Ben Franklin

Talk to me, Tivo: Michael brings two adult performers int the office in honor of Phyllis’ wedding shower; Karen confronts Pam about her past with Jim.

Jaminess: 2 [3=Casino Night]

Jam Cam: Um, Michael wants Pam to show off her bra. Pam refuses. I bet that wouldn�t have happened if they had replaced Michael with Jim. Just saying.

You know it�s going to be a good episode when Michael insults the way Karen dresses in the first three minutes. This time, he�s telling her to buy a dress for Phyllis�s wedding. Whatever. This leads into Jim explaining something about Michael�s plan to be the king and deflower virgins or something.

Jim yawning because, apparently, Karen is boring him. They�ve hit a rough patch so Karen mentions the fact that they�ve had some good talks about it and things are better. Then Jim explains in a very bored and frustrated manner that he�s had to talk to Karen for the past five nights. Based on his description of it, it doesn�t seem like that talking led to anything more.

To prove…I don�t know…something, Karen proceeds to go over and give Jim a hug in front of the entire office and then walk back to her desk with no explanation. She�s like a cat marking her territory. Pam quickly picks up on the awkwardness, saying she�s become really good at reading the back of Jim�s neck so she knows something is up. That or the weird hug thing was the first thing to tip her off.

Ah, and Packer is back to make fun of Jim�s sexuality, which is great and all until Karen introduces herself as Jim�s girlfriend. Blech.

Jim needs a drink so he heads to the break room to get a grape soda [no more water] and Pam conveniently shows up and asks him if he�s ok. Yeah, just a little tired, he says, which causes Pam to go on some weird flirting kind trying to explain her sleeping habits to Jim. Get it, Jim? She wants to sleep with you. Of course, between his cluelessness and Pam�s lack of flirting skills, it comes out all awkward. Poor Pam.

In the meantime, Jim and Dwight are put in charge of getting the strippers for the afternoon wedding shower. Dwight gives Jim a choice � red head or brunette? Jim chooses the safe blonde to get out of favoring one of the two women that adore him.

Ah, Jim. To avoid having Pam see a gorgeous, half naked man, Jim gets Ben Franklin instead for the women�s shower. Downstairs, he and Dwight are waiting in the parking lot for the female stripper to show up. Apparently, Jim and Dwight have never seen a stripper before.

Pam and Karen try to tag team Ben to get him to fess up to his French girlfriends, have him tie cherry stems with his mouth, and ask him about his preferred type of underwear.

But things are about to take a turn for the way worse when Pam and Karen leave the party and are hanging out alone in the kitchen. Apparently, Jim told Karen about his kiss with Pam during one of their many talking sessions. But Karen said it�s ok because it was just a kiss.

JUST A KISS? It was way more than just a kiss, honey, so back slowly away from our favorite receptionist before you smack you.

Um…anyway…Karen asks Pam if she�s still interested in Jim and she says �Oh, yeah,� because she is. Really, Karen asks. Wait, Pam says, I meant no. You did not mean no, Beesly, and we know it. Pam starts stammering about Karen going out with Jim and she�s not into Jim so it�s no big deal. Pam apologizes for something, but then explains she was just thinking about something else. Riiiiight.

Down in the warehouse, it�s time for the adult entertainment in the form of a stripper who is dressed just like Pam. Whoa.

Roy starts going off about how he finds Pam�s art sexy or something. It doesn�t sound in the least bit believable.

Meanwhile, the stripper starts taking off her Pam shirt as Jim tries to divert his eyes and not imagine that it�s Pam who�s taking her shirt off for him because you know he would be if he was watching.

Despite the botched strippers, Pam seems to be getting something from Ben Franklin in the form of unwanted attention. Ick. In fact, Kelly noticed as much and asked Pam about the flirting in front of Jim. He tells Pam that maybe he did choose the right guy. Or maybe not. Pam admits that she needs a boyfriend and tells Ryan to hook her up with one of his friends � in front of Jim, who seems shocked by this new revelation.

The Pam stripper at Pam�s desk tells her she would get fat if she worked there. Pam tells her she loses her appetite all the time.

The Others: Michael decides to hire strippers for the bachelor and bachelorette parties of Phyllis and Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration. Too bad one is a historical colonial figure who doesn�t take his clothes off and the other smells like Tide detergent. In the end, everyone�s relationship is strained from Karen and Jim talking and talking to Michael having to smooth things over with Jan, who really seemed to care more about her meeting than the stripper that danced up on her boyfriend.

What have we learned today, kids: Secrets secrets are no fun. Secrets secrets hurt someone. So make sure to stop lying to that girl you dating, kick her to the curb, and ask out the one woman in the office who readily admitting in front of you that she needs a boyfriends. Better to do that than to try and keep your secret hidden.

– written by Jenny


Pam: Something�s up with Jim and Karen. Not that I�ve been eavesdropping. It�s not any of business. But I�ve gotten pretty good at reading the back of Jim�s neck.

Pam: Hey.
Jim: Hey.
Pam: Uh…
Jim: Uh…
Pam: Everything ok?
Jim: Oh yeah. Why?
Pam: Well, you seem a little tired.
Jim: Oh yeah, well, I guess there�s been a couple of late nights. Karen and I have been up talking.
Pam: You should get more sleep.
Jim: Yeah, I know I should.
Pam: Never underestimate the power of a good night sleep.
Jim: No, I�m sure you�re right.
Pam: When I get eight hours compared to light six hours � big difference.
Jim: Really?
Pam: Oh yeah, gotta get your REM cycle going with the whole sleeping. Better than not.
Jim: Good advice, Beesly. Thanks. See you out there?
Pam: Yeah. Don�t fall asleep at your desk!

Karen: Hey, um, I wanted to talk to you. I know this is weird or whatever, but Jim told me about you guys.
Pam: What do you mean?
Karen: Well, that you kissed. And we�ve talked it through and it�s totally fine. It�s not a big deal. It�s just a kiss…Wait, you�re not still interested in him?
Pam: Oh, yeah.
Karen: Really?
Pam: Oh no! I�m…I was confused by your phrasing. You should definitely go out Jim. I mean, you�re going out with Jim. I�m not going out with Jim. You�re dating him, which is awesome because you guys are great together.
Karen: Ok.
Pam: I mean, I�m not into Jim. Yeah.
Karen: So um…well good.
Pam: Yeah…sorry.
Karen: What are you sorry about?
Pam: Um…what?
Karen: What are you sorry about?
Pam: Nothing. I was just thinking of something else.

Kelly: Anyway, you know who was totally flirting with Ben Franklin? Pam.
Jim: Really? Looks like I hired the right guy. I�m glad. Any real potential there, do you think?
Pam: Yeah, right. God, I need a boyfriend. Um…you know, Ryan, I�m totally ready to be set up with one of your business school friends. Whenever.

Stripper: Oh my God. I would get so fat if I worked here.
Pam: Yeah? I lose my appetite here all the time.

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