"I went to Cornell, you ever heard of it? I graduated in four years. I never studied once. I was drunk the whole time, and I sang in the acappella group, 'Here Comes Treble.'"

Haunting Familiarity by Pan_cake_Cats

Rated: T • 4 Reviews2

My entry for the Halloween Contest :) 

Jim and Pam meet at a college Halloween party. 

halloween dundies

Sociology 101 by BigTuna

Rated: MA • 102 Reviews60
Summary: Completed as of 2/16/2018. A look at a younger, AU version of Jim and Pam as they go through college at a small liberal arts school somewhere in Pennsylvania.

Asset Management by Comfect Past Featured Story

Rated: M • 45 Reviews33

Jim and Pam are CIA agents assigned to break a Scranton element of a smuggling ring. "Stamford" is a cover for Jim being recalled to Langley after confessing his feelings for Pam, but now he's coming back. And he has to recruit Dwight as an asset.

NOW COMPLETE. Set in AU S3. Spoilers through S3.

Benign Valentine by eilonwywrites Past Featured Story

Rated: K • 3 Reviews2
Summary: Andy still has feelings for Erin after spending his Valentine's Day helping her with Gabe's romantic scavenger hunt... and maybe she does too.  Set during the episode "PDA" in season 7.

Shudder by rachelnn

Rated: M • 1 Reviews
Summary: "M'lady," I shudder at his voice, closing the fridge and turning on my heel towards the bathroom. "Please, tell me what I did wrong," he asks as my hand pushes the door open. I shake my head, "Nothing, Andy. Absolutely nothing. I'm sorry."

Never Good Enough by Klutzygirl

Rated: T • 4 Reviews1
Summary: Andy tries so hard to make his parents proud of him, but he's never good enough. Spoilers for "Garden Party"

Why did Andy know so much about the Sun? by sudoku

Rated: K • 0 Reviews
Summary: Talking heads trying to answer the question title. Who didn't wonder after watching "The Search Committee"? Of course, only the Nard Dog knew the real answer. Spoiler for up to "The Search Committee".

Diwali by rahenson1

Rated: T • 1 Reviews1
Summary: In this world Jim gets Pam's text message before he's too drunk to do anything about it.

ab ovo usque ad mala by bebitched

Rated: MA • 15 Reviews4
Summary: A random collection of drabbles/ficlets too short to warrent their own posts. Updated with three drabbles (#23-25) on 11/19.

The Investigation by Steph

Rated: T • 5 Reviews2
Summary: Nymphs shouldn't date stick insects. Boys shouldn't smell like girls. And if Gabe is the New Toby, where does that leave him?

In A Year by Stablergirl

Rated: K • 23 Reviews15
Summary: Pam reflects on one of her birthdays, and then shares a little sage advice.

In My Life, I Love You More by andtheivy Past Featured Story

Rated: MA • 198 Reviews54
Summary: "It's always been Jim and Pam." What if it always was? What twists and turns do a lifelong friendship take? A story of Jim and Pam and love, in varying incarnations.

The Perilous All Around Me by Mel Like Mellow

Rated: K+ • 15 Reviews9
Summary: A collection of short one-shots of the Pam/Andy/Jim friendship kind, spanning their few years together at Dunder Mifflin. Some Jim/Pam mixed in there, too, because we love them.

First Date by Klutzygirl

Rated: K • 2 Reviews
Summary: Oscar and Andy go on their first date. Oscar/Andy

Five Things You Don't Know (or maybe you do) by live-love-laugh-FLOSS

Rated: T • 28 Reviews17
Summary: Everyone has secrets, stories, quirks, memories. Here are five.

The Totally Gay Version of Jim and Pam by firthgal

Rated: K+ • 12 Reviews6
Summary: Andy and Oscar are totally the gay version of Jim and Pam.

What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life by jazzfan

Rated: K+ • 9 Reviews5
Summary: Jim and Pam's reception and wedding night. No spoilers, because this won't be in canon. Just a piece of unabashed sap - you have been warned.


That Time Andy Bernard Met the President of the United States - Ever Heard of Him? by Emilys List

Rated: K+ • 6 Reviews4
Summary: Here Comes Treble in the West Wing.

I Know It's Only Rock and Roll by sachiel

Rated: K+ • 7 Reviews5
Summary: Andy and Erin dance, and they're bad at it, but that's OK, because they're having fun with it, and their lives need all the fun they can manage.

Career Is A Cure by frayed

Rated: T • 3 Reviews2
Summary: Karen is more like Jim than you might think. Slightly AU version of season 3 from Karen's POV, in which we learn why Karen is the way she is.

Bro' Time by sachiel

Rated: T • 1 Reviews1
Summary: Andy tries to puzzle through his failure with women. Dwight helps.

The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me by uglyscientist

Rated: K • 8 Reviews9
Summary: What might have happened if Andy asked Pam out following his serenade. Spoilers for The Convict.

Through My Eyes by dmscranton

Rated: K • 14 Reviews6

How Jim and Pam might have grown up together if they'd met in Kindergarten.The Memoirs of Pamela Beesly.


I Must've Done Something Right To Deserve You In My Life by iJam

Rated: K+ • 4 Reviews3
Summary: Spoilers for Goodbye Toby. My take on what might have happened had Andy not interrupted Jim's proposal to Pam. It's a pretty short oneshot. Written from Pam's POV.

Indie Rock and Keds by Nightswept

Rated: MA • 293 Reviews98
Summary: An alternate universe that sees Pam turning over a new leaf at a private art school in Chicago, Ill. In this world, Dunder Mifflin doesn't exist, although a few of its characters are guaranteed to pop up here and there. On her first day, Pam meets Jim, a cute, affable, and somewhat geeky Journalism major who introduces her to indie rock, old movies, pop culture and a whole new world.