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    More Than That
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      Let’s get the creative juices flowing! Here is the place to find challenges from the archive, and to suggest prompts and story ideas.

      Challenges are a term for prompts or themes that are posted at the fanfiction archive and are meant to inspire our writers. Writers should feel free to answer any of the challenges, especially if no one has responded yet! First, you need to upload your story to the archive, once your story is uploaded, you can find the challenge you want to answer, hit “response to challenge” and select your story.

      We ask that archive members do not issue their own challenges on the archive but rather suggest them here, so that we can time the posting of them out (and make sure it’s not a challenge that’s already been issued!)

      In addition to challenges, if you just have an idea for stories that you’d like to see, you are also free to post them here.

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        A challenge I recently issued, no clue if anyone will answer but certainly would be grateful if they did!

        It is an outrage, outrage I say!, that there isn’t a single fic on MTT  based on the talking head from the start of “Living the Dream” 9×21, so I present this challenge:

        “Nice Morning, Too.”

        Please write about whatever happened that made Jim blush like this:

        Beesly! Oh my God...


        Thanks in advance!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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