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A Life Together by absolutelyido

23Reviews 8
Summary: Stroies from different times of Pam and Jim's life together.

After the fireworks by Jewelsy

45Reviews 19
Summary: This series starts from the season 4 finale and keeps going. It will have fluffyness and smut but please be patient. I have a long story arc in mind.

Am I What You Need? by OfficeSupplyGirl

8Reviews 7
Summary: A series of one-shots that take place during or after episodes. Showing the friendship between Jim and Pam, and maybe something more.

Annie Halpert: Prankster-in-Training by Bella Lumina

19Reviews 10
Summary: A series of future stories starring Pam and Jim's daughter, Annie.

Autobiographies by spaceorphan

27Reviews 11
Summary: Pam and Jim tell their stories.

Baby Adventures by jimandpaminlove

Summary: The story of Jim and Pam raising their first child.

Baby Talk by LoveFool

594Reviews 203
Summary: I am re-releasing my JAM baby fic "Labor Relations", but this time it will be part of a series. Labor Relations is first, followed by the second chapter "Everything." Not sure how many parts will be in this series. Thanks for reading!

Behind the Scenes by Lynzee005

18Reviews 10
Summary: A nice little place to keep all of my behind the scenes stories together. Hopefully, one day, it will contain more than just one story.

Challenges by Pan_cake_Cats

5Reviews 6
Summary: Any oneshots I write for challenges

Construction of the Heart by StarryDreamer

32Reviews 7
Summary: Pam, still with Roy, reflects on her chance encounters with Jim before their time at Dunder-Mifflin.

Contrapuntal Melodies by Vampiric Blood

15Reviews 8

Jazzfan and I have decided to do a riff on Sally_Halpert’s challenge over in the forums.  She wrote:

The Random Song Prompt
Switch your ipod on. Put it on shuffle. Write down the first ten song titles. Write a scene for each song... GO!

The random part didn’t work so well for me.  I kept getting classical pieces; Celtic pieces; songs that wouldn’t, couldn’t work in a million years.  So I decided to just think about songs that spoke to me about Pam and Jim.  I asked jazz if she’d like to do this with me and was very excited that she agreed! 

So we’re writing a series of one-shots, using the following guidelines:

  1. One of us chooses a song as inspiration and writes a vignette from Pam or Jim’s point of view.
  2. The other then must write the accompanying half of the one-shot so that it meshes with both the song AND the content of the first half.

Hence, the title of our little joint endeavor:  Contrapuntal Melodies.  Counterpoint is defined as the technique of combining two or more melodic lines in such a way that they establish a harmonic relationship while retaining their linear individuality.*  That’s exactly what we’re trying to do!

So, having now written the first story, I can say this is turning out to be just as much fun as I expected.  Jazzfan has always been one of my favorite betas and this back and forth meshing our halves of the one-shot into a fluid story has been a cool endeavor.

So, while we’re not promising ten stories, I hope you enjoy reading as much as were enjoying the writing…

- Vampiric Blood

As for my part in this intro, "what she said" except that I feel an urgent and unsupressable need to mention that I highly resent VB constantly correcting my misspiellings  and mispunctuatables; and going on and on and on about my clunky run on too wordy with the wrong words sentences.  The nerve of her.  That said, this has been fun for us and I hope people enjoy reading.

- jazzfan

Um, hey, jazz?  I’m basking in the glorious length of that there first sentence.  ;-)


*The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, Copyright © 2009 by Houghton Mifflin Company.

Elements by Paper Jam

110Reviews 102

A series of themed fics, set in a universe that goes AU at the end of The Merger.

Languages, Colors, Weather, Celestial Bodies.

Ever by nomadshan

6Reviews 2
Summary: This series explores iconic Jim/Pam moments, interactions, and themes, by setting them in alternate universes. This grew out of this line from Believe: "These two people who have a connection so extraordinary, he can't believe that they haven't always been together, reincarnated endlessly throughout time, meeting, loving, always."

Everyday Love by PamPongChamp

33Reviews 15

Pam + Jim = Domestic Bliss

A series of stories featuring our favorite couple living the American dream...Jam style of course! 


Fics Based on Songs by Pan_cake_Cats

1Reviews 2
Summary: Any fics I write based on songs, cause that's a thing I am starting to get into :)

First Dates by Lexiconiful

150Reviews 68
Summary: This is a series of Jim and Pam's first couple of dates.

First Times by Hannah_Halpert

Summary: I'm planning on making this into a little mini series about Jim and Pam's first times.

Give Us Liberty or Give Us Death by Rach3l

25Reviews 38

AU: Cameras, cameras everywhere, with a far more sinister purpose. Set in a dystopian version of America, but the people aren't taking it lying down.

This will probably be a trilogy. Installment III is pending!

Halloween Writing Contest 2018 by Ladama

63Reviews 102

Entries to the 2018 Halloween Writing Contest, compiled for your convenience! 

Halloween contest Banner

Winners Announced!

Click here for our Halloween Dundie Awards Ceremony Post 

Readers' Choice runner-up - "Life's No Fun Without a Good Scare" by Duchess Cupcake
Mods' Choice runner-up - "Costumes" by warrior4

Grand Prize Winners

Readers' Choice - "Practical Magic" by Coley
Moderators' Choice -
"No Pain, No Gain" by Rach3l

readers choice coley mods choice Rach3l

(Full Contest Details)

Happily Ever After by Par5

131Reviews 128
Summary: They finally wise up and acknowledge what they have. Moments from a life together after all the angst is behind them.

Holiday: Just One Day Out Of Life by Too Late Kev

147Reviews 48
Summary: This series will contain a story for each holiday throughout the year, big or small. Many of the chapters, but not all, will be Jim and Pam related. Some will be set in the past, some in the present, and some in the future. All stories are stand-alone and should be posted on or very near the holiday.

If only by rahenson1

3Reviews 1
Summary: This is my first try at this so be at least a little kind to me. My basic idea was what if Pam and Jim got together a little sooner. So each part assumes the show cannon as of the start of that episode and ends with them together.

Indie Rock & Keds by Nightswept

646Reviews 334
Summary: Jim and Pam, college life and more.

It's Never Too Late For The Love of Your Life by fasterthansnakes

74Reviews 26
Summary: By popular demand, this will indeed be a series.

J.D. & Mollie by FlonkertonChamp

122Reviews 70
Summary: All stories having to do with J.D. and Mollie, Pam & Jim's kids.rnrnI'm calling this AU now, because now that Cece exists, this is not reality. Pity.