Fanfic Primer: Day 5!

We have come to the last part of the fanfic primer when it comes to Jim and Pam stories.  So sad.   Here are our 5 stories for today:

1) Unseen by unfold (Rated K+)

2) Beginnings by xoxoxo (Rated T)

3) Laugh This Life With Me by shannanagin (Rated T)

4) Pack Up Your Bags, It's Never Too Late by Annakovsky and  Kyrafic (Rated T) 

5) The most nominated story: Hope by nomadshan (Rated M)

Stay tuned for the remaining "Other Pairings" stories tomorrow!

--Morning Angel on September 26, 2006 04:20 pm 2 Comments
Fanfic Primer: Day 4!

We have a lot of great new fanfic being posted, but in the spirit of celebrating the best we have had so far, here are 4 more favourite "Other Pairings" stories:

1) Eight Days a Week by mazily (Ryan/Michael- Rated M)

2) Awake by shannanagin (Pam/Roy- Rated T)

3) The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Arsonists by swestworld (Ryan/Jan- Rated K+)

4) Snowball by ElizabethLynn (Madge/Roy- Rated T)

--Morning Angel on September 25, 2006 07:15 pm 1 Comments
Fanfic Primer: Jour 3

I'm having a great time rereading stories I love. I hope you are enjoying this as well. Here are today's 5 Jim/Pam picks.

1) Moments by xoxoxo (Rated T)

2) Spring Cleaning by fearlessfan (Not rated, but equivalent to T)

3) Sense by Proudgirl (Rated T)

4) Truth or Dare by Pixel (Rated MA)

5) Away From The Cameras by girl7 (Rated MA)

--Morning Angel on September 24, 2006 09:08 am 1 Comments
Fanfic Primer: Day 2

Today, I am adding 4 of the 12 stories picked for the "Other Pairings" category for the fanfic primer.

1) Things Jim Can't Remember by annakovsky (Jim/Mark- Rated MA)

2) Fringe by ElizabethLynn (Jim/Gil- Rated T)

3) Boy Problems by bonorocks (Kelly/Oscar- Rated T)

4) Substitute by honeywheeler (Angela/Roy- Rated K+)

Happy reading!

--Morning Angel on September 23, 2006 07:18 pm 2 Comments
Fanfic Primer

Two weeks ago, I asked people to submit names of stories that should be required reading for all Office fanfic readers. Thank you to the 15 readers or so who replied. I compiled all the responses I received, and will list all stories that received support from at least 2 different participants. Hence, over the next few days, I will unveil the 15 Jim/Pam and 12 Other (fewer people submitted a list for Other stories) that made the cut. Being the stats freak that I am, I want to note that I realize this survey has a tiny sample size and is probably not representative of the Office fanfic community as a whole. Nevertheless, I can guarantee it will provide plenty of good stories to read or reread! :)

I will start today by revealing 5 Pam/Jim stories, and will alternate between Pam/Jim and Others stories. Without further ado, here are today's picks:

1) Where Would I Be by Abigail Snow (Rated K+)

2) Old Friends by veryangrymidget (Rated T)

3) Believe by nomadshan (Rated T)

4) Crossing The Line by annakovsky (Rated MA)

5) After The Fall by girl7 (Rated MA)

Happy reading!

--Morning Angel on September 22, 2006 07:10 pm 0 Comments

We have had an incredible influx of new membership over the past couple weeks, so this is a great time to have a few points reiterated.

Authors new and old, please do not forget to categorise your story correctly. Morning Angel posted on this issue a few weeks back, but we are still finding a lot of stories are incorrectly tagged. I have now added the instructions on how to add a category and subcategory to your story on the Submission Rules, so it can be seen as you add a new story. Please take the time to read over it again.

We would love to see all stories properly categorised so that readers can easily search for the kind of story they would like to read.

For new authors. We are loving all the new creativity to the archive, but if you are a first time writer, please try to have your story beta'd before submitting it. We have an awesome pool of beta volunteers, and they can all be contacted by clicking the "Contact" link in their profile. We work hard to make this a supportive environment and encourage new authors, we want to help you be the best author you can be.

With the premiere only a few days away, there are going to be an awful lot of submissions post premiere, so let's make this the best premiere week ever!

Lastly, a small plug, over on the main site, Jenny has finished majority of the Episode Guides- she will be looking after that portion of MTT while I am on vacation and will be updating with Season 3 reviews.

--sicokitty on September 18, 2006 03:51 am 1 Comments
New Genre Available

Hi folks!  Just a quick note to let you know I've added a genre tag for Parody. To clarify,...

...parody can occur when whole elements of one work are lifted out of their context and reused, not necessarily to be ridiculed.

[Thanks, Wikipedia!]

For instance, a parody may retell a well-known story using different characters, different language, or a different setting.

This may well be the case for all of the awesome fics that I'm sure are being written for this week's Star-Crossed Lovers challenge! (hint, hint)

Thanks, Annakovsky, for your discussion on this!

--nomadshan on September 17, 2006 10:36 pm 0 Comments
New Challenge!

My plan was not to post a new challenge this week since the DVD release provided so much fodder for fic. Then, I realized that the new season starts on Thursday, and so many people will be writing episode-related fic so we will start having new sources of inspiration every week. All this to say, I am posting a challenge because they're fun, and I can't stop. ;)

This week's challenge is courtesy of rdhp12, and is called Star-Crossed Lovers. The children of Dwangela and Jam meet and fall in love. Could Jim really stand it if his little girl married Dwight K. Schrute the 4th? Could Angela live with bridemaids wearing green dresses at the wedding? Pure chaos ensues in the houses of Schrute and Halpert. Fun idea, no? :)

Furthermore, may I just remind you that we still have our September challenge going on, if you are looking to do more writing.

Finally, if you haven't yet submitted your list of five favourite Pam/Jim fics and Other fics, you still have until Monday to contribute! :) Please send your lists to

--Morning Angel on September 16, 2006 07:19 am 0 Comments
Fanfic Primer

In the spirit of helping new readers find must-read fiction, I thought it would be nice to put together a list of those great stories everyone should read. To do so, I need your help. I'd like to ask readers to submit titles and authors for their top 5 Jim/Pam stories and top 5 Other Pairings/Ensemble stories. They can be archived at MTT or elsewhere; it doesn't matter. If you don't read Jim/Pam or Other Pairings stories, just submit in the category where you feel most comfortable. If you don't have 5 favourite stories, you can submit fewer titles. You can also include a line or 2 indicating why you picked a given fic. From all the submissions, I will compile the 15 most often recommended Jim/Pam stories, and the 15 most recommended Other Pairings stories. (The number of fics that will go on the list will be flexible depending on the number of submissions I receive.)

Please email your Top 5 Jim/Pam stories and Top 5 Other Pairings/Ensemble stories to by Monday, September 18th. Please label the email "Favourite Stories" to help me keep track of the submissions.

--Morning Angel on September 10, 2006 05:11 am 0 Comments
Weekly Challenge!

There were so many good fics for the last two challenges! I love our writers. :)

This week's challenge comes courtesy of Pam!Pam!ThankyouMam! The idea is very topical, and made me laugh a lot, so here we go: Conan Lands in The Office. What if Conan O'Brien had stayed in the office instead of going to the Emmys? Would he get a job, if any, at Dunder-Mifflin? Would Jim get jealous of Conan and Pam's sexual tension? Would Dwight plot revenge on Jim for making Conan fall out of the ceiling? I can't wait to read your various takes on Conan's stay in the office.

As always, questions and comments about the challenges and any other site-related issues can be directed to

--Morning Angel on September 06, 2006 05:48 pm 1 Comments
The Five-Element Challenge

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to write a story incorporating the five following elements in some meaningful fashion. The elements are:

1) A waterfall

2) Leather gloves

3) Salsa

4) A zebra

5) A ten-year reunion

You will have one month to work on this story. On September 30 and in the days following, everyone who has written a story should post it on MTT for our reading pleasure. I can't wait to see the results!

ETA: I was so sleepy when I wrote this last night that I forgot to thank TV Buffy, samsmom, and Pixel for contributing elements to this challenge. Thanks, girls! :)

--Morning Angel on September 01, 2006 09:03 pm 6 Comments
Categorization of Stories

Important announcement for new authors and a reminder for writers who have been posting here for a while about story categorization. I have noticed that not all stories are tagged properly, and in the spirit of making sure readers can easily find stories, I would just ask you please to verify that your stories have both a main category, and a subcategory.

Stories should be labelled in one of two main categories: Jim/Pam or Other. Stories should then be tagged as belonging to one or more of the following 6 subcategories (THIS APPLIES TO BOTH JIM/PAM STORIES AS WELL AS OTHER STORIES):

  • Past: Story takes place before the show
  • Present: Takes place at the same time as the documentary but not what we have seen in episodes
  • Future: Takes place a long time somewhere down the road.
  • Episode-related: The story shows us missing scenes of an episode or deals with the internal monologues some characters may have had during certain scenes.
  • Crossover: Characters from another TV show/movie/book interact with the Dunder-Mifflinites.
  • Alternate Universe : The story takes place in another time and/or setting. "Hope" by Nomadshan is the perfect example.

The subcategories are little bit hidden when authors post stories, which is why they are easy to miss.

1) After you used the scrolldown menu to select either Jim/Pam or Other, hit select.

2) Return to the same menu, and you will now see the subcategories have appeared.

3) Select as many subcategories as needed for your story. Hit select.

4) Your story is now both tagged for a main category and subcategories!

If you have any questions or concerns about categorization, please email us at Thank you so much for your help. I truly appreciate this community because you have made archiving a pleasure. :)

--Morning Angel on August 31, 2006 03:57 pm 0 Comments
Another Week, Another Challenge

I'm posting our regular weekly challenge, but there will also be a bonus month-long 5 Elements Challenge posted on Friday. I'll have more details about that at the end of the week.

For the time being, this week's challenge was suggested by TV Buffy: Overheard. Jim and Pam are having a conversation that they think is private, but someone somewhere is listening. It could be happening after hours in the office, at a moment when they mistakenly think their microphones are off, at a drive-through window,... Enjoy!

By the way, don't hesitate to rummage through older challenges, and write for them if you feel like it. I'm always happy to read more responses to challenges.

--Morning Angel on August 30, 2006 04:57 pm 0 Comments
Why, It Is Challenge Thursday!

We are switching it up a bit today since we have received a few suggestions for non-Pam/Jim challenges.  Today's challenge comes courtesy of Lucif, and asks for a Jim and Jan story: Second ChoicesPost-Confession, Pre-Kiss. Rejected by Pam, Jim finds solace in someone who knows the pain he's feeling: Jan.

As always, you can send us your challenge ideas and any other comments or suggestions to  

--Morning Angel on August 23, 2006 06:11 pm 0 Comments
A Little Pimping For The Awesome New Layout

I don't know if you noticed, but sicokitty uploaded a new skin to match the one she uses on the main MTT site. You can find it under the name version 4 in the skin menu. It is such a pretty purple, and has Jam rocking out on skates.

Of course, you still have four choices of skin. If you wish to change the default skin that you see whenever you come into the site, go under "Account Info", and click on "Edit personal information". You can pick your favourite skin to be your default whenever you log into the fanfic archive. While you are on that menu, you can also sign up for email alert when someone reviews one of your stories or when a favourite story is updated.

--Morning Angel on August 20, 2006 10:14 pm 1 Comments
Challenge Thursday!

It is Thursday (also known as Office day in my world!) so it is always a good day to issue a challenge to our writers. Today, I am proposing a story idea that has been going through my mind for quite a while: Caught Red-Handed. Jim & Pam get caught in the act, whatever that might be: playing a prank on Dwight, making fun of Michael, making out in the parking lot,... Jim & Pam are so sneaky and snarky, but something is bound to bounce back in their face at some point.

I hope that sparks some story ideas for writers. As always, please submit any suggestions of challenges to They are greatly appreciated!

Until next Thursday with yet another challenge...

--Morning Angel on August 17, 2006 10:44 am 0 Comments
200 Stories Archived!
Wow! In a little over a month of existence, we already have 200 stories archived. How impressive is that? Thank you to everyone who contributed their writings and to all the readers who take the time to read and review all these stories. This is an awesome community. The biggest thanks of all should go to Sicokitty, our fearless leader (the Eva Perón to our Cesar Chavez, if you will ;)), for putting together such a great archive, and working so hard dealing with all matters of software and hosting issues. May this archive continue to grow and prosper!

--Morning Angel on August 15, 2006 03:48 am 2 Comments
Challenge Thursday!

We haven't posted challenges in a little while so here are 2 new ideas that will hopefully generate some great stories.

The first challenge was suggested by stele, and is called Reality TV Hit. The documentary airs and it becomes something of a reality TV hit, as everyone in fake TV land becomes as fanatic as we in real TV land. The story opens just after "Casino Night" has aired, complete with the confession & the kiss. Time has passed between the moment when that was filmed and the airdate. Jim and Pam are not together. I'll let you decide the circumstances. So, what happens? How does Jim deal with having his heart broken in front of everyone? Does Pam come by to visit? Do they re-establish contact? Is Jim mobbed by a huge crowd of weeping women and carried off to Utah for a polygamous mass wedding?

Our second challenge was suggested by thedoors, and is titled Talent Show. This challenge requires writers to create an alternate ending to season 2. Instead of having a casino night, Michael decides to hold a talent show as a "fun-raiser" and emotions start to run high.

If you want to submit more challenge ideas, please email us at

--Morning Angel on August 09, 2006 08:59 pm 0 Comments
TinyMCE Editor.
Added TinyMCE editor to the site because it's wonderful.  If you come accross any troubles with it, do let me know!

--sicokitty on August 05, 2006 06:34 pm 2 Comments
New Warning Added
I've added a new Warning to the list - "Other Adult Theme" - for situations that don't quite fit the other warnings, but are definitely above T-rating level. Use as you see fit.

--nomadshan on August 03, 2006 02:24 pm 1 Comments
The Terms of Service are now available. Please take the time to read through them carefully, and if you have any concerns, please contact us.

--sicokitty on August 02, 2006 07:30 pm 12 Comments
I found today that there were about four new challenges posted. They have all been deleted.

Here's why:

They are really fun, and I think we can all agree that we are having a BALL with them, but we don't want to overwhelm our authors either! So from now on we're going to have a system in place where all challenge ideas should be submitted through the "Contact Us" button on the top menu. Every Tuesday, one of the admins will post one or two of those challenges and post a news item about it. When submitting challenges, please take the time to become familiar with challenge themes already posted. Themes that are very similiar will most likely not be posted, so try to be really creative with it, and come up with some great ideas. I think the Zombie challenge is an excellent example of thinking outside the box.

The quoted text is from a previous news item, from about a week and a half a go. I know it needs to be explained on the challenges page, but I just don't have the php skills to edit that particular page.

Please remember if you want to add a challenge, you need to submit the idea to us first by the "Contact Us" form.

--sicokitty on August 02, 2006 03:39 am 4 Comments
The TOS will be going up sometime today or tomorrow in order to avoid anymore confusion. I'm sorry, it's really unacceptable that this has not happened yet, I hope you can all accept my apology on this.

Feel free to hold off posting anymore stories until you have seen the TOS.

--sicokitty on August 01, 2006 08:07 am 0 Comments
New Skins
Hello again! I hope everyone is finding the new server nice and smooth. :)

I just wanted to point out that we have two new skins up on the site now, my take 6 or 7 of the dark theme, version 2, which I hope is a lot better to read this time around, plus we also had a lovely header graphic submitted by captainoats, which you can find on version 3!

If anyone else is handy with the graphics, feel free to submit header graphics to us via the contact form. If you do submit something, the dimensions should be 750x200 px.

Awesome, thanks again captainoats!

--sicokitty on July 31, 2006 04:47 am 0 Comments
Redirect from old server in effect
I figured out how to redirect stuff! Yay me. So now everything that was linked to the old server, automatically redirects to the exact same page on the new server. Pretty neat huh?

Obviously, if you've linked to fics on journals and such, it would be advisable to edit them with the new server links, because eventually my old host will kill my old subdomain.

Also, I'm sorry about the downtime today. Something seriously odd happened with mySQL, I really don't understand exactly what, but it appears to have resolved itself, let's just hope it doesn't happen again!

--sicokitty on July 28, 2006 07:18 am 4 Comments