Pam Pong Round 1: The Pilot

101-pp-biggerPam Pong is a supplementation to the episode recaps, listing the Jim/Pam actions of each episode and giving each action a point value. Mostly silly, shippy fun but also a little check list of JAM moments.

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 101: The Pilot

Our very first interaction is Jim leaning on Pam desk, giggling and goofing on Angela’s cat party: +2
Pam perks up when she says in her talking head that Jim thinks her drawings are good: +1
Jim knows Pam’s favorite yogurt flavor: +1
And Pam blushes and grins at Jim’s knowing about “mixed berries”: +2
Pam is very amused by Jim’s jello stapler prank (and he breaks into a little smirk at hearing her laugh): +2
Jim invited Pam out for Friday drink with everyone and she’s very interested in going: +2
But then Roy, Pam’s fiance, walks in: -7
Pam reveals the engagement’s been long and wedding date is yet to be decided: +2
Roy instantly shoots down the idea of Pam going out for drinks: -2
And Pam doesn’t push the point: -1
Jim is very uncomfortable with Roy, and also when asked by the camera if he thinks he’ll be invited to the wedding: -3
Pam stops by Jim’s desk before heading out, and Jim offers to walk down with her: +2
But Pam’s awareness of the cameras and Roy’s honking hinders this exchange: -1

Final Score: Zero: Separately Jim and Pam seem rather apathetic about their jobs, but when they’re interacting with each other, both of their faces light up and they clearly provide each other a bright spot in the dullness of their workdays. However their cute interactions are negated by Pam’s long engagement to Roy and the newly arrived cameras, which make Pam very uncomfortable. No real progress this round.

Next Round: Diversity Day


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