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Hey Safe & Sound lovers, just for fun I made a playlist, please enjoy and look for the update soon! Spotify | Youtube

Just an Office lover writing fanfics under a penname that's a Park & Rec reference.

"You've been around forever!"

Kinda, I was absolutely obsessed with the show during the Season 3 of Angst (aka when it was looking like they'd drag out the will-they-won't-they indefinitely and only fanfic could fill the void!) and joined up, submitting my decent fanfics and being incredibly intimidated by the fantastic writers this fandom attracted.

After S4 I pretty much fell off the fanfic and fandom map, but Netflix helped me rekindle my JAM feeling something fierce a few summers ago and I thought hey better check on MTT. And here we are!

"Are you ever going to finish Anywhere But Here?"
I am! I have it plotted out and I'm chipping away at it, along with my other WIPs, and once I finish them up I will NOT have like 5 WIPs at once again >.<

I also have most of my office stuff archived at FFN and AO3

Please don't hesitate to review no matter the age of my fics!

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Challenges by NobleLandMermaid

We were introduced to Pam’s friend Isabel during the wedding episode and despite being perfect for fanfic she’s been criminally underutilized, so let’s change that!

Write a fic with Isabel playing a more central role, explore Pam and Isabel’s friendship and backstory (they were possibly volleyball buddies), make a canon divergent tale where Isabel plays a part in finally getting Pam and Jim together, or explore Dwight and Isabel’s brief but highly amusing relationship (can you say double date??)

Categories: Jim and Pam, Other Characters: Dwight, Isabel Poreba, Jim, Jim/Pam, Other, Pam

If Hurt/Comfort is your jam this one is for you! Suggested by agian18, put Jim or Pam in the hospital and make it dramatic (though we of course also hope for a happy ending). Any time or relationship stage is welcome.

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Categories: Jim and Pam Characters: Jim, Jim/Pam, Pam

Dwight once said to Jim, "I bet if you tried, you could grow the best beard of anyone in this office." And as we know JKras can indeed grow a great beard, so I challenge you to write a story centered around Jim growing a beard (and Pam's reaction to it ;-) ). Set it during any time-frame, post-series is always welcome because there just needs to be more post series fics, but sometime during the series may also be fun. And here's some visual references if you need them .

Categories: Jim and Pam Characters: Jim, Jim/Pam

Write a story with Penny Beesly or Larisa Halpert (or both!) in a central role. Here are a few ideas: Keep it in canon and write their take on the Jim and Pam "will they won't they" era, or write the first time Penny met Jim or Larisa met Pam. Go a little canon divergent and have one of them visit the office one day and see first hand what their siblings are always complaining about. Or go full AU, maybe a high school fic where Pam and Larisa were best friends, or modern AU where Penny knows Jim and helps set him up with Pam.(check out the counterpart challenge: Mamas and the Papas )

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Categories: Jim and Pam Characters: Jim, Jim/Pam, Larissa Halpert, Pam

a counterpart to the Sister Sister challenge, Write a story centered on William and Helene Beesly and/or Gerald and Betsy Halpert. A few ideas: backstory on what sparked Pam's mom to ask about Jim when she visited, a storywhere Pam meets Jim's parents or Jim meets Pam's parents long before they got together (maybe at the office?), Jim getting sage advice from his own dad or his father in law. (P.S. up to you if you choose Pam's 1st or 2nd mom for your characterization.)

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Categories: Jim and Pam Characters: Helene Beesly, Jim, Jim/Pam, Other, Pam

With JKras getting ready to play CIA analyst-turned-secret-agent in Jack Ryan, I think many of us are craving some "Jim Halpert is actually a spy" fic. So, write a story where Jim is a secret agent and an unsuspecting Pam finds out and gets caught up in the plot. Or flip the roles, maybe shy quiet Pam is the spy and Jim discovers her double-life. Whether you chose to keep it mostly realistic like Jack Ryan and the Bourne movies or go full cool-gadget sexy-globetrotting James Bond style is up to you!

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Categories: Jim and Pam, Alternate Universe Characters: Jim, Jim/Pam, Pam

Write a Halloween themed fanfic during the month of October and win real prizes!

The contest rules in short:

  • Stories should be (in principle) at least 500 words long.
  • Stories should be new and never published
  • Needs to be submitted AND completed by 11:59pm Pacific on October 31
  • Any genre, rating and main characters is fine as long as the story is Halloween themed.

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What to know before you vote:

  • Make sure you are registered on the archive, votes from non-members will not count
  • Please read all of the contest entries (only fair before making a decision!)
  • Every member gets ONE vote, no double registering to cast multiple votes!
  • If you are one the writers, you may vote but no voting for yourself
  • Voting is open through Wednesday, November 14th. The Readers and Mods choices will be announced shortly after voting closes.
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Categories: Jim and Pam, Other Characters: None

We all know and love the jinx storyline of S2s “Drug Testing”, so write about another time a case of jinx befalls our beloved pair. It could happen before the cameras arrive, or after “Drug Testing” takes place. I’d especially like to see a “turntables” edition where Pam is the one unable to speak under jinx, how would Jim handle that? 

(P.S. would have called this “Jinx, Redux” but that’s already the title of a great fic by nomadshan which you should go read)

Categories: Jim and Pam Characters: Jim, Jim/Pam, Pam

With his public speaking skills and frequent coordination and leading of coworkings in activities like Office Olympics and fire drill games, Jim seems like a natural teacher. And while there are a few stories with a Jim as a teacher, there should be way more, because there just should be. So write a story about Professor Halpert, especially one that including a relationship with pretty student/teaching assistant/fellow prof Pam Beesly. And of course butting heads with Prof Schrute for good measure. (For a little inspiration here’s John’s recent commencement speech at Brown, and you can seek out him earning an honorary doctorate for other academic visuals ;-) )

Categories: Jim and Pam Characters: Jim, Jim/Pam, Pam

October 8, 2019 marks the 10 years since Niagara aired, so let’s celebrate in grand MTT style with some new fics! Write a story relating to Jim and Pam’s wedding and/or 10th anniversary in some way. You can cover things we saw like the boat ceremony or the actual ceremony, things we wish we saw like the reception or the wedding night (wink wink) or imagine how Jim and Pam will be celebrating their 10th anniversary.

submit to this challenge and get a special banner on your story!  

Categories: Episode Related, Jim and Pam Characters: Jim, Jim/Pam, Pam
Summary: It's that time of year again and here we think the more holiday fic the better! For this challenge, write a story that incorporates a Christmas carol/song in some way. Of course "12 Days of Christmas" offers a lot of material to work with but you can use any Christmas Song for inspiration. We of course love our Christmas Jam around here but feel free to write about any Office characters.
Categories: Other, Jim and Pam Characters: Dwight/Angela, Ensemble, Jim, Jim/Pam, Pam

The Office Ladies pod just revealed this exchange in the Did I Stutter? script:

As people head to the conference room, Jim smiles at Pam.
Jim: The price you pay for a night in heaven.
Pam: [glances at the camera, stilted] Yes. The movies were good, Jim.
Jim: You mean the movies that we made of us making love?
Pam: [panicking, glances to camera] Shut up! We didn't film ourselves.
Jim [to camera] Hi, Pam's grandma. Sorry you had to find out like this.
Pam hits Jim and they go into the conference room.

Sooooo, yeah, we’ll be needing all the fic of these “movies” please and thank you in advance.  

Categories: Jim and Pam Characters: Jim, Jim/Pam, Pam