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A young nurse who still dreams of being a writer someday. And being married to John Krasinski.   

Roy cannot lean like Jim, and Karen cannot prank like Pam. It's just my opinion, but it's true. 

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Stories by StarShine

All At Once by StarShine

Rated: K • 10 Reviews2

He loves her. They are perfect together, for each other. She completes him.

Or so he tries to tell himself.

Feng Shui by StarShine

Rated: K • 8 Reviews3

She nodded, "I never joke about Feng Shui."

Spoilers through "Money."

A Conversation Past by StarShine

Rated: K • 26 Reviews14
Summary: How Pam tells Jim.

The Heart of the Matter by StarShine

Rated: K • 4 Reviews1
Summary: Pam knew she still had more to say to Jim. So she decided to put it into writing. Post Beach Games.

And at the Push of a Button.. by StarShine

Rated: K • 24 Reviews11
Summary: Jim faces a dilemma in the break room every day.

The Boy Within by StarShine

Rated: K • 7 Reviews2
Summary: He remembered when he was a kid...every day was a new adventure--he knew these were the best years of his life.

Two Hundred Ninety-Four by StarShine

Rated: K • 7 Reviews3
Summary: Pam's thought's last summer. Improve!fic in response to ObsessionInc's Five Elements prompts.

The Second Time Jim Goes Chip Hunting by StarShine

Rated: K • 14 Reviews2

Jim was utterly powerless to say “No” when Karen flashed that charming smile in his direction.

Nothing new added here, I just realized I forgot to check the "Complete" box! 

Courage and Honesty by StarShine

Rated: K • 5 Reviews1
Summary: Pam thinks over what Gil said

5 Changes Pam Makes by StarShine

Rated: K+ • 27 Reviews10

Fancy New Beesely's made some changes since...

Originally posted as just "Pillows", but then that spawned more ideas. ^_^