Talk to me, Tivo: Michael and Jam make their relationship public during a party; Jim meets Karen’s ex; the staff goes to happy hour for drinks.
Jaminess: 1 [3=Casino Night]

Jam Cam: Oh boy! Is everyone else excited about a second episode in a row without no Jam interaction? Yeah, me neither.

Jim stares at Michael in a straight jacket, making sure that he’s not supposed to help Michael out no matter what. Then Pam double checks Jim’s question with Michael. So hey! There is Jam interaction…sort of…and we’ve now seen all of it for the entire episode.

Tonight is a cocktail party at the CFO’s house and Jim is taking Karen as his date and doesn’t want to carpool with Michael. So it’s kind of a 50/50. Dating Karen? Stupid. Not carpooling with Michael? Smart.

Oh nevermind! There’s good news! Jim doesn’t want to go. Yeah, he says it’s because he doesn’t know anyone and it’s an obligation and he doesn’t like talking about paper and it’s pointless. But we all know he just means that he doesn’t want to go with Karen. We all know that…deep, very deep, in our hearts.

And oh joy. Roy is here again. Pam invites him to happy hour with the office crew and [call back to the pilot], Roy decides to come up with a lame excuse. But unlike the pilot, Pam persuades him to actually go because he has to do boyfriend things with her. Geez. Good persuasion skills there, Pam. Maybe you can use those to persuade Jim to dump his girlfriend. Anyway…Pam says in her talking head that she’s decided to be more honest. Pammy is getting what she wants…except for the man she loves…and don’t call her Pammy.

Ah, Poor Richard’s � and Roy actually shows. Well, of course he does. He probably knows that since he showed up, Pam will give it up later that night. And oh boy! Kenny is there…grand.

Oh but look! There’s Fancy New Beesly making sure the bartender knows she ordered a light beer and he messed it up. Yeah, Beesly! Or something.

Meanwhile, poor Jim is stuck with Dwight, Michael, and…Karen [blech] at the CFO’s house. Everyone around Jim is acting inappropriate and oh yeah, Karen picks this as a good time to him about her ex. Who works at Dunder Mifflin. Who is standing ten feet from the door. Who broke up with her on bad terms. Um…whatever.

Over at the bar, everyone is playing some sort of Find the Quarter game that involves Roy correctly guessing that Pam has the quarter. Roy takes this to mean that he can read Pam like a book and she can’t keep anything from him. Mwahahaha! If you only knew, sucker!

Back at the party, Jimbo gets stuck meeting another one of Karen’s ex-boyfriends. This time, the ex in question dated Karen when he was on a break. Jim tells her it’s fine because it was before he knew her. Too bad Karen won’t listen to him and drop her hang up with Pam since it was before she knew Jim. Anyway…

Oh look! Toby won a stuffed duck that Pam randomly mentioned was cute. How…cute. Too bad she tells him to take it home to his daughter. Toby, you’re sweet, but Pam’s heart belongs to Jim. Even if she is dating Roy again.

Speaking of people flirting, Karen seems to flirting with some random guy at the party with Jim looking on. There are so many inappropriate things I would call Karen right now, but I’ll try to be nice. As Jim watches all of this crap go down, the CFO quietly asks him if he would like to play basketball out back. Hmm…watching his girlfriend flirt with guys or playing basketball?

Jim makes the right choice and tells Karen he’s ducking out back for a bit, but he has to be careful because Karen dated him once. Ew! I can’t be nice anymore � Karen is a Dunder Mifflin whore. Jim gets a bit pissed as well, asking if she’s dated every guy here. And she smiles? What? Oh, it’s just a prank. She totally fooled him. Ha, ha. Funny. [If Pam had tried to pull a prank on Jim, it would have been much more funny and much less awkward than that lameness.] Jim kind of smirks as he walks away. He probably would never admit it, but he thought it was lame, too.

Ah, relaxed and untucked shirt Jim. We’ve missed you. Not only are you great on the court, but you’re good at deflecting the CFO’s attention away from crazy Dwight. By the way, Jim tells the CFO that he doesn’t know what’s up with Jan and Michael. Meanwhile, we still don’t know what’s up with Jim and Karen.

But we do know what’s up with Pam and Roy. Splitsville! Yeah! Pam tells Roy that she wants to be honest with him so she tells him about Casino Night. She kissed Jim. Wait…Jim didn’t kiss her? Hmm….interesting choice of words, Pam. And she had feelings for Jim and they kissed and…is it wrong that I’m cheering Pam’s confession while Roy is getting pissed off? Well, he gets more pissed off and starts trashing the bar as Pam defiantly tells him �This is over.�

Roy’s brother pays off the bar to not press charges as Roy looks out on the Poor Richard’s parking lot. �I’m gonna kill Jim Halpert.� Oh fuck.

The Others: Michael and Dwight head to the CFO’s house for a cocktail party, only to arrive way too early and wearing an outfit similar to the catering company helping out. Things go downhill from there with Jan sucking it up and finally making Michael sign paperwork to disclose their relationship to HR. Too bad she regrets it as soon as Michael signs his name with a heart. Meanwhile, Dwight finds the CFO’s house to have some structural problems, spouts off about Battlestar Gallactica, and nearly freaks out the kid sleeping upstairs. So yeah…a good party overall.

What have we learned today, kids: Tell the truth to the people you love. You know, instead of hiding the fact that you kissed the sales guy last year or that you’re a whore who slept with half of Dunder Mifflin. Sort of.

– written by Jenny


Pam: I have decided that I’m going to be more honest. I’m going to start telling people what I want — directly. So look out world, because old Pammy is getting what she wants…and don’t call me Pammy.

Roy: What?
Pam: I want us to make it. I want a fresh start.
Roy: That’s awesome. That’s what I want too.
Pam: OK, but in order for us to make it, there can’t be any secrets between us.
Roy: I didn’t — I didn’t do anything. Ask anybody. I totally could have, but I didn’t…
Pam: Just listen. Remember that casino night, about a month before we were supposed to get married? I kissed Jim.
Roy [angry]: What?
Pam: He told me how he felt and I guess I had feelings too…and we kissed.
Roy: Jim came on to you?
Pam: Just listen.
Roy: No, I am listening. That’s the problem — I’m listening!
Pam: Don’t yell.
Roy: Don’t yell!
[Roy throws a glass and Pam gets up] Pam: This is over.
Roy: Yeah, you’re right. This is so over. Are you kidding me, Pam? Come on!

Roy: I’m gonna kill Jim Halpert.

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