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Story Notes:

As if I need to present any more evidence I'm crazy, but the other day I had a dream that Jim Halpert was my dad. This little fluff piece is what came of that.

Unsure if I should categorize it as bad fic or a silly, fluffy drabble. Either way, here it is.  

Author's Chapter Notes:

Those of you who know me are aware there's a lot of essay writing going on in my house now. I decided Cece should get started practicing at hers. 

My dad is tall, but that’s not all.

He gives the best hugs because he has really long arms that can wrap all the way around me and my brother at the same time. Sometimes he can even reach them around my mommy too. 

He works at a place called Athleap where they do sports all day. He says they something else too but whenever I go there everyone is playing. His office has 2 basketball hoops set up to play. One for the big people like him and there is a smaller one in his office for me and my brother when we go to visit him there. When Mr. Darryl sees us playing there, he tells us we play good like our dad did back when they played in his werehouse a long time ago. He says mommy thought so too but she didn’t tell him until later. At Athleap there’s also a cage where a machine throws baseballs to hit with a bat but we aren’t allowed to go in there until we are much older.

He’s really funny too. His job is not a comedien because he doesn’t really tell jokes but he does what my mom calls umpressions. He pretends to be other people and my mom says he is really good at them. He mostly does people they used to work with when we lived in Pencilvania like Mr. Darryl and some other people. I laugh because my mom thinks they are funny and I love when he makes my mom laugh. (she has a really nice smile when she does). Daddy says I have the same one, just with some missing teeth.

He also likes to do pranks. Not mean ones. Silly ones. Like one day he told me and my brother to come into the kitchen and have some brownies. When we got there, there were a bunch of cut out brown e letters on the table. It wasn’t even April fools day. Even though my mom tells him not to, he sometimes tells me about the ones he used to play on their friend, Mr. Dwight. Mr. Dwight and Miss Angela live on a farm near where we used to live and we visit them a lot. It’s fun but I don’t like beets and we always have to eat them when we are there. My favorite one he told me about was when he took away all Mr. Dwight’s pens and switched them for crayons.  He also wrapped his whole desk in Christmas paper once and made it fall down when he put his breifcase on it.

There was one prank he never told me about, but I found out about it anyway. Because he also did it to me. One day I was looking all over for one of my Shopkins, the little teapot that came with the cupcake set. I looked all over for it but I couldn’t find it. I finally asked my mom to help me find it. I saw her look over at my dad. He was grinning real big and then he shugged his shoulders and held up his hands. Then she told me to look in the refrigerater. I was very confused. I didn’t know why my toy teapot would be in the refrigerater but when I opened the door there was a big blob of Jello right in front. Inside the blob was my toy teapot.

Mom told me how this was his favorit prank to do back when they worked at Dundler Miffin. And it was a good thing I like Jello because Daddy had lots and lots of leftover boxes from when he did his dorsements with Mr. Dwight. I hope he has lots of the mixed berry because that's my favorit flavor.


Chapter End Notes:

I know this was super silly and a child could have written it but it was fun. And isn’t that the reason why we do this?


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