Penname: Hannah_Halpert Real name: Sally
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I love me some Jim and Pam =)

Okay, so I created the name Hannah_Halpert when I first started writing Office fanfic, and was embarrassed about people knowing it was me. I was a newbie around here and felt that people would judge me, so hiding who I was seemed so much easier. But I soon realised that this fandom is NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL, and everyoneís been awesome. So I now no longer care who knows who I am lol. Iíve decided to keep this name on here though, because Iíve reviewed all your fics as Hannah, and have written stuff that Iím still working on =)
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Stories by Hannah_Halpert

Accidentally In Love by Hannah_Halpert

Rated: MA • 222 Reviews91
Summary: Jim Halpert: Salesman, single dad and accidental romantic lead.

Firefly by Hannah_Halpert

Rated: K • 7 Reviews5
Summary: Six weeks into their relationship, Jim and Pam are learning that it really can be close to perfect.

First Time - Pam sees Jim naked by Hannah_Halpert

Rated: T • 15 Reviews9
Summary: What happens the first time Pam sees Jim Naked.