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Story Notes:
I heard about the stage direction for John Krasinski on Diversity Day on the scene that made me first fall in love with Jam, so I went with it.

Jim and Pam are spending the evening together on a Friday at his place. They curl up on the couch together to watch a movie and Pam puts her head on Jim's shoulder. He puts his arm around her. After awhile he looks down and realizes that Pam has fallen asleep. He smiles and finishes the movie as she sleeps. When the movie ends he turns off the tv and picks her up and carries her to his bedroom. He gently place her on her side of the bed and watches her sleep. He still had to remind himself that they are together now and that they are in love.

After a few minutes he breaks out of his reverie and removes her shoes and jeans, then covers her with the blanket. He changes into his night clothes and crawls under the covers next to Pam.

Pam wakes up when she feels the extra weight on the bed and sits up trying to figure out where she is. She looks over and Jim sits up and puts his hand on her arm.

'Hey Beesly.'

  'Jim. What happened?'

'You fell asleep while we were watching the movie.'

'Did you carry me in here?'

'Yes. I didn't want to wake you up.'

Pam smiles. 'Oh.'

She lays back and Jim lays down. She lays the back of her head on his chest and he wraps his arms around her middle. She holds onto his arms and lightly runs her fingers up and down his arms.

'You know, you like to fall asleep on my shoulders.'

'Hmmmm...they're very comfortable shoulders to fall asleep on.'

Jim laughs. 'Do you remember Diversity Day?'

Pam chuckles. 'How can I forget it?'

'Yeah. Well, I was supposed to get a huge sale that day that accounts for 25 percent of my sales for the year. Unfortunately, I kept getting interrupted throughout the day and then found out at the end of the day that Dwight had swooped in and got the sale out from under me.'

Pam cranes her head and looks at him. 'What? You never told me that! What an ass!'

'Yeah, well, it got better. I came into the conference room and sat next to you. Next thing I knew you had put your head on my shoulder and fell asleep.'

Pam smiles shyly. 'I remember.'

'I really didn't want to wake you up, but it was the end of the day.'

'I remember that I woke up and realized that I fell asleep on your shoulder and I was embarrassed.'

'Well you shouldn't have been. It completely made my day.'

Pam smiles. 'That day was so tiring. I remember feeling myself nodding off and I knew that it was you that sat next to me, so I guess subconsciously, I felt comfortable to put my head on your shoulder.'

'I'm glad. It's just that when I realized you fell asleep on my shoulder I had a memory as a child from when my parents took us to a butterfly garden. A butterfly landed on my arm and my mom was standing next to me. She told me not to move because the butterfly chose me to alit on. She said that butterflies take messages to your loved ones, so it chose me to take a message to someone I cared about. Mom told me to tell something to the butterfly and it'll take it to my loved ones. So, I whispered to it to tell my parents how much I love them. If flew away and my mom smiled at me. I thought of that moment when you put your head on my shoulder. You were my butterfly and I couldn't move or you'd fly away.'

Pam turns around and looks at him. She had tears in her eyes. 'Did you whisper a message to me?'

He smiles at her. 'Just that I loved you.'

Pam's tears spill over now. She kisses him. 'You are such a romantic.'

'I am when it comes to you honey.'

She lays down on his chest. 'So, I'm your butterfly now?'

'Yep. My butterfly Beesly.' He leans down and kisses the top of her head. 

Pam sighs. 'I like that.' 

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