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Stories by Alex Wert

The Fairest Of Them All by Alex Wert

Rated: M • 5 Reviews2
Summary: On their way back from a business trip, Michael, Pam, and Ryan survive a death-defying car crash, but when they return to the office, all is not well in the world. Faced with malice and magic, are their wits enough to survive an escalating deadly threat?

Becoming Hitler by Alex Wert

Rated: T • 40 Reviews11

It's not so much that she hates the house - she does, but it's not so much that as it is that he purchased a house without without so much as mentioning it to her beforehand. But she'll never tell him that she hates it. And she hates why she'll never tell him why.

Pam/Alex! (not me, the one from the show)

Argh! My Eyes!!! by Alex Wert

Rated: M • 10 Reviews
Summary: Andy and Angela get it on in 5 parts.

Karen the Kidnapper by Alex Wert

Rated: M • 50 Reviews12

After being dumped by Jim, Karen tries to take back control of her life... by kidnapping Jim! What nefarious plans does Karen have in store for him? Can Pam rescue Jim before Karen makes him a castrati? Why is Dwight obsessed with semen? All this and more inside! You'd think that maybe it'd be more of a crime drama than anything else, but I'm voting for the anything else.

And how come there's no option for Genres:Twisted? I'd use that.

Dunder Mifflin After Evers by Alex Wert

Rated: K+ • 13 Reviews2
Summary: The cast gets their epilogues in this piece that further proves that I have lost my mind.  Also, I am aware of the grammatical error in my title, however that was apparently the way that I wrote the name when I saved the file on Friday.  So I thought I'd leave it as is just to show that my brain has broken.

[Expletive Deleted] Jim! by Alex Wert

Rated: M • 16 Reviews3

Karen has her heart broken by Jim and then... KaPAM!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled chapter to bring you gratuitous smut and cheap laughs.

New York, New York by Alex Wert

Rated: M • 9 Reviews3

It's Monday morning, and Ryan wakes up in the city that never sleeps. Can he make it there? Can he make it anywhere? It's up to you, New York, New York.

Isosceles by Alex Wert

Rated: M • 4 Reviews1

Jim's sham relationship is over. True love has carried the day once again. Karen doesn't take it at all well. Not your typical Office fic, and I mean it.

Nightmare (Starring: God and a character from The Simpsons) by Alex Wert

Rated: T • 6 Reviews2

Sometimes Karen feels like everyone hates her...

(Another jab by me vs. all those Jammers out there).

I've Had A Bad Day/Week/Month/Year by Alex Wert

Rated: T • 3 Reviews
Summary: Four Dunder-Mifflinites lament their troubled times.  That sounds rather ominous, doesn't it?  Cue suspenseful music!  Or not...

Pam Who? by Alex Wert

Rated: T • 12 Reviews2

In which Alex Wert attempts to generate hate mail and death threats. Karen wins. Pam loses. Jim is happy.

CATFIGHT!!! by Alex Wert

Rated: T • 5 Reviews1

I've come to the conclusion that the show needs Krazy!Karen. If she's sane then she makes the whole love triangle thing far too depressing for a comedy show. If she's nuts then pretty much anything can happen, and it's bound to be interesting.  Especially if she's violent.

The Austrian Vagrant by Alex Wert

Rated: K+ • 4 Reviews

If the highlight of your artshow is the response of Michael Gary Scott, and you're thankful for that, it officially means you've hit rock bottom.

Luckily for you, Dwight K. Schrute is there to help.

Catching Teh Gay: 5 Times Something Queer Happens In The Office That Have Nothing To Do With Oscar by Alex Wert

Rated: M • 10 Reviews2

Angela is worried about the upcoming Gay Epidemic now that Oscar has been outed and has returned to the office after his gaycation.

5 Times (out of many) That Karen Considers Doing Something Drastic by Alex Wert

Rated: T • 14 Reviews3
Summary: Does anyone bother writing a summary for a 5 Things fic? What's the point?  I mean, it's pretty much all there in the title, isn't it?  So I'm just going to fill this space.  Cantaloupes.

The Substitutes by Alex Wert

Rated: M • 3 Reviews1

Some might say he finally got a lucky break. He's not so sure. Toby gets what he wanted, but it's not what he envisioned. Toby/Pam with a little Jim/Karen.