Jim & Pam Fanfic Primer

Whether you are brand new to Jim and Pam fanfic and don’t know where to start or an old fan looking to re-read some classics, here are some “essential” fanfictions.

Note: this is the original Fanfic primer, we are currently looking to update this list as well as to get a non-Jim/Pam Office fanfic primer going. Please visit the forums for more information and to get involved in updating this list!

The MoreThanThat Fanfic Primer

After The Fall by girl7. (rated MA)

Away From The Cameras by girl7. (rated MA)

Beginnings by xoxoxo. (rated T)

Believe by nomadshan. (rated T)

Crossing The Line (at LiveJournal) by annakovsky (rated MA)
(also on AO3)

Laugh This Life With Me by shannanagin (rated T)

Moments by xoxoxo. (rated T)

Old Friends by veryangrymidget. (rated T)

Pack Up Your Bags, It’s Never Too Late! by Annakovsky and kyrafic (rated T)

Sense by proudgirl. (rated T)

Spring Cleaning (at livejournal) by fearlessfan. (not rated)

The Love Song of Squirrel McPants by time4moxie. (rated M)

Truth or Dare by Pixel. (rated MA)

Unseen by unfold. (rated K+, or PG)

Where Would I Be? by Abagail Snow. (rated K+, or PG)

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