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Future [637]

Wishin' and Hopin' by Coley

Rated: T • 24 Reviews29
Summary: Okay so she made a wish. It wasn't like she actually expected it to ever come true.

Waiting In The Sun by WishYouWould

Rated: M • 82 Reviews63
Summary: College AU. Jim and Pam meet as college freshmen and immediately feel a strong connection. Lots and lots of fluffy sweetness.  

The actress by Kuri333

Rated: M • 8 Reviews8

I’ve seen you act, you’re not terribly bad, but you need people to see that. You need to be known. You need to make some money so you’ll stop serving coffee. And this is your chance, ok?

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters or places you recognize. I don't even own Clare, since she's based on 3 real people I know. Sorry not sorry. 

A Perfect Storm... with guns by ScrantonGirl91

Rated: M • 2 Reviews2

Loosely set between S03E11, "Back from vacation" and S03E12, "Traveling Salesmen".

It's that magical Friday again, but Michael is too busy trying to improve his morale with the warehouse guys. And he is not afraid of bringing the big guns. After all, what could go wrong?

Morning After by Comfect

Rated: T • 15 Reviews25
Summary: Pam leaves Roy the morning after Casino Night.

An education by Kuri333

Rated: MA • 20 Reviews22

High School Pam meets High School Jim and that becomes an opportunity for learning a few things.

Usual disclaimers: Don't own anything you recognise and, of course, not profit is being made.

Rebound by warrior4

Rated: T • 31 Reviews29
Summary: AU to the ending of "Benihana Christmas." Yes, another one, but hey it's fun.

the treehouse by iwantphillyjim

Rated: M • 57 Reviews26
Summary: AU...Pam is new to Scranton, but she connects with an old friend.

I'm not a writer at all, but I am loving fan fic, and totally obsessed with JAM. I have read so many stories from this site, and the ideas have just been flowing.

In Reverse by princess-nincompoop

Rated: T • 7 Reviews13
Summary: What would happen if the events of Casino Night took place during Season 3? Basically, Jim never confesses to Pam in the Season 2 finale but moves to Stamford anyway. It’ll be a wild ride.

Moving on? by Lizby

Rated: MA • 20 Reviews20
Summary: It was in that moment that she realized that he had truly moved on. That Jim Halpert didn't love her anymore. Which also led her to another realization, it was time for her to move on as well. Season 3 AU, set after Ben Franklin.

Doodles by Identitytheftisntajokejim

Rated: M • 26 Reviews14
Summary: "Jim thinks they're good." AU from episode 1. Enjoy. 

The unflinchingly rigid rules of jinx by Kuri333

Rated: K • 9 Reviews13

The only thought fixed in his mind is how easy he and Pam have landed into that comforting, exciting place of banter and pranks and how he never ever wants to leave it again.

Pam is jinxed and Jim knows he has to take this chance. 

Set during season 3. 

Office Space by Comfect

Rated: T • 48 Reviews25
Summary: A science-fictional take on JAM. The Office staff are the crew of the DM Scranton, a cryogenic colony ship on its way to the stars. Starts in the AU equivalent of Casino Night. 

Hidden Truths by Lizby

Rated: M • 2 Reviews3
Summary: How will Jim react when a routine doctors appointment reveals a secret Pam never wanted out? Trigger Warning inside.

Umbrella by warrior4

Rated: K • 3 Reviews5
Summary: 55 words for the end of "Paper Airplane."

This Thing Called Life by warrior4

Rated: M • 84 Reviews53
Summary: Life is a journey full of highs and lows. Jim and Pam discover this from the first time they met and onwards.

The Only Exception by JennaBennett

Rated: K • 9 Reviews12
Summary: There are a lot of reasons to call off her wedding, but Pam only thinks about one. A somewhat AU version of how that conversation takes shape, incorporating events from “The Merger,” “Cocktails,” and “The Negotiation.” 

Stilettos and Broken Bottles (Spinning Around in Circles) by Coley Feature

Rated: MA • 17 Reviews22

The summer she calls off her wedding, she spins a little bit out of control.

An AU that could be considered canon if you drink enough wine and squint your eyes just so.

Ruin the Friendship by Duchess Cupcake Feature

Rated: MA • 46 Reviews49

A Will They or Won't They AU with Pam and Jim as next door neighbors.

“Pam, come on. Don’t do that.” The sound of his bare feet on the wooden floor following behind kept me in motion through the dining room, looking under chairs for my sandals. I summoned everything I had in me not to look at him in his currently half-dressed state.

“Don’t do what? Jim, I’m fine. Really.”

I’m just in love with you and you only want to be friendly neighbors. And, also, since I’m being honest with myself, my body is not loving the unsated high of being as aroused as I just felt with your hands on me like that.


Things are about to change (Pilot) by Kuri333

Rated: K • 4 Reviews5

The crew that is going to film them around the office has arrived and Jim realizes things are going to change... and he has to do something about it.

Season 1, episode 1 

Automatic by Kuri333

Rated: M • 22 Reviews17

One task after another, one empty thought followed by the next, just like yesterday, just like tomorrow. 

Season 9. 

Nice Morning too by MadiDavis

Rated: MA • 4 Reviews8
Summary: Smut for smuts sake, a little take on Jim and Pam's talking head conversation. "We've had some really nice days together." "Nice morning too." "Beesly! Oh my God!" I think you get where this story is going. (;

A Little Rough by MadiDavis Past Featured Story

Rated: MA • 4 Reviews6
Summary: A little one shot set somewhere in season nine. My take on some of the thoughts and feelings of our favorite couple as they work through the changes and difficulties that Jim's new job brings. Some angst, some smut, and a good hopeful ending. Enjoy! 

More Than a Day, More Than a Word by NobleLandMermaid

Rated: MA • 18 Reviews30

stories/406/images/mtad.jpgPam Beesly really likes Valentine's Day. Well, mostly.
A look at Valentine's Days through the years with Jim and Pam (from Pam's POV).

Home by MadiDavis

Rated: MA • 5 Reviews5

Set after Roy shows up at the office to go after Jim in 3x18. What happens when he shows up at Pams later that night. This does involve abuse. Angst that eventually turns cheesy and cute. Rated MA!