The Carpet

Talk to me, Tivo: When someone stains the carpet in Michael’s office, he begins to question his popularity among his staff.
Jaminess: 2 [3=Casino Night]

Jam Cam: Jim seems to really miss Pam when she’s on vacation with Roy. Hence, he keeps looking over at the reception desk, which is freaking out Ryan, the temp who apparently doubles as a receptionist.

But it turns out ok because sPamster’s back! Her vacation with Roy to the Poconos was great. She also only gets 10 vacation days a year and has a tendency to start using them quick — like the third week in January. I would too if I worked in a crappy place that only gave me 10 vacation days a year.

Jim comes in with a smile on his face because Pam is back. Did she ski alot? “A little.” Ick. You know after a comment like that that Jim’s going to have a bad day. “What’s going on here?” Someone left something on Michael’s carpet. It’s not pretty. “What? I did not do that. That sounds disgusting.” We know you would never do something that gross, Jim. You’re too cute.

CuteJim heads to his desk and sees Roy working on the carpet, which causes Pam to let out a cute giggle. Jim’s going to have a bad day. The camera pans out and someone else is sitting in Jim’s desk using Jim’s computer. Yep, it’s Michael and he suggests they be desk buddies until his carpet is fixed. Jim rightly realizes this is a bad plan so he finds an open desk in Purgatory a.k.a. that weird room with no windows and Kelly “Does Not Shut Up” Kapour. Have I mentioned Jim is going have a bad day? And we’re only five minutes into the episode.

As soon as he moves back there, Jim gets an earful about Kelly’s closet doors that won’t shut. Then she goes on about pink the color, Pink the person, hot dogs, basically anything that’s awesome, snow cones…and all Jim can think about is finding that girl a muzzle. But just like Jim loves Pam, Kelly loves Ryan — in a less tormented unrequited way — and tries to get Jim to play Cupid for her. Jim is no longer having a bad day, he’s having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Jim leaves Purgatory to go get a cup of coffe and talk to Pam. The only problem is Pam is talking to Roy at her desk and Kelly is still sitting next to him. The good news is that when dealing with situations like this, there are three options: Heaven [Pam], Purgatory [Kelly], and Hell [the bathroom]. Jim’s day is so bad that his ideal hang-out buddy turns out to be Lucifer. At least he has his coffee.

But you have to come out of the bathroom sometime or people get suspicious so you end up in a weird discussion with the temp about Ms. Kapour. Even worse – the temp is interested! Sort of. Jim gets tasked with finding out if Kelly wants a long-term relationship or if she just wants to “hang out.” Yea, because having a crush on the engaged receptionist is not painful enough.

Jim realizes he needs to do something, be proactive, to try and get over the Pam Crush. He leaves a very awkward voice mail for Brenda from corporate asking her out on a date while Kelly is sitting right next to him. “You just asked a girl out on the phone.” Thanks for stating the obvious.

It’s night, it’s time to go home and forget this day ever happened, and it’s time for Jim to check the messages he didn’t get while in Purgatory. Beep. It’s Pam. Pam wishes Jim was at his desk instead of Michael. Beep. Pam kicks ass on Sudoku. Suck on that, Halpert! Beep. Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam. Beep. What’s that word we made up for the shoe thing? All of the sudden, Jim’s bad day isn’t so bad after all. He gives a little squee of a smile in his car and we all feel a bit warmer and fuzzier inside knowing that Pam was thinking about him the entire time he was gone. It’s the least the writers could do after putting Jim though the wringer today.

The Others: Michael isn’t as popular as he thought because someone left him a little surprise with a big smell on his office carpet. He’s also a fan of Fear Factor but based on how long he was able to be in that office, he would be the first guy to get cut after the “eating something disgusting” part. So he moves into Jim’s desk, has a bit of fun with Dwight, and comes to the realization that perhaps he’s not as popular as he thought. What’s wrong with him? Ed Truck, his former boss who’s now retired, tells him to suck it up because everyone hates the boss. Turns out though, the hateful jerk in question is that dumb ass “friend” Todd Packer and Michael then seems to be the only one to realize that smelly carpets are awesome!

What have we learned today, kids: Any bad day can end with seven cute voice mails, but between the hours of 9 to 5, don’t ask your crush how her vacation with her fiance went, don’t encourage the blabbermouth in the back, and don’t get suckered in to playing Cupid.

– written by Jenny


Jim: Pam’s on vacation and she gets back tomorrow so it will be nice to see her. It’ll be nice. And she set a date for the wedding with Roy � June. Summer. So that’ll be nice. And that’s that.

Ryan: Jim has been looking at me kind of a lot all week. I would be creeped out by it but it’s nothing compared to the way Michael looks at me.

Jim: Hey! Welcome back! So how was the resort? Did you ski alot?
Pam: A little.
Jim: …Good.

Voice mail lady: You have seven unheard messages.
[Beep] Pam: Hey, Jim. It’s Pam. I keep looking up to say something to you, and then Michael’s there and it’s horrible. Anyway, I’m bored. Come back.
[Beep] Pam: Hey, guess what? I moved my computer so I can’t see Michael’s head. It’s working. I think I can have a career as a very specific type of decorator.
[Beep] Pam: Sudoku. Level, moderate. Time, 18 minutes. Suck on that, Halpert.
[Beep] Pam: I’ll transfer you. Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam. Hold, please. Dunder Mifflin, this is… OK, sorry. Michael was standing at my desk and I needed to be busy or who knows what would’ve happened so thank you.
[Beep] Pam: Hey, what’s that word we made up for when you have a thing stuck in your shoe? Anyway, I have a thing stuck in my shoe.
[Beep] Pam: Hey, I have a chance to sneak out of here early and I’m not messing this up so I’ll see you tomorrow.
[Beep] Pam: Calling from my cell phone. I don’t know if you guys figured out who did that to Michael’s carpet yet, but I have a theory that involves an interdepartmental conspiracy. Everybody in the office. We need to talk.

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