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Hello My Old Heart New! by Duchess Cupcake

Rated: M • 76 Reviews56
Summary: “Karen, I don’t even have his phone number. It’s been four years since we last saw each other. When we broke up.” Pam emphasizes this last part as if Karen needs the reminder of her best friend’s personal history. “It’s not like… Look, I’m not going to fall in love with him again.”  

147 Miles New! by celluloiddreams

Rated: MA • 35 Reviews42
Summary: There are 10,000 stories about what would have happened if Pam came to her senses either during or shortly after the events of Casino Night. Here's 10,001--complete with several of my favorite tropes. Post Casino Night. Completely AU.

Anniversary in Paradise by TheDrJAM

Rated: MA • 3 Reviews3
Summary: Jim and Pam celebrate their 10th anniversary with a romantic trip to Jamaica. Many wrenches are thrown into their plans but they wind up only bringing Jim and Pam to a new level of intimacy. Contains loads of smut. Not for the faint of heart.

Say You Won't Let Go by Picksthemusic

Rated: M • 11 Reviews8
Summary: Can they find their way back to each other's hearts, even when life gets in the way?

Invincible Summer by shutterbug Past Featured Story

Rated: MA • 34 Reviews34

On a road trip, Jim's memories keep him company.

 Memories take place throughout Jim and Pam's relationship, from friends to husband and wife (pre- to post-series), but they are framed by events that occur during the Texas period (post-series). 

Important note: The author has chosen not to make use of all available warnings. However, one warning does apply to this story, but has been omitted to avoid spoiling readers for a major plot point and story theme. This warning applies for Chapter 10. This note/reminder will be repeated at the beginning of that chapter. 

Anywhere But Here by NobleLandMermaid Past Featured Story

Rated: T • 105 Reviews47

Anywhere But Here cover

Role Reversal Challenge: It's May 2006. Jim's wedding is approaching and a lovelorn Pam can't take much more. Starts during Casino Night (or an AU version of it).

Bears, Beets, ...Beach? by dwangela

Rated: T • 11 Reviews10
Summary: For this year's team building event, Dunder Mifflin is heading to the beach for a three day extravaganza! (set during season 2)

Shrute Farms by DistinctOldManSmell

Rated: M • 2 Reviews2
Summary: It was pointed out in an episode commentary that Jim and Pam pushed their beds together when they spent the night at Shrute Farms. So naturally, I was curious as to why that may have happened...

First Loves and Second Chances by NobleLandMermaid

Rated: T • 20 Reviews15

 For Nanowrimo 2016: Like many high school sweethearts, Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly were sure nothing could ever break them up. And, like many high school sweethearts, life after graduation proved too much for their relationship to bear and they ended up going their separate ways. When their paths cross again 10 years later, old feelings are stirred up, but will Pam and Jim have a second chance at first love?

Somewhere in the Middle by watchthesky84

Rated: K+ • 4 Reviews7
Summary: She’s been wondering if he ever thinks about her, or when he does, or why. She wonders when she'll stop thinking of him in this way, or if she ever will, or if she'll ever find out what his lips feel like. She’s thinking about this as she’s getting ready to leave at the end of a long work day, when the phone rings. And it’s him.

High and Dry by tayagrey6

Rated: K+ • 0 Reviews
Summary: Jim's driving to Stamford in the pouring rain, and he's trying as hard as he can not to turn back. Post Casino Night missing scene.

5 What ifs - Season 3 by Deedldee

Rated: T • 15 Reviews13
Summary: Five season 3 unrelated what if ficlets.

By Your Side by Deedldee

Rated: K+ • 81 Reviews43
Summary: --What would happen had Pam not ruined that phone call during The Initiation with her inexplicably saying goodbye to Ryan, and instead kept her focus on Jim. --

Layover by Annabel Winslow

Rated: M • 116 Reviews48
Summary: Jim's path crosses Pam's on an overseas flight.

Glass Slippers Break too Easy by Kestrel

Rated: T • 28 Reviews13
Summary: "She had said goodbye to a dead town and a dying love. She’d wrenched herself away from everything she’d known, picked up a fairy godmother (or two), and fought hard to paint herself a new life." AU after Season 2.

All They Need is Time and Relative Dimension in Space by lolaradish Past Featured Story

Rated: T • 5 Reviews1
Summary: This is a crossover fanfiction for all the Doctor Who fans in here. It's Jam, of course, but with the sci-fi element of DW.
Also AU from the end of 'The Parking Lot' scene on Casino Night.
Full of science fiction, fluff, angst and humor.
Spoilers on Casino Night and possibly other season one/two episodes as well.
(you don't have to watch Doctor Who to understand the story. I'll explain everything since Jim and Pam are not part of the show either ^^)

Toothbrush by DoofusPrime

Rated: T • 5 Reviews5
Summary: Fresh off his flight to Colorado, Michael gets nervous when Holly leaves him alone in her apartment for a little while. Fortunately, Jim and Pam are only a phone call away.

Words for That by Oldleaf Past Featured Story

Rated: K • 24 Reviews19
Summary: Jim and Pam on each other, to each other.

Waking Up in Vegas by Deedldee

Rated: MA • 6 Reviews6
Summary: Re-posted. Jim and Pam go to Vegas on sales calls. AU right after 'Back from Vacation.'

Homeward, These Shoes by bashert

Rated: T • 11 Reviews8
Summary: An AU look at "Casino Night." Because I've never done THAT before.

Diwali by rahenson1

Rated: T • 1 Reviews1
Summary: In this world Jim gets Pam's text message before he's too drunk to do anything about it.

ab ovo usque ad mala by bebitched

Rated: MA • 15 Reviews4
Summary: A random collection of drabbles/ficlets too short to warrent their own posts. Updated with three drabbles (#23-25) on 11/19.

stay inside our rosy minded fuzz by unfold

Rated: K+ • 10 Reviews5
Summary: It’s an early second honeymoon of sorts. You leave Cece with your mother and spend a week in a house by the ocean.

What five letters spell apocalypse? by bashert

Rated: K+ • 11 Reviews6
Summary: "The good news," Jim jokes. "We'll never have to suffer through Disney just for Cece's sake."

Total cracked out Apocalypse!fic.

Pacific and Birthdays by Dedeen

Rated: MA • 17 Reviews10
Summary: Jim takes Pam to see the Pacific for her birthday