FunRaiser, Month of Fic Recs and More!

FunRaiser, emphasis on the FUN

This past July marked 12 years of MTT online, a feat that wouldn't be possible without the generosity of our members! Our annual FunRaiser is going on now to get the costs of the archive covered until next July, so if you have enjoyed MTT please consider contributing (we'll even send you a gift if you donate $10+)!

Full Details at our Blog

2018-19 FunRaiser Graphic

You get a Fic Rec, and you, and you!

As a lead up to our 12th birthday, we mods got together to bring you 31 days of fanfic recommendations. Covering a different topic every day, we made lists that hopefully went beyond the more popular stories and authors. We hope with these lists you get to discover some new favorites! Check it out at our blog:

MTT Presents: Month of Fic Recs

Month Digest Email

Whether you don't come around to the archive too often, or like getting handy lists delivered to your inbox, we invite you to sign up to our Monthly Fic Digest. On the first of every month, you will get an email with all the new and updated fics the previous month. You can sign up for this monthly digest (as well as other emails from MTT) on the Newsletter Sign-Up page

Challenges Challenge

Wanna write a story but stuck on ideas? That's what Challenges are good for! And if you answer one of the prompts we have specifically selected for the quarterly Challenges Challenge you will get a special banner on your story! Here are the new challenges for the 3rd quarter of 2018:

What we're working on

At MTT we're always working to bring you a better site and new fun content. At the moment we are working on: a Jim and Pam info page (feel free to look at what we have so far here), a writing contest for the fall, new site themes, better Favorite options and more! We always value your feedback and hearing what you'd like to see at MTT so please feel free to contact us !

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