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      Hey all-

      Im the author of this story on the fan fiction site. I’ve been busy with school recently, and also haven’t watched the Office in over a month. I ran out of ideas for the story and would appreciate input on possible story arcs in future chapters. If anyone has an idea, or something they want to see happen, feel free to share!

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        Maybe have your character realize he’s in specific episodes? Like the next time he goes to work, everything is all Christmas-y and Michael gets dumped by Carol and he realizes he’s in “A Benihana Christmas”, you could experiment with your OC trying to meddle with things and maybe changing the outcome, or maybe everything just always ends up the way it was on the show no matter how much he meddles.

        Or maybe somethings is about to go differently than it did on the show and your OC feels the need to step in a try to correct it. Like back to Benihana Christmas, Jim is about leave for the day without belatedly accepting Pam’s present (the prank on dwight she set up for him), your OC might realize this and step in with some well worded comment about it only being polite to accept gifts and that had Jim reconsider.

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          Thanks for the input! That will definitely make it into the story in some form.

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            Pam’s adventures at Pratt  are never fully explored.  The writers changed the story and left us hanging.   Why was Pam with Alex so much?  Why did she keep hanging up before Jim could finish talking?  She seemed  almost enamored of Alex, then when he made his speech she was sort of disgusted. Since this almost changed the whole JAM thing I would like to read more  about  their relationship. There is a lot of smut involving Ryan/Pam, how about Alex/Pam?

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