Announcing Author of the Month, New Community, and other Updates

Hello readers! It was another pretty busy month "behind-the-scenes" at MTT as we continue to work on getting everything updated and also adding some new features!

First off, we are launching an Author Of The Month series! Each month we admins will select an author to feature and hopefully get some attention to their stories.

The inaugural author of the month is: watchthesky84, who has written 8 Jim/Pam one shots, and each one is a great short read! You can read more about her and about this new series at our new message board.

Speaking of: Our main site got a massive overhaul, and we have a brand new message board with a new community behind it! You don't have to be registered to post replies on the message board, but if you do choose to register you'll have access to lots of fun features like setting up profile, friending other MTTers, personal messaging, and more. You do have to set up a new account even if you are registered here or at the old forums but we promise it's pretty painless!

ETA: We switched Forum systems since this post, you can find them here . Sign-up is by invite only, please message us via the Contact Us form or an email to

Some of the other things added last month:

We also have a big event in the works for October, stay tuned for more!

--Admin Team on September 01, 2016 05:19 pm 0 Comments