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Stories by beermefive

There's a Way Out by beermefive

Rated: T • 32 Reviews16
Summary: Jim: self-made millionaire, film music composer, suffers from a brain tumor, and a widower.
Pam: art teacher, choir instructor, pianist, and the former Mrs. Halpert.
Holly: psychiatrist, recent divorcee, apathetic.
Michael: child psychiatrist, Mini Mounds Bar tosser.
A story about love, friendship, and life
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How I Came to be Who I am Today by beermefive

Rated: T • 54 Reviews17
Summary: A teenaged Jim meets Pam right before he goes off to college in another state.

I always thought it was silly whenever I would watch those chick flicks where some guy finally meets the girl of his dreams, and there are all those slow motion effects. I always thought, “Yeah, like that ever happens,” but when I saw Pam stepping out of Holly’s car, that happened

5 Times Michael's Heart Breaks by beermefive

Rated: T • 2 Reviews
Summary: Just like the title says...

A Yellow Cardigan... by beermefive

Rated: K • 6 Reviews7
Summary: Holly comes back Nashua to find a sleeve missing...

Spoilers for Lecture Circuit Pt. 2

Hockey and Fundle by beermefive

Rated: T • 6 Reviews3
Summary: Who knew that Jim would meet the love of his life at a minor-league hockey game? Or that Michael would meet the love of his life after shooting Fundle Bundle? Slight spoilers from seasons 1-5