Exit Interview by Steph

Rated: T • 6 Reviews5
Summary: It was her last day. She could do what she wanted. (Kelly, Toby)

Family Resemblance by Steph

Rated: T • 3 Reviews1
Summary: Now Sasha sat in front of him and he considered her resemblance to him. Years after the documentary airs, it's still affecting them. The final part of my What the Kids Are Watching series.

Small Steps by Steph

Rated: T • 4 Reviews2
Summary: He described everything like he was describing the plot of a movie or a book where the put-upon, unassuming man in the corner became the hero. Another one of in my What the Kids Are Watching/Breakdown/FNF series. (Kelly/Toby)

Fancy New Flenderson by Steph

Rated: M • 6 Reviews3
Summary: He wasn’t the same person as the guy featured in the documentary. His whole life had changed. A sequel to my What the Kids Are Watching/Breakdown fics.

speed dial no. 3 by bebitched

Rated: M • 2 Reviews1
Summary: This is how Hunter lost his job to that pretty redhead we saw working for Ryan in S4. Hunter/Kelly.

Many More Cupcakes by Steph

Rated: T • 2 Reviews1
Summary: Welcome to a very unconventional love story. Sequel to my Cupcakes, Mistletoe... fic (Toby/Kelly) featuring more of an ensemble.

Cupcakes, Mistletoe, Ducks and Shopping Carts by Steph

Rated: T • 5 Reviews2
Summary: It all started with his mostly ignored birthday and a lesson on how to do the Shopping Cart. (Toby/Kelly).

Lunch Break by Alyx

Rated: K • 1 Reviews
Summary: [She feels no guilt as she murmurs coolly in his ear. “Don’t
mention this to Ryan.”]

What was that front she was putting up all the time?

A drabble about Kelly Kapoor.

Reality TV is a Total Turn-On by bebitched

Rated: MA • 2 Reviews
Summary: Kelly and Andy watch American Idol. Smut ensues.

Slow Down. Think it Over. by Stablergirl

Rated: T • 7 Reviews3

"Who says exactly what they're thinking?  What kind of game is that?"

Kelly considers her past and her present.

A cappella by ThatsNotLukePerry

Rated: T • 6 Reviews4

The Dunder Mifflin employees attend Andy's Here Comes Treble reunion concert. Meanwhile, Michael attempts to find a replacement when the lease on his Sebring runs out.

General spoilers, through episode 4.03 ("Launch Party"). Set between "Launch Party" and "Money" (episode 4.04).

Kelly Thinks In Cutesy Text Message Abbreviations by bebitched

Rated: MA • 2 Reviews1
Summary: Kelly/Karen. Kelly and Karen have more in common than you'd normally think. A darker, smuttier look at Kelly's revenge.

For Every Thorn by bebitched

Rated: K • 2 Reviews1
Summary: Sometimes Kelly doesn't know why she puts up with Andy's faults. This is why. For the Kandy 55 challenge.

Roundabout by downtown

Rated: T • 4 Reviews1
Summary: Andy kisses and tells and lives to regret it.

What We Admire by downtown

Rated: T • 8 Reviews2
Summary: She resolved that her next boyfriend would know the difference between lavender and heather flower. Kelly/Andy. 

How Jim's Poker Party Got Out Of Hand by Too Late Kev

Rated: MA • 19 Reviews6
Summary: Jim held a Poker Party on Valentine's Day of 2006 and invited Kelly Kapoor. The results were a bit surprising.

Get loved, make more, try to stay alive by downtown

Rated: K+ • 11 Reviews2
Summary: "She tried to think of a time that she had totally agreed with anything that Ryan had ever said to her, but nothing came to mind." Kelly/Andy. Oneshot.

in her color portrait world by DinkinFlicka

Rated: M • 15 Reviews3
Summary: Sequel to break up sex on a technicality .

break up sex on a technicality by DinkinFlicka

Rated: M • 12 Reviews4
Summary: Kelly deals.

there's nothing on my horizon except everything by Bennie

Rated: T • 8 Reviews2
Summary: Kelly used to be different. Spoilers up through The Return.