"Have you taken into account other factors, vis-a-vis bosses? Is Josh funnier than I am? Does he even have a girlfriend?"
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Asset Management by Comfect Past Featured Story

Rated: M • 45 Reviews33

Jim and Pam are CIA agents assigned to break a Scranton element of a smuggling ring. "Stamford" is a cover for Jim being recalled to Langley after confessing his feelings for Pam, but now he's coming back. And he has to recruit Dwight as an asset.

NOW COMPLETE. Set in AU S3. Spoilers through S3.

Career Is A Cure by frayed

Rated: T • 3 Reviews2
Summary: Karen is more like Jim than you might think. Slightly AU version of season 3 from Karen's POV, in which we learn why Karen is the way she is.

A Tisket, a Tasket, Resolutions in a Basket by Too Late Kev

Rated: T • 17 Reviews5
Summary: Michael makes his employees write down three New Year's Resolutions for 2008.

Ain't That a Kick in the Head by questionforyou

Rated: M • 28 Reviews9

It’s time for the first annual Dunder Mifflin National Sales Meeting in Las Vegas. What will go down in the city of sin, where alcohol flows, love can be won, lost and won again, and where drive-through weddings are all-too-available?

Good Advice by Par5

Rated: M • 118 Reviews75
Summary: Everyone in the office has relationship advice. What would each of their colleagues say to Pam and Jim about love?

Tumbler by nomadshan

Rated: MA • 5 Reviews2
Summary: Jim hates Josh a little sometimes.

Then and Now by girl7

Rated: M • 52 Reviews43
Summary: This will be a multi-chapter fic - begins post-Stamford/The Conversation but pre-Jim/Pam face-to-face again after Casino Night.  There will be lots of flashbacks to pre-Casino Night Jim & Pam, as well as a healthy dose of sympathetic!Roy. :o)

Sleep to Dream by bitterpill

Rated: M • 9 Reviews6
Summary: Jim's dream is better than his reality.

Melting by shrewuntamed

Rated: T • 14 Reviews13
Summary: Pam's POV of the mixing of Scranton and Stamford.