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Late to the Office love, but it's love none the less.


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Stories by miserycrush

Crazy Night in Philly New! by miserycrush

Rated: MA • 90 Reviews65
Summary: AU. Pam moves from Scranton to Philly because she scored a new job at a new rising company called Athlead! While out one night celebrating in Philly Pam decides to let lose and enjoy herself only to realize the next day that was with her new boss, President and CEO Jim Halpert.

Hey Mr. Pinstripe Suit New! by miserycrush, BecauseOfYou

Rated: MA • 9 Reviews7

The year is 1929. Pamela Beesly was doing alright despite everything going on in America. She was engaged to a miner, Roy Anderson, who swept her off her feet and took her to a new kind of life back in Chicago. After the stock market crashed she began to seek employment in order to stay afloat. Thanks to a sexy local club singer, in a pinstripe suit, named Jimmy Halpert and his in with the owner of the Green Door Tavern Pam was working nights as a waitress at the town's most popular speakeasy. Not to mention she was now employed by the largest Mob Boss in America. Michael Scarn.

The Perfect Ingredients by miserycrush

Rated: K • 4 Reviews3

The ingredients to the best heartwarming Christmas ever: