The Falls New! by warrior4

Rated: T • 9 Reviews8
Summary: A story in three parts of how Niagara Falls impacts Jim and Pam. Written for the "Niagara Ten" challenge.
Niagara Ten Challenge Entry

Sing Gloria by warrior4

Rated: K • 4 Reviews4
Summary: The Halperts watch Game 7 of the 2019 Stanley Cup finals. Fluff ensues. 

Anniversary in Paradise by TheDrJAM

Rated: MA • 3 Reviews3
Summary: Jim and Pam celebrate their 10th anniversary with a romantic trip to Jamaica. Many wrenches are thrown into their plans but they wind up only bringing Jim and Pam to a new level of intimacy. Contains loads of smut. Not for the faint of heart.

If the Fates Allow by nqllisi

Rated: K • 17 Reviews15
Summary: For the Secret Santa Exchange! Christmas through the years with Jim and Pam, from their first Christmas as friends and co-workers to the time their lives had taken them away from Scranton. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Castle by warrior4

Rated: K+ • 4 Reviews6
Summary: Posted for the 2018 Secret Santa exchange. On their first Christmas in Austin, Jim tells Cece a story.

Life's No Fun Without a Good Scare by Duchess Cupcake

Rated: M • 6 Reviews12

Submitted for the 2018 Halloween competition

Jim listens to Pam ask the kids to put on their shoes, remind them to get their folders from the homework basket, inquire if they remembered to put a snack in their backpacks. Since October 2007 (before that, if he’s really honest with himself) Halloween has never been ‘just another day’ with Pam, but here she is in 2018 with no costume, no theme, and no expectations of him. He’s left feeling unsettled and...more than a little disappointed. 

readers choice runner up


halloween dundies

The Haunting of Halpert House by nqllisi

Rated: MA • 7 Reviews9

Jim Halpert took the job in Maryland after "Halloween" in season 2. He's back in town, on Halloween. 

halloween dundies

Say You Won't Let Go by Picksthemusic

Rated: M • 11 Reviews8
Summary: Can they find their way back to each other's hearts, even when life gets in the way?

Invincible Summer by shutterbug Past Featured Story

Rated: MA • 34 Reviews36

On a road trip, Jim's memories keep him company.

 Memories take place throughout Jim and Pam's relationship, from friends to husband and wife (pre- to post-series), but they are framed by events that occur during the Texas period (post-series). 

Important note: The author has chosen not to make use of all available warnings. However, one warning does apply to this story, but has been omitted to avoid spoiling readers for a major plot point and story theme. This warning applies for Chapter 10. This note/reminder will be repeated at the beginning of that chapter. 

Whisker Burn by BigTuna

Rated: MA • 5 Reviews13
Summary: My contribution to our (hopefully growing) collection of beard smut, in which Jim grows a beard and Pam is turned on by it.

Sociology 101 by BigTuna

Rated: MA • 102 Reviews60
Summary: Completed as of 2/16/2018. A look at a younger, AU version of Jim and Pam as they go through college at a small liberal arts school somewhere in Pennsylvania.

Just Another Day in Paradise by agian18

Rated: M • 3 Reviews3

Based on the song with the same title, a quick glimpse into the post-Office, everyday life of the Halpert family.

June in Ten by NobleLandMermaid

Rated: M • 11 Reviews8

June10coverOr "Versions of June 10, 2016"

A collection of one-shots exploring some "what if" scenarios on what would have been Pam and Roy's 10th wedding anniversary.

(Remember) To Call by shutterbug

Rated: K+ • 4 Reviews4
Summary: It turned out that Michael remembered to call, even more than Jim and Pam expected.

The Receptionist's New Clothes by nqllisi

Rated: T • 128 Reviews28
Summary: Pam changes outfits- and herself. Speculative post-The Job.

The Office: The sequel by Hael237

Rated: T • 0 Reviews
Summary: They thought the documentary was over. They were wrong.

Hello from the Halperts by more_awake, Dedeen

Rated: K • 10 Reviews3
Summary: Pam starts a blog to keep their family and friends updated on their life in Austin. PART FOUR ADDED

Loose Ends by Dedeen

Rated: K • 60 Reviews25
Summary: The Halperts run into people from their past.

Third Surprise by Klutzygirl

Rated: T • 2 Reviews
Summary: Jim and Pam have just settled into Austin when they get the news.

First Day of School by johngaltstrikes

Rated: K • 0 Reviews
Summary: Growing up...

Glances by beeslys

Rated: T • 1 Reviews1
Summary: Each part describes a certain point the the Jam timeline.

Consequences of PDA by more_awake

Rated: K+ • 16 Reviews7
Summary: Years after the documentary finished filming and airing, it manages to affect Cece Halpert's first day of junior high school and lead to some awkward conversations. Four years after that, she gets caught in an awkward moment of her own.

Almost Blue by jazzfan

Rated: M • 13 Reviews8
Summary: Not for the faint of heart - this is my twisted tribute to Canary - the one that got me started.

My Best Friend by Deedldee Past Featured Story

Rated: T • 51 Reviews19
Summary: Answering a story idea from Klutzy Girl on the message board - the documentary airs and Jim watches season 3.

The Secret by kaat Past Featured Story

Rated: K • 44 Reviews21
Summary: Something big is happening at the Halpert's. Cece knows allllllll about it.