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Since I have nothing left to do after graduating from college, I have resorted to fanfiction. I am ashamed of myself (in the best possible way, of course).

I have not written fanfiction since my teenage years. So...if my stories do not please you, I apologize, and it's completely understandable. If they are awesome and you love them, great! :) I guess all those years of writing research papers have really paid off!

I like writing long things. I don't know why, I can't quite explain it. I'll set out to write something that's 5 chapters (tops) and it will turn into 15. When I tell a story...well, let's just say that I like to tell a story. :)

Please enjoy what I have to offer. :)

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Stories by I Know This Much Is True

The Fantasies of Jim and Pam by I Know This Much Is True

Rated: MA • 113 Reviews42

The title pretty much says it all: the fantasies of Jim and Pam and the naughty actings out of those fantasies.

This story will go as long as you, the readers, want it to.

Computers and Crayons by I Know This Much Is True

Rated: T • 128 Reviews29

I decided to write a sequel to Charcoal & Watercolors !!!!

The story picks up right about where Charcoal & Watercolors left off -- Jim and Pam's wedding. Then goes from there into their future. Jim still works at the advertising company and Pam works (exclusively) at a publishing company where she is an illustrator of children's stories.

I added a few more characters ;) and am planning on keeping almost all of the characters from the previous story.


Come Live With Me And Be My Love by I Know This Much Is True

Rated: M • 3 Reviews1


"He approached her desk with a look that she had seen in his eyes a thousand times before. Though somehow, this time, she knew that it was going to be more trouble than usual for her."

This story has nothing to do with the poem by Christopher Marlowe. In case you were worried. ;)

A Boy and His Guitar by I Know This Much Is True

Rated: M • 29 Reviews7

"So did I tell you that I play guitar?" -- Jim

Jim has a hidden talent. He knows how to play the guitar, and he uses it to his advantage.

Billiards by I Know This Much Is True

Rated: MA • 12 Reviews5
Summary: Pure smut for pure smut's sake. :)

Can't Take My Mind Off You by I Know This Much Is True

Rated: MA • 18 Reviews7

Crossover AU fic: Four of The Office characters meet the movie Closer.

For those of you who have seen Closer (and those of you who haven't), this is not a particularly happy story. But I wanted to write something that incorporated my favorite television show and my favorite movie.

This one has it all. Jim/Pam, Jim/Karen, Karen/Ryan, Ryan/Pam. No Jim/Ryan though, or Karen/Pam that I know of. So sorry to you slashers out there. ;)

Charcoal and Watercolors by I Know This Much Is True Past Featured Story

Rated: T • 226 Reviews51

MEMBER'S CHOICE - An alternate universe where Pam and Roy had a wedding, Pam goes to art school in New York, Dwight owns a restaurant and Jim works for a job in advertising that he likes a lot more and gets a lot more money at.
Basically? Dunder Mifflin never exists. And everyone meets under different circumstances.

The characters are pretty much the same -- personality-wise -- they just have different roles and work different jobs.

In The Night by I Know This Much Is True

Rated: MA • 57 Reviews12

A bit of an AU look at Jim and Pam, and a rather depressing relationship. First chapter takes place following Phyllis' wedding and then it goes from there. Does not take into account the events that take place in following episodes.


Not a happy piece of writing, I figured I'd take a different approach from the fluffier post-finale stories. I don't think there will be any fluff in this one.

After The Break-Up by I Know This Much Is True

Rated: MA • 7 Reviews3

Basic plot: Karen and Jim break up and Jim thinks that he can find consolation in Pam.

A couple allusions to Beach Games, but no real spoilers...just fantasizing. :)

After The Fight by I Know This Much Is True

Rated: M • 5 Reviews3

Jim and Pam make-up after the fight.

**Spoilers of Season 2: The Fight**