Phyllis’ Wedding

Talk to me, Tivo: Phyllis regrets giving Michael an important job at her wedding; Dwight is determinded to catch wedding crashers.
Jaminess: 1 [3=Casino Night]

Jam Cam: Altoid? Jim actually trains Dwight to want an Altoid every time he hears Jim�s computer reboot. It�s a well thought out prank and oh so good.

It�s Phyllis� wedding day and Pam�s feeling a little bit of d�j� vu. Apparently, Phyllis used the exact same initiations as Pam and Roy so it feels like Pam is being invited to her own wedding, but she thought she called that off. Oh Pam, it�s going to get worse.

Jim shows up with his date, Karen. Blech! Blech blech. He also shows up with a toaster for Phyllis and Bob Vance � just like Stanley. That man can never get a break from duplicate toasters at weddings, can he?

As they wait in line to sign the guest book, Karen looks quizzically at the P&R by the flowers. R? Yeah, Jim explains. Phyllis and Robert. Then Pam needs to sarcastically remind us it�s also Pam and Roy. Ouch.

And just when you thought a hot suit would keep Jim in line, he pranks Dwight by telling him to watch out for wedding crashers. Dwight gets up in Jim�s face and we all wish that Pam would get that close sometime.

Things are about to get worse for Pam when Kelly, of all people, comes up to ask her if she�s doing ok. Pam says she�s fine, but Kelly suggests she get drunk and tell someone she�s pregnant. Um…ok.

And as if Kelly weren�t bad enough, Pam get accosted by Roy. Ugh. Roy tells Pam he thinks Phyllis has some great taste. Pam asks if he�s kidding in a way that sounds like �Are you an idiot? This is our wedding.� Roy cuts her off by explaining that she may not remember it, but he bought those roses for their Prom. That�s when Pam does in fact mention out loud that those were her flowers for her wedding because of that very reason. Roy states the obvious that he wasn�t very involved in the wedding planning process and then reminds Pam that he was the one that wanted to get married and Pam called it off. It can�t be stated enough � Roy is a doofus.

Finally! After all this crap, we get Jam and they�re at the bar. Jim asks Pam when he�s going to be able to see the fancy Beesly moves. Pam tells him she�s pacing herself and Jim tells her to just get out there and give the people what they want. The people want you to make out with Pam, Halpert! Are you going to give us that? HUH? Pam tells him she�s a dorky dancer and Jim says he knows that, which is why it�s cute. Awww.

In a talking head after, Jim says something about hypotheticals and if he thought Pam was interested….and then he trails off. And then he says it�s totally hypothetical. ARGH! It is NOT! Stupid Jim. Stupid stupid Jim.

Back at the reception, the slow dancing has commenced and Pam is sitting watching forlornly as Jim dances with Karen. And then Jim catches her watching! Yes! See? She is interested in you, Jim! Look at her sad face!

ARGH again! Instead of Jim coming to ask Pam for a dance, Roy shows up and points out the band is playing their song because he paid the band $20. And the song in question? You Were Meant for Me by Jewel � a song about a couple breaking up. Well, let�s hope that�s not coincidental. So Roy pulls Pam out back to dance and then asks her if she wants to leave.

And there are Roy and Pam walking out of the reception hand in hand � and right past Jim! Poor Jim looks a little crushed and my little heart breaks lots more. Like lots and lots.

Oh, and yeah, Jim tells us a non-hypothetical is that he�s happy he�s with Karen. My ass he is. Anyway, Karen goes up to sing some song with the band and Jim pulls his cell phone out to wave it around like it�s a lighter, but who cares. We can all tell he would rather be going home with Pam, who left with Roy.

So we at least answered one question: how much heartbreak can one Jam fan take? Apparently, after this episode, a lot.

The Others: Phyllis is getting married to Bob Vance today! Too bad Michael is in excessively rare obnoxious form. First, he gives Phyllis a pep talk with disastrous results. Then he tries to push Phyllis� dad down the aisle only to have dad miraculously get up from his wheelchair. And if that weren�t enough, he gets kicked out of the reception after a horrible toast. Oh, it does get worse � Dwight won�t let him back in. At least things are going well for the other Office couples. Toby got a date � Toby! Yeah! � and Ryan successfully batted the bouquet away from Kelly so she wouldn�t catch it.

What have we learned today, kids: Frustration is frustrating. Why can�t two people who love each other just cut through all the crap and be together?

– written by Jenny


Jim: Hey.
Pam: Hey.
Jim: When are we going to get to see some of those famous Beesly dance moves?
Pam: Oh…I�m pacing myself.
Jim: C�mon. Get out there. Give the people what they want.
Pam: No, I�m such a dorky dancer.
Jim: I know…and it�s very cute.

Jim: Hypothetically, if I thought Pam was interested then….No, it�s totally hypothetical.

Jim: Here�s a non-hypothetical: I�m really happy I�m with Karen.

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