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Summary: A look at Jim and Pam's Valentine's Days through the history of communication
Rated: K+
Categories: Jim and Pam Characters: Jim, Jim/Pam, Pam
Genres: Fluff, Holiday, Humor
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Published: February 14, 2024 Updated: February 14, 2024
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Story Notes:

So this is a little thing that I just couldn't get out of my head for some reason. Essentially it's a look at Jim and Pam's Valentine's Days throughout the whole nine seasons but told through the evolution of communication. So yeah, hopefully it makes sense.

Big thanks to RD and R15 for putting up with my moaning and helping me out here. 

I don't own anything here, and I really don't know much about history either, but Google is my best friend. So apologies for any historical inaccuracies. Blame Google. 

1. S1 1904: Letter by MrsKHalpert [Reviews - 4] 9 (971 words)
Kicking it off in (pre) Season 1

2. S2 1918: Telegram by MrsKHalpert [Reviews - 3] 3 (72 words)
Moving along into season 2

3. S3 1931: Telephone by MrsKHalpert [Reviews - 3] 3 (148 words)
Season 3, ouch. Valentine's Day was just after Phyllis's wedding, so yeah, Pam and Roy were back together. Yeugh.

4. S4 1947: Newspaper by MrsKHalpert [Reviews - 3] 4 (125 words)
Season 4 was on hiatus for Valentine's Day, so your guess is as good as mine

5. S5 1956: Radio by MrsKHalpert [Reviews - 3] 4 (491 words)
Valentine's Day in season 5 would have been around the time of Lecture Circuit

6. S6 1972: Morse Code by MrsKHalpert [Reviews - 3] (347 words)
Season 6 rolling along

7. S7 1997: AIM by MrsKHalpert [Reviews - 3] 1 (147 words)
At least we know what they did in season 7 for Valentine's Day

8. S8 2006: Facebook by MrsKHalpert [Reviews - 3] 1 (180 words)
Season 8 and yet again they'd have been apart with Jim in Florida. 

9. S9 2013: Whatsapp by MrsKHalpert [Reviews - 3] (61 words)
Oh season 9 Valentine's Day is just so sad it hurts

10. Present Day: FaceTime by MrsKHalpert [Reviews - 5] 2 (252 words)
Obviously I couldn't leave our favourite couple hanging on their worst Valentine's Day, so here's a little present day wrap up