The Return

Talk to me, Tivo: Oscar returns from his long vacation; Andy takes advantage of events to get closer to Michael; Jim gets Karen and Pam to help stage a prank on a new target.
Jaminess: 3 [3=Casino Night]

Jam Cam: With Dwight gone, Jim has to listen to Andy�s babbling from Dwight�s old desk. In fact, Andy is so annoying that Jim actually admits out loud that he misses Dwight. Wow. Just…wow.

Despite the fact that Dwight is gone, Oscar is back and Pam and Karen get pulled on to the party planning committee to help plan a fiesta for his return. After Pam�s crying a few weeks ago, this may be awkward.

But the big news is Andy�s obnoxious behavior and how it�s just teasing Jim. You must go after him, a little voice whispers to Jim. Fishing for tuna is the last straw for Jim and he goes in to Pranking!Jim mode, which is so yummy. Too bad the first person he asks to help him is Karen. Karen, however, is a wet blanket and makes up some lame excuse about having to do work or something. Boring.

With Karen out of the picture, Jim goes after Ryan. Too bad Ryan is an ass about. Jim liked Ryan better when he was a temp, Ryan liked himself better when he was a temp, and we liked Ryan better when he was a temp. Lame-o.

Finally, Jim comes to his senses and realizes he needs to go to the one person he should have asked first � Pam. Jim asks her if she would like to pull a prank on Andy and she starts to freak us all out, saying she has to do work before revealing her true feeling — about the prank � by saying yes. Yeah! PrankingJam is back! Jim goes back to his desk to distract Andy, steal his phone, and stealthily hand it off to Pam.

Jim smirks, Pam smiles, and the two of them go to action. Leaving their desks at the same time, Pam successfully palms the cell phone back to Andy � and right in front of Karen, who looks a little suspiciously at the whole thing. As Pam keeps a look-out by the water cooler, Jim removes a ceiling tile in the kitchen and throws Andy�s phone so it strategically lands right above his head in the ceiling. Dawesome! And once again, PrankingJam is so cute!

The phone starts singing, Andy asks Large Tuna if he�s seen said phone, and Jim innocently says no. Then he turns to smile at Pam. Oh wait, is Pam on the phone? With a mischievous grin? She�s calling Andy�s phone! She�s playing along so well with this prank. I really missed this Jam.

When Pam gets done with that, she goes back to party planning mode to help Angela. It seems Angela is having a rough time without the man she loves � just like Pam. Poor Pamgela.

Well, as long as Jim is happy calling Andy, then I guess we can all be happy. Andy starts to freak a little this time and when Jim tells him maybe the phone is in the ceiling [big hint, Andy!], he freaks out and says maybe Jim is in the ceiling. What? Yeah, that boy is bad at comebacks.

But Jim finally makes the fateful call that is one too many. As Andy tries to kiss Michael�s ass, Jim distracts him with his cell phone in the ceiling. Andy blows a gasket, punches a wall, and Jim gives an adorable look to the camera before nonchalantly hanging up his phone.

With Oscar�s fiesta underway, Jam head over to wall with sombreros on to survey the damage. �I think we broke his brain,� Pam says, causing Jim to give her the cutest of laughs before repeating Andy�s freak out in an adorable high pitched voice. Oh wait, is that Karen in the background giving them another suspicious look?

In fact, Karen is a lot suspicious. She finds Jim sitting in the conference room alone and sits down next to him. All she says is �Do you still have feelings for her?� Jim looks down at the carpet before…was that a slight nod? �Yes.� YEAH! JIM STILL LOVES PAM! HE STILL LOVES HER! Karen walks out without saying a word while the rest of us shout at the television �Go get Pam!� That may have to wait for another few weeks though. Oh well.

Michael finishes off the episode by saying �It takes a big man to admit his mistake,� as the camera zooms in on him and Jim. Now that Jim has admitted his feelings, let�s hope he admits it was a mistake to date Karen. Jam all the way!

The Others: After Dwight�s departure last week, he�s officially working at Staples now until he finds something better, even though he knows there�s nowhere better than Dunder Mifflin. The good news is that Angela gets some balls and tells Michael about why Dwight was really late last week. With Andy going beyond annoying, Michael sets out for Staples to bring Dwight back just like Richard Gere did in An Officer and a Gentleman. Although, in the case of Dwight and Michael, who�s the officer and who�s the gentleman?

What have we learned today, kids: Despite the repercussions of doing so, it�s always best to be honest with the person you�re dating about the woman you�re still in love with.

– written by Jenny


Jim: Would you like to pull a prank on Andy?
Pam: Um…I�m kind of in the middle of � yes, please.
Jim: Ok good. Stay right here.
[Jim spills pencils on his desk] Andy: Oh.
Jim: Sorry about that.
Andy: Whoa, Tuna.
[Jim swipes Andy�s phone and puts it on Pam�s desk] Jim: Are there any messages?
Pam: Nope.
Jim: So weird.

Jim: Oh my God. That�s half-inch drywall.
Pam: I think we broke his brain.
[Jim laughs] Jim [imitating Andy]: It�s not freakin� funny.

Jim: Hey.
Karen: [sighs] Do you still have feelings for her?
Jim: [pauses] Yes.

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