Penname: Maybe Once Real name: May B. Wunse
Member Since: February 10, 2007

I started writing fanfic before I knew what it was, as a kid in the 70's and 80s, making up stories in my head as I fell asleep about the further adventures of Han Solo, Remington Steele, and the Scarecrow and Mrs. King. I'm just that dorky. But, this Office fanfic is the first I've commited to the printed word.
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Stories by Maybe Once

A Message from Cupcake by Maybe Once

Rated: M • 26 Reviews7
Summary: Maximus had his turn. Now it's time for a reply. This won't make sense unless you've read the fabulous Talking head by time4moxie.

Not with a Bang, with a Whimper by Maybe Once

Rated: T • 45 Reviews12
Summary: It's all about becoming the Fancy New Beesley, really it is. A series of short-ish pieces running from "Business School" to "Cocktails,"  this story was started right after Phyllis' Wedding as a speculation and flight of fancy based on available spoilers for those episodes.  As you can see, things didn't quite turn out the way I'd planned.

Four Girls who Made Jim Halpert Feel Like an Idiot (and One Who Didn't) by Maybe Once Past Featured Story

Rated: M • 54 Reviews19
Summary: The Ladies Love Cool James.  

The Question by Maybe Once

Rated: K+ • 9 Reviews5

"So, Pam. Who got that job in New York? And.....ROLLING!"

Stream of consciousness drabble from Pam's famous TH. Spoilers for "The Job."

Bad/Fic by Maybe Once

Rated: MA • 16 Reviews2
Summary: Is all slash bad writing?   I think not.   But, this particular slash sure as heck is.  

Disclaimer by Maybe Once

Rated: M • 33 Reviews3 Round robin

In the interest of honesty, I humbly propose some new warnings and disclaimers for rated MA fanfic.

ROUND ROBIN: any writer can add a chapter! What do YOU think our readers should be warned about?  Oh, and remember to put your name on your chapter so we can offer you appropriate adulation.


Coming Home by Maybe Once

Rated: T • 27 Reviews6
Summary: When waiting for Jim gets to be too much to bear.....

Monkey, Possum, Moose and Squirrel by Maybe Once

Rated: K+ • 14 Reviews2
Summary: Two men share a love of diminutive skeptical women and the knowledge that the truth is, indeed, out there.

Feeling BAD. Really, really BAD. by Maybe Once

Rated: T • 11 Reviews3
Summary: I did Bad! Fluff, and then Bad! Smut. All that was left for today was Bad! Angst.

Victory by Maybe Once

Rated: MA • 17 Reviews5
Summary: Sometimes, the closest thing to winning is settling for getting there first.

The Hot Sex in the Supply Closet Story. by Maybe Once

Rated: MA • 33 Reviews9
Summary: Another Bad! Fic entry, this time in the Pure Smut division.  My hope is that this story is SO bad that parents will force their teens to read it in order to prevent them from gittin' it on.   Guaranteed to kill your sex drive!

So Bad, it's....well....Really Bad. by Maybe Once

Rated: T • 43 Reviews18
Summary: A short example of the type of literary masterpiece that suits the new "Bad Fanfic" challenge. Please enjoy the glory of this great work of art.

Pam: Ninja Lady by Maybe Once

Rated: T • 12 Reviews5
Summary: Yet another option for post-Cocktails...but this time, with a twist.  An antidote to all the Passive! Pam we see a little of her sassier side....

Hiatus by Maybe Once

Rated: MA • 29 Reviews10

Just like you know will happen, Jim and Pam get together right before a long hiatus. Here is how it all plays out in my happy head. Happy and saucy-- this one starts off all squeaky clean, but quickly earns a "Whorish!" from Angela and a "Niiiiice" from Kevin.