Spring Updates and Upcoming!

Hey MTTers! Today marks the anniversary of the airing of Casino Night, which is really the reason MTT even exists so feels like a good thing to acknowledge.

(still the prettiest, saddest scene!)

We're just over a 3rd of the way into 2018 and so far it's been pretty great! The Most Recent section has had a nice steady flow of new stories, Our new Author Of The Month selection criteria is ensuring all sorts of authors are getting the acknowledgement they deserve and we have a great community feel going thanks to the shoutbox, social media accounts and our Tuesday Splitting Up Together chats (which we learned today will continue into the next TV season!)

New Challenges!

To keep the new stories flowing, we have a "Challenges Challenge" where every few months we feature some story prompts that will hopefully inspire. And we give a little banner to anyone who answers the challenge! This round we are featuring:

  • Hospital JAM: Put Jim or Pam in the hospital and get the hurt/comfort going!
  • Sister, Sister: Write a story where Penny Beesly or Larisa Halpert plays a central role.
  • Danny & Pam: It's a DAM thing! Write about Pam's ill-fated relationship with the handsome salesman.

Plus writers are encouraged to look at the past challenges as well and see if they inspire!

Speaking of Larisa Halpert...

Though we never did actually meet Larisa, she was and still a commonly recurring character in stories and she was technically confirmed in canon as Jim's sister so we decided it's high time for her to get her own character tag! You can add Larisa to your list of characters by editing your story and selecting her in the character field.

Pam and Jim's wedding site - Now on MTT!

At MTT part of our goal is to help preserve the fandom for new and old fans to enjoy. One little bit of fandom was Pam & Jim's wedding site, which was a fun little NBC promotion and sadly could only be found with the Wayback Machine - until now! We dug through the internet archive and brought as much of the content as we could to our blog, so if you're dying to know what fun stuff there is to do Niagara, Pam's wedding cost-saving tips or what Meredith said in their guestbook, check it out here: Pam & Jim's Wedding Site

Supporting MTT

While we are a couple months out from our hosting bill being due, we do welcome contributions any time to help us get a head start on next year's costs. You can find out more about how to contribute on our Donate page.

What we're working on

Here are just a few things in the works at MTT: a Jim/Pam info page (hopefully reducing your dunderpedia visits!), a month of fic recommendation, and another writing challenge for prizes! So make sure to stop by often (or sign up for our newsletter for email updates!)

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