Traveling Salesmen

Talk to me, Tivo: Andy suggests that Micahel team up the staff for sales calls; Dwight tries to cover for Angela when she misses a deadline.
Jaminess: 2 [3=Casino Night]

Jam Cam: Oh, Jim in the first scene of the show again! Nice. Michael calls Jim in to see his new computer toy before deciding Pam needs to come in to his office. �For this?� Jim asks in a way that says �To see the computer, right? Not to tell Pam that I still have feelings for her, right?�

But we�ll get to that in a second. The sales staff is going out in the field today in teams of two. Karen gives a knowing glance to Jim because she�s excited the two of them get to hang out all day together. Phyllis picks Karen to be her partner instead. We love Phyllis. Karen looks pissed. Jim gets stuck with Dwight instead. Much safer for those of us who are Jammers.

Oh! Young!Jim. Apparently, there is much that Young!Jim needs to be warned about by Now!Jim and yet, tragically, he can not do that. Things like being in love with the engaged receptionist come to mind.

With the teams assembled in the parking lot, Jim and Dwight get assigned to be The Gay Couple in the Dunder Mifflin Amazing Race. No! Jim is meant for Pam, not Dwight.

Meanwhile, back at the office, Pam has a date…with Angela…to get coffee. Argh! Pam is meant for Jim, not Angela.

Oh, Jim has a new car with a kickin� sound system for Dwight to turn on and get himself hyped up for the sale. Weird, I guess, sort of. Do you think the writers specifically chose �Kick Start My Heart� for a reason? Is it a Jam clue? Yeah, I don�t think so either. Oh well. Jim and Dwight head into battle, but only before Dwight goes into attacks from in front or behind � and Jim attacks him from in front. Um, I don�t know if I like Slapping!Jim. Well, I guess it would really depend on the context. What?

Unlike Dwight and Jim, Pam and Angela seem to be getting along quite well at the coffee shop to the point where Pam points out that Angela wishes she was happy like this all the time.

Things are going bad for Jim when Dwight actually makes a random call in the middle of their sales pitch. How are they going to sell anything that way? Wait a minute…that�s one of the big guys! And as soon as Jim calls Kelly at the office, she answers. They get the sale! Jim and Dwight are geniuses.

Blah. Trampy looking Karen with big hair and Phyllis talking about…Jim? And Pam? And Phyllis tells Karen that Jim had a thing for Pam! If and when we ever get a Church of Pam established, Phyllis with be the first saint. Yeah Phyllis!

In the other car, Dwight isn�t helping by encouraging Jim to date someone intelligent like Karen. Jim suggests going on a double date with Dwight, which he refuses because he knows we would find him and beat him up for encouraging Karim.

With everyone coming back, Karen scares Jim with her new make over and her invite to go get coffee. As soon as they sit down, Karen asks Jim the one question we want to hear Jim answer: did he have a thing for Pam? Jim stalls by repeating the question back to her before denying it and asking Karen if Pam told her something. Why would you care, Jim? Karen guilt-trips Jim by mentioning the whole moving from another state thing, which makes Jim start to back pedal. Yeah, ok, fine, he had a �crush� on Pam [it was not a crush] and he told her about it [and kissed her] and she didn�t feel the same way [she may have but she was engaged to someone else] so nothing happened and he left [to escape seeing the woman who crushed his heart]. As Karen starts to get pouty, Jim tells her he�s really glad she�s there [not glad she�s dating her]. Ok? [I�m trying to reassure myself this whole Karen thing is OK because I�m really still in love with Pam].

As Jim and Karen walk back into the office, Jim runs into a resigned Dwight, who gives him a bear hug. Considering this never happens, Jim turns to give a concerned look to Dwight while Karen makes some sarcastic comment about their sales call that day. Karen just doesn�t understand the love between two people who work together � two people like Jim and Dwight.

The Others: With everyone on sales calls, Andy decides this is the best time to plant doubt in Michael�s mind about Dwight. He tries to talk bad about him to wear Michael down, but in the end, it�s Andy that loses the sale for them. Too bad Dwight went to the corporate office in New York City to cover for an oversight by Angela. With Dwight�s toll receipt from NYC, Andy has just what he needs to screw Dwight. In the end, though, it�s Dwight who makes the final move by resigning while Andy signs a little Willy Wonka ditty about something being �Dawesome.� It won�t be dawesome for you much longer, Andy, based on the death stare Angela was giving you. She knows about what you did. You are a dead man. Dead.

What have we learned today, kids: Lying can only get you so far. It may temporarily cover up the truth, but pretty soon you�re going to be exposed and then you’re going to get dumped.

– written by Jenny


Michael: Jim! Can you come in here please?
Harvey: Hi Jim.
Jim: Hello.
Harvey: I am Harvey. A computer. Jim sucks.
Michael: Sorry. Oh wow! That�s so rude. I�m sorry � I can�t control him.
Jim: Yeah, you can.
Michael: You know what? Get Pam.
Jim [worried]: For this?
Michael: Pam!
Michael: Pam, you look very hot today.
Jim: Pam, meet Harvey. This is Michael�s new friend.
Pam: Great.
Harvey: Me so horny. Me love you long tim.
Michael: Oh! That is gross.
Pam: Who�s Long Tim?
Harvey: Long time. Me lobe yoy long time.
Jim: Oh, well, Yoy should bring Long Tim in one day.
Pam: I�d love to meet Long Tim.
Jim: Yeah, right?
Pam: Yeah.
Harvey: You ruined a funny joke, you. Get out of my offive.
Jim and Pam: Ok.
Pam: Bye Harvey.

Karen: Thanks. That was fun.
Phyllis: Yeah, I really enjoy spending time with you. You�re a very nice person.
Karen: Thank you.
Phyllis: And I�m so glad you�re with Jim. He was hung up on Pam for such a long time. I didn�t think he�d ever get over her.
Karen: That�s nice.

Karen: Did you ever have a thing for Pam?
Jim: [surprised] Pam? Did I ever have a…thing for her? No. Why, did she say something?
Karen: I moved here from Connecticut.
Jim: Yeah. Ok, here�s the…I had a crush on her before I left, and I told her about it, and she didn�t feel the same way. So it didn�t amount to anything, and I left. [pauses] I�m really glad you�re here. Ok?
Karen [smiles]: Ok.

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