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Story Notes:

This is totally a joke, I do not ship Pam and Karen. Except I kinda do and this is 100% serious. Takes place sometime between Back From Vacation and Traveling Salesmen. Canon compliant if you want it to be.

The Office, Pam Beesly and Karen Filippelli do not belong to me.

Author's Chapter Notes:
Pam and Karen's girls night starts innocently enough....

“I have a proposition for you.” Pam snapped her head up to Karen leaning on her forearms against the reception desk. The brunette grabbed a red jellybean and popped it in her mouth. “I’m free this weekend and mostly unpacked. So you should come over tonight and watch movies and drink wine with me.”

Pam was a little taken aback. While they had been friendly for about a month now after teaming up against Angela with the Christmas party and Pam taking Karen’s side when Jim was hesitant about Karen renting an apartment on the same street, Pam wouldn’t call them friends. Certainly not friendly enough to hang out one-on-one. Plus she just happened to know Karen was only free because Jim left this morning for a managerial seminar in New York. Did Pam really wanna be the backup plan? “Oh, tonight? I’d have to check, I think I have a big project due Monday for my art class.”

“Monday? As in three days away?” Karen popped a green jellybean in her mouth and smirked and Pam knew she wasn’t going to win this one.

“You’re right, I'm totally free to hang out,” Pam said, putting on a grin.

“Cool, here, hand me a post-it.” Pam pulled off a yellow note from her Post-it block and passed it to Karen, when quickly marked something down. “Here’s my place. 7pm good?”

Taking the small sticky note that now had a hand-drawn map on it, Pam put on one more smile. “7pm is great.” Karen shot her a satisfied grin before turning away, and Pam couldn’t help but look at Jim’s desk.


One thing about not really being friends with Karen is Pam had no idea how she felt about punctuality. Was Karen one of those women who when she said “seven” really meant “a quarter til?” Or was she a little more laid back about when people showed up to parties? Pam went with “more laid back” and knocked on the apartment door at about ten after. 

“Hey!” Karen answered the door in sweats, a long house-cardigan over a plain white tank top and her hair up in a perfectly messy bun. Pam was immediately envious of how adorable and effortless she looked, and also felt like she was overdressed in her jeans and navy sweater, her hair the same as when she went into work today. 

“Hey, I probably should have asked what you had already but I brought more wine.”

“Mo’ Merlot is always welcome here.” Karen said, taking the bottle. “C’mon in, I have a pile of DVDs on the coffee table, guest gets first choice.”

After hanging up her coat, Pam took a look around. If she didn’t know Karen moved in here just a couple weeks ago she would have never guessed, the place looked well lived-in with photos on the walls, artsy figurines and plants on the shelves and a couch adorned with pillows and a handmade quilt. One collection of photos caught Pam’s eye, a collage of Parisian landmarks and Karen in front of the Eiffel tower. “You’ve been to Paris?”

Karen walked in the living room with a wine glass in each hand. “Yeah, I spent a semester abroad in Strasbourg, then when the term was over I was there for another couple weeks and went all around France.”

“Wow, I’ve never even been to Canada.” Pam took a glass from Karen and sat on the couch.

“We should go to Quebec City.” Karen said with wide eyes. Pam laughed and Karen shook her head, “I’m serious, you’d love it. All the feel of a true French city with a fraction of the attitude.”

“Let's go this summer,” Pam said with a shrug.

“I’m holding you to that, I hope you realize.” They both laughed and took a sip of their wine and Karen motioned to the DVDs. “Okay, hurry and pick one.”

Leaning forward on the couch, Pam looked through the stack of brightly colored cases, a rom-com collection Kelly Kapoor would have approved of. “I wouldn't have peg you as a romantic comedy watcher.”

“Oh, I have plenty of dramas and shoot ‘em ups in my cabinet. But you know, sometimes you just want a cheesy, glossy rom-com with a klutzy heroine in highly inappropriate footwear.”

Pam nodded and studied the covers. She mentally eliminated anything with a love triangle, Legally Blonde because it reminded her of a certain ex-cheerleader and Bridget Jones Diary 1 and 2 for obvious reasons. That all narrowed it down to, “Miss Congeniality?”

“Yes, excellent choice.” Karen stood to place the disc in her player, then sat down and raised her glass, “As the French say, À ta santé.”

“A ta sante," Pam repeated, clinking her glass with Karen's.


“I’m just saying Benjamin Bratt can get it all day long.” Karen said as the actor locked lips with Sandra Bullock towards the end of Miss Congeniality.

“For sure. Although, I dunno, I might be more of a Michael Caine girl.”

“Caine-gang, I can respect that.” Karen studied her for a bit then grabbed Pam’s wine glass and filled it up. “Okay, never have I ever, let’s do this.” She narrowed her eyes at Pam’s blank expression. “You’ve played Never Have I Ever, right?”

“Of course I have,” Pam omitted that the last time was with Roy’s football buddies and she ended the game stone cold sober. “But what are the rules gonna be? Just keep sipping every time it’s something you have done?”

“Sip the first four times, then finish the glass on the 5th. Okay, never have I ever,” Karen smirked, “gone drinking with Michael Scott.”

Pam shook her head, “It’s never been voluntary so it shouldn’t count.” Karan just nodded to the glass and Pam took a sip. “Fine, never have I ever been to Paris.”

Karen rolled her eyes and sipped her wine. “Okay, okay no more things we already know. Um, never have I ever . . . dated two guys at once.”

Pam’s wine didn’t move, because having feelings for two guys at once definitely didn’t count. “Never have I ever had a pet dog," Pam stated.

“Oh, really,” Karen said after her sip. “Why not?”

“My little sister was allergic to just about everything furry, and I haven’t lived in places that allow pets.”

“Okay, never have I ever shoplifted.” Pam took a sip and Karen gasped, “Pamela! What ever did you steal?”

“Condoms.” Karen arched her brow and Pam sat up, “My idiot boyfriend would never buy them and my parents had an appliance store and knew everyone that worked at every shop in town it felt like and I didn’t have a car to go out of town so … yeah.”

“So you’re the reason they’re all locked up now?”

Pam shrugged and took her sip. They continued for a couple more rounds, Karen confessed to having a fake ID in college while Pam admitted to defacing the bathroom at work. Both three sips in, Pam thought carefully about her next statement. “Okay, never have I ever hooked up with anyone at home when my parents were there. In another room of course.” 

Karen’s brows met, “That is super specific.” Pam just watched her and then laughed when finally Karen took a sip. “I dated this boy who had like five siblings, you literally couldn’t be alone in his house. Okay speaking of boys in houses, never have I ever lived with a guy.” Pam took a sip and Karen smiled, “Was it the same idiot who wouldn’t buy condoms, forcing you into a life of crime?”

“It was actually,” Pam debated for a second how much she should say, it was frankly surprising Karen hadn’t heard anything yet. “Remember that warehouse guy, the bearded one you said I should date?”


“Yeah, that’s Roy and we were together for … a pretty long time.”

“Oh shit, I had no idea, I would have never…”

“It’s fine.” Pam smirked, “So yeah, never have I ever tried to set up my coworkers.”

“That’s how we’re gonna play, huh?” Karen said before her drink. “Okay, so obviously we’ve both dated guys from work but how ‘bout this? Never have I ever had a one night stand with anyone from work.”

“What if you didn’t have sex, you just messed around? Does that count?” Pam asked sheepishly after a long pause.

“Oh let me think about that…. yes, absolutely.” Pam started finishing off her wine and Karen let out a hoot. “Who was it?”

"Do I have to say?"

“Of course you don't have to but I'm gonna bug you about it for the rest of the night.”

Pam scrunched up her face, “It was Ryan.” Karen practically screamed and turned her whole body so she was fully facing Pam, her elated smile begging for details. “This does not leave this apartment.”

“Of course not,” she held up three fingers like a scout. “Girl code.” 

“Roy and I … broke up last summer and I went out a lot to blow off steam and there’s like two places in this town that were a: decent and b: not frequented by my ex and Ryan was often there. And one night we ended up in my car and … I can’t even stand the guy, have you ever tried talking to him?”

“But you weren’t talking, were you?” Karen said with a half grin.

“Just enough to get worked up.”

“Was he a good kisser?”

Pam rolled her eyes, “To my eternal dismay he was, like knees turned into jelly good.”

“And how far did you get?”

“Far enough to know he can do more with his mouth than kiss well.” Pam tilted up her glass again, trying to get the last bit of liquid.

Karen slapped her knee, “Damn, Pam! Does Kelly know?”

“I am still living and breathing so no I don’t think she does.”

“Wow, shoplifting, one night stands with coworkers, you’re more wild than I thought.”

“Wild?” Pam said with a laugh. “That dumb song about kissing a girl is more wild than I’ve ever been.” 

Karen knocked back the rest of her wine and then laughed when she noticed Pam staring at her. “That was my fifth one, right?”

“Um, yeah, I guess,” Pam bumbled. “So you’ve … kissed a girl? Was it in France, did you French kiss?”

“I went to an all-girls catholic high school, I had kissed a few girls by the time I got to France.” Karen said, refilling both her and Pam’s glasses. “First time I slept with a girl was in France though.”

Pam inhaled a bit of the wine she was sipping and started coughing. “Sorry, cabernet sometimes hits me wrong.” she said once she could speak again.

“You never, you know, got curious with any girlfriends in college?” Karen’s eyes were heavy lidded and Pam was starting to think she had a perma-smirk

“No, I was only there for two years and I was with Roy already. I mean, he would have loved for me to make out with another girl. He would wanna be there though.”

“Ha yeah, he’s totally the type. Then again, most guys are the type. Except Jim, I think Jim would pass out if two girls made out in front of him,” Karen said with a smoky laugh.

“Yeah,” Pam said, trying to keep her mind on the wine and not on anything related to Jim. But when she looked up at Karen again she found the brunette with her head tilted and her shapely lips curled into the slightest smile. “What is it?”

Biting her bottom lip, Karen took the glass from Pam’s hand, set it on the coffee table, then shifted closer to Pam. Her thin finger tucked a loose curl behind Pam’s ear and her hazel eyes grew closer and closer until their lips touched. Pam had been kissed tenderly before, most notably by Jim in the darkened office last May, but even then his five o’clock shadow still scratched her chin. Everything about this kiss was soft, Karen’s full lips, her fingers tracing Pam’s jaw, her silky hair tickling Pam’s cheek, her tongue sweeping across Pam’s lips and into her mouth. All soft.

Their lips parted Pam’s eyes opened to find Karen grinning like a cheshire cat. “There, now you’ve kissed a girl.” She leaned back and let out a sigh. “Man, wine makes me thirsty, does it make you thirsty?

“Yeah,” Pam croaked out before clearing her throat, “Yeah, I could use some water.”

“For sure.” Karen hopped up and circled to the back of the couch, “Pick another movie while we’re at it.”

“Okay,” Pam said. She scooted her rear forward and studied the plastic cases, grateful she didn't have to stand up because her knees were absolute jelly.

Chapter End Notes:

Yes the Pam/Ryan bit is a very large nod to the legendary Stilettos and Broken Bottles by Coley *bows down*. Also if you noticed I referenced 2008s "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry in a fic that is suppose to take place in 2007, no you didn't.

The next chapter will earn the MA rating so if you're not feeling the KaPam express, best to get off now. No judgement! I know this isn't for everyone (and it's halfway a joke anyway XD)

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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