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Story Notes:
Takes place during Benihana Christmas, but the storylines of the show don't take place. Sad story, but Jim and Pam always end up together in my stories.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Each chapter will be either Jim or Pam's pov, starting with Pam.

It is a normal Thursday at Dunder Mifflin, except there's a small feeling of excitement in the air as people are trying to finish their work quickly since it's almost Christmas and they are stopping early for the Christmas party at 1pm. 

Pam is still sitting at reception, idly playing Solitaire and trying not to notice the way Karen is standing against Jim's desk talking about her Christmas plans to him.

'I really wish you could come with me Halpert. Filippelli Christmas parties are always a blast.'

'Because of all the alcohol that's being consumed?' Jim smiles at her.

'Well, that helps. But, I'd love for you to meet my family too.'

When Pam hears Karen say this, she can't help but look up at them. She notices Jim's neck tense up and she smirks to herself. She just knows he's not ready to meet the folks. After all, they have only been dating a couple months.

Jim sighs. 'Sorry Karen. As I told you before, the Halpert's put on a pretty big shindig too and I promised I would be there.'

'Yeah, I know. Ok, then we'll party tonight and when I get back we'll go out, just you and me.'

At that proclamation Pam turns her head back to her computer and continues her game. Just as she puts the last card on the pile and the cards do the 'pffffttt...' thing she loves her cell phone rings.

Chapter End Notes:
I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but hopefully I will finish this story before Christmas.

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