Business School

Talk to me, Tivo: Ryan invites Michael to be a guest speaker at his business school; Dwight battles a bat that is loose in the office; Pam invites co-workers to her first art show.
Jaminess: 1 [3=Casino Night]

Jam Cam: Why is today a special day? Are Jim and Pam finally going to get it on? Oh. Nevermind. Just Michael at business school. Dammit.

Ick. Pam is back with Roy, who apparently can�t wait for her art show. Ick. Pam is happy to be back with Roy and says it�s the mature thing for her to do. I don�t get it. Meanwhile, Jim goes on about people being together like Karim and Poy and Brangelina. How the hell does he know about Brangelina? And more important, why does he sound snarky about it? Hm…

Kelly can�t believe Pam and Roy are back together. Yeah, me neither. Holy crap! I�m agreeing with Kelly! Moving on, Pam personally invites Kelly to her art show. Cool.

And as if getting back together with Roy weren�t bad enough, Pam has to have Dwight�s ass in her face. Wonderful. Dwight found a bat that probably has rabies or something. Karen freaks and hides under her desk. Wimp.

While Dwight stares at the bat, Jim calls animal control…and then seems to start acting weird. His hands are tingly. He feels powerful. Maybe he can use some of that power to dump Karen.

Or maybe he can use it to have Karen play along on a prank. Dammit. You suck, Halpert! And Karen, you suck too. You call that awesome prankster acting chops. You aren�t as good at pranks as Pam so just stop trying.

Poor Dwight is trying to deal with one crisis at a time so he decides to go with the bat instead of horribly played prank. Smart man, that Dwight. At least we get an explanation about vampires and a close look at Jim�s incisors from the whole thing. So there is that.

Meanwhile, Pam is personally inviting Toby to her art show. But dammit! Toby tells her he�s going to cancel plans to see his daughter�s play just for her show. Um…yeah. According to Toby, what they do isn�t art. Or you know, what they has nothing to do with his crush on Pam.

Oh gawd. It�s BadPrankingKaren again. Seriously, I don�t believe for a second that Dwight is going along with any of this based on Karen�s horrid acting skills. Rashida is very good at acting like she�s very bad at acting, I will give her that. Meanwhile, Dwight is going so far that he wants to make a wooden stake to defend himself against Jim just in case. Riiiiight.

But who cares about all that? It�s Pam�s art show! Wait a minute…did she invite Jim to this? Wait a minute…has she talked to Jim at all today? Um…well…it looks like Pam is standing alone by some pictures of stapler and stuff so those are…nice.

Jim is still back at the office � did he not notice Pam leave early for her art show? � and tries to take a bite out of Dwight�s neck. Dwight looks freaked. Jim tells him he�s headed home to lie down and draw the shades to block out the sun. It sounds so much more convincing without Karen around. Ahhh! Jim pops his collar and gives Dwight a creepy but sexy �Bye Dwight.� Then we get a great shot of him in the parking lot with his coat over his head to block out the sun. So good! Too bad he�s a vampire.

Things aren�t going well for Pam either. An old lady gives her a back-handed compliment about her impressionist art work and Roy shows up with his brother only to point out that he�s the only person from work to show up. Ass. So Roy leaves because he looked at all of her paintings [all six…on the same wall…] and Pam at least hesitates when he asks if she�s going back to his place. Wow. One week back together and she is already remembering a bit about what a jerk he is. �Your art was the prettiest art of all the art,� Roy tells her. Guh. What kind of compliment is that? Why can�t someone give Pam a genuine, nice, not lame compliment?

OK, now I normally wouldn�t recap a conversation between Ryan and Michael, but this relevant. Because Michael is pissed at Ryan and sends him back to the annex with Kelly…leaving Jim�s old desk open! For Jim to move into!!!!! Yeah! Ah, the Desk of Love.

Back at the art show, Oscar is there so maybe he�ll be nice. Oh nevermind. He and his partner Gil talk about Pam�s art not showing any courage…and Pam hears the whole thing! Motel art? Seriously? Oh Pam. It�s OK. Maybe it was a good thing that you heard that to kick your ass in gear and do something about your life.

And just when it couldn�t get worse and Pam�s ready to pack it up for the night, Michael walks in. Oh no. And like everyone else, he says…whoa. He actually says something nice about her art and how talented she is. He loves her painting of the office and wants to buy it! He has to have it for the office. And then Michael, who is a doofus most days, turns to Pam and genuinely tells her he�s proud of her. How is it that her best friend Jim can�t bother to show up and ex-fiance/current boyfriend comes up with something lame, but Michael can give her a great and honest compliment? Go Michael! Pam gives him a hug and looks like she�s about to cry for good reason. Thanks, she says, before asking if he has something in his pocket. At least it�s just a Chunky.

In the end, it�s Michael who comes through for our girl Pam, saying her painting is an inspiration as he hangs it up on the wall. Squee! Maybe the couple we really should be shipping is Pam and Michael. Or not.

And with that, we go an entire episode without Jim and Pam speaking to each other. Again. This season. Suck.

The Others: Ryan gets bumped up a whole letter grade in his business school class…if he brings Michael in to speak. But Ryan sets Michael up, telling the class that Dunder Mifflin is going to fail. Too bad Michael finds out, degrades Ryan in front of his class, and, worst of all, makes him move to the annex so he can be closer to Kelly. Meanwhile, Dwight goes on a bat hunt after one gets loose in the office � and actually catches it.

What have we learned today, kids: Things are better when you put your most honest and true talent out there for the world to see. Otherwise, it�s just motel art and a totally fake prank that no one believes.

– written by Jenny


Jim: Pam’s with Roy, I’m with Karen, and…uh…Brangelina is with Frangelina. Movin� on.

Pam: I’m really happy to be back with Roy. I think it shows maturity. Maturity and dignity. Is that braggy? I don’t mean it to be braggy.

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