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Dear Pam,

I know you, Beesly. So, I know that you’ll open my present but forget about reading the card until the end of the day while you’re packing up to leave. And I know that you’ll laugh and look over at my desk, expecting me to call you out - again - on your lack of gift opening etiquette. And I know that you’ll be confused when you realize that I’ve snuck out of the office early without saying goodbye.

I know those things the way I know that you only like the winter for the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and that you really did steal post-it notes from your desk once, and that secretly deep down in your dorky heart you’d like to bring “Love Actually” with you on the deserted island.

So I’m going to tell you this because it’s Christmas time, and at Christmas you tell the truth – I know you, Pam Beesly. And to me... you are perfect.

Merry Christmas,

P.S. Something you should know by now… I never leave without saying goodbye -- maybe you’re just not looking in the right direction.

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