesty, I’ve missed this story ever since I finished the first one. I hope you all enjoy the second installment of English Jim because I know I’ll enjoy writing it. :)
The bell rang, dismissing Jim’s final class of his first day back at school. He collapsed in his desk chair, closed his eyes, and started rubbing his temples.


Eyes still closed, he felt two small hands slide over his shoulders and down his chest from behind. He smiled, knowing the familiar touch immediately, and brought his hand up to cover hers that were against his chest. Her lips gently pressed against his cheek as she squeezed him a little tighter.

“Hey, Mr. Halpert,” she hummed against his cheek.

He swiveled his chair so he was now facing her and grinned. “Well, hello, Mrs. Halpert.”

She grabbed his tie and began fiddling with it, a smile peeking through as she bit her bottom lip. Giving a slight tug, she pulled him closer and kissed him gently.

“I like the sound of that,” she said against his lips as she pulled away. “Even if I forgot it was my name at least three times today when students tried to get my attention.”

He chuckled. “Guess it will take some getting used to,” he shrugged.

“Just like this will take some time to get used to,” she said, rubbing his face that now donned a trimmed beard.

“Oh, come on. You love the beard.”

She pulled up a chair next to him and crossed her legs. “It’s growing on me.”

Jim ran his fingers over his chin. “Technically, it’s growing on me, but whatever.”

She rolled her eyes and stood back up as quickly as she sat down. “Ooookay, Dad. I’m going back to my classroom.”

“I love you!” he called after her.

She turned back quickly and winked at him.

Jim turned, a smile still on his lips, and looked at his empty classroom. It was hard to believe that this time last year, Pam was nothing more than the cute new teacher he knew he wanted to get to know better. Now she was kissing him in his classroom, wearing a ring he gave her on her finger, and in about 20 minutes, they would drive home together to the house they shared.

It had been less than a month since he stood next to her in that cabin and promised his whole heart to her for the rest of their lives as if it wasn't already guaranteed—as if he hadn’t decided he wanted every day to begin and end with her from nearly the moment he met her. It had felt like the blink of an eye, but also somehow felt impossible to remember a time they weren’t tethered together.

After finishing up some paperwork, he tidied his desk, slid some papers in his bag, and shut off the lights to his classroom. Across the hall, Pam was at her own desk which was now covered with pictures of the two of them, the teapot he gave her, and the picture of the beloved ninja turtle Raphael that had become a symbol of the start of their relationship.

“You ready to go?” he asked, walking through the door. She glanced up and gave him a bright smile.

“Yep! Just let me grab my purse.”

He pointed to her desk. “Don’t forget your class roles.”

She grinned and grabbed the papers from her desk. Jim took her free hand in his and they walked out of her classroom together.

The hallways were mostly empty, barring the few student stragglers.

“Gross, Halpert!” a student joked from his locker. “You’re holding a girl’s hand!”

Jim chuckled and looked at the student—one of his best and brightest from last year, who he knew he could always joke with.

“Get over it, Dalton,” he said, waving his left ring finger toward the boy. “She’s my wife now. And at least a girl actually likes me.”

All the boy’s friends covered their mouths with their hands, laughing at his expense.

“That was low, Mr. H!” Dalton called after them, as Jim laughed and squeezed Pam’s hand. She looked up at him with a twinkle in her eye.

“I’m your wife,” she said giddily.

Jim kissed the top of her head. “Hell yeah, you are.”

They took the long way to the parking lot so they could avoid walking by the vice principal Michael’s office. Ever since he learned they got married and didn’t invite him to their very small, very private wedding, he’d been trying to guilt them into going on a double date with him and a “mystery lady”, as he put it. Worried (and pretty positive) the “mystery lady” was the principal Jan, who surely wanted nobody to know she was hooking up with Michael, they avoided any interaction with him as they could. Neither of them wanted to be in that situation.

They made it to the parking lot unscathed and Jim opened the car door for Pam. He got in the driver side and sighed deeply, looking over to her. A small smile crept up his cheek.

“Snack run?”

She smiled back widely. “Snack run.”


Jim grabbed the bag of popcorn out of the microwave, poured it in a bowl, and joined Pam on the couch, grabbing the copies off his class lists and put his feet up on their coffee table. Their house was still packed full of boxes that needed to be unpacked, but it would have to wait. They had things to do.

Pam lowered herself so her head was resting on Jim’s lap. She took a handful of popcorn and lifted a paper to her face. “Ready?”

“Let’s do this.”

Pam swung a Twizzler in the air. “Okay, first class period. No crazy names, but I have Tyson Fenton and Darryl said he’s a punk.”

Jim winced. “Darryl is right. Had him as a freshman.”

Pam groaned and put a mark next to his name.

“My first class,” Jim started. “I have a Chardonnay.”

“No way,” Pam gawked.

Jim pointed to the name on his paper and took a bite of an Oreo. “Way.”


He shrugged. “We may never know. Okay, second class period. Whatcha got?”

“Hmm…” She ran her finger down the list of names. Houston.”

“There could be worse names.”

Pam took a bite of her licorice. “Yeah, but they gave him the middle name Rocket. Houston Rocket, according to the role.”

“Nooo...like the basketball team?”

“Like the basketball team,” she laughed. “I also have a Rage.”

“RAGE?! Steer clear of that guy.”

“It’s a girl.”

Jim choked on his cookie. “My bad.”

They continued through the Kaizlyees, Zeppelins, and Braislynns, until they reached their last classes.


Jim gasped. “Elizabreth Jackson! I have her too! I thought it was a typo today.”

“Me too!” Pam exclaimed.

Jim ran his fingers through her hair and cleared his throat. “Okay, my final one: Jack.”

Pam’s eyebrows furrowed. “What’s the catch?”

Jim folded the paper over and tossed it on the table. “Last name is Daniels.”

Pam covered her face with her hands, laughing. “WHY?!” She seemed to have a revelation and removed her hands. “Wait, what was Chardonnay’s last name? Think they’re siblings?”

They sat silent for a beat before bursting out in laughter. Jim could tell this would become a new tradition every school year. He looked down at his wife, tears of laughter pooling in the corner of her eyes and chocolate smudged on her lower cheek, and he felt an immediate swell of adoration for her. A year together and he still couldn’t believe they were here—that she was his.

Pam sighed as she sat up, then stood to begin cleaning up their pile of snacks and empty glasses. Jim grabbed her hand.


Pam turned to face him. He tugged her hand with a smirk and beckoned her down with a quick backward jerk of his head. She chuckled and then lowered herself onto his lap, straddling his hips and placing both hands behind his neck. His hands spanned her waist and up the sides of the oversized t-shirt she was wearing—a shirt that he was certain was his at one point, but it looked so much better on her. She let out a sigh of contentment and scooted her hips closer to his and slinked her hands through the hair at the base of his neck. He slipped a hand out from behind her and lifted her chin up with his fingers.

“You have some chocolate, right…” he placed his lips on her jawline, his tongue slightly running along it. “...here,” he whispered against her skin. The hand he had on her back immediately felt goosebumps rise underneath it, which in turn elicited a spark deep in his core.

“Hmmm...anywhere else?” she whispered, leaning into his kiss.

He moved his lips to that spot under her ear and she let out the tiniest of moans. “Maybe some here…” he hummed, as his lips moved lower down her neck. “Or here…” He drew a line with his lips down her collarbone, lowering the collar of her shirt. “Might need to investigate what’s under here, though,” he said, as he lifted the shirt at its hem.

She smirked and lifted her arms above her head so he could free her of it, then he quickly turned her over so she was laying on the couch as he hovered over her. He ran his thumb along her cheek, his eyes skirting from her dark eyes to her mouth and back again until he finally captured her lips with his. She wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him closer as their kisses deepened and intensified, bucking into him and driving him crazy until finally he decided they were both wearing too much clothing. In one swift movement, he pulled her up to stand, still exploring every inch of her with hands and lips. Guiding her down the hallway, he periodically shed pieces of clothing before finally grabbing her behind her thighs and lifting her up. He pressed her firmly against the hallway wall as she snaked her legs around his waist and he pulled back briefly to look at her.

“I really love you,” he said through heavy breaths.

She gave him a sly smile and pressed her lips to his. “Show me,” she whispered against them.

He backed them into their bedroom and made sure to do just that.


“That was a pretty great first day of school ritual,” Pam said lazily as she ran her finger along Jim’s bare chest in figure 8’s. “Let’s make that a tradition.”

Jim chuckled and turned to kiss the top of her head. “You don’t have to ask me twice.”

She looked up at him and smiled, running a hand over his beard. “It’s going to be a good year, isn’t it?”

Jim grinned and placed his hand lovingly over her stomach. “The best. Especially when little Chardonnay makes her debut.”

Pam chuckled and covered his hand with hers. “What about Houston Rocket?”

“Charlotte Bobcat,” he retorted.

“I thought they were the Hornets now,” she giggled.

“Oh, they are. But Bobcat would be a kickass middle name.” He bent down and put his head next to her belly, kissing it. “Wouldn’t it, kid?”

She threaded her fingers through his and gave him a gentle kiss as he laid his head back down by hers.

“Whoever we have in there, they’re pretty freakin’ lucky to have parents like us.”

He rolled his eyes sarcastically. “Obviously.”

She laughed and rolled over, pulling his arm around her waist as she did. He hugged her against him, taking in the smell of her hair that still seemed to intoxicate him.

“You ready for day two tomorrow, Mrs. Halpert?”

She squeezed his hand that was still protectively covering her stomach.

“Absolutely I am.”
Chapter End Notes:
Happy birthday, Beth!! ;)

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