Pam Pong Round 10: The Fire

204pp-biggerPrevious Round, Office Olympics: Jim and Pam displayed their teamwork skills as they work together all day on Office Games, but Pam is beyond uncomfortable when Angela suggests Pam and Jim are too friendly with each other. Still, Jim and Pam has a lot of fun and resulted in a final score of +2.

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 204: The Fire

Pam answers a call from Katy: -1
She’s a bit flustered and feels she “talks really loud” as she talks to the cameras about Katy and Jim going out: +2
Jim is very flirtatious when he talks to Katy: -2
Pam tells Jim he should give Katy his extension number (so she doesn’t have to talk to her): -1
Pam and Jim have fun during the “Desert Island” game (and goofing on their coworkers choices): +2
Jim is adorably awkward as he comes to Pam’s defense trying to change the “Who would you do” rules: +1
They also have fun “cheering up” a depressed Dwight: +2
Roy wants to hang out with the office folks: -2
But it’s not long before he shows his somewhat insensitive nature: +1
Pam is interested when Jim is asked who he would “do”: +2
But when asked by the other office ladies who she would do, Pam answers Oscar or Toby: -1
Jim and Katy are quite flirty and cute with each other: -2
But Jim is far from smitten with Katy: +1
Pam laughs at Katy when she says she would bring “Legally Blond” to a desert island: -1
Pam is a little too sweet (read: fake) as she talks about Katy and Jim: -1
She also grabs and kisses Roy right in front of Jim and everyone: -3
Katy comments Roy and Pam are “so cute”: -1

Final score: -4, Jim and Pam just couldn’t get ahead as every step forward seemed to be immediately countered by a step backward. Jim is all smiles with Katy, but when she’s not around, it’s “out of sight, out of mind” and he’s back to flirting with Pam. Pam’s obvious jealousy of Katy is actually quite promising, as it makes her well-suppressed feelings for Jim bubble up to the surface a bit. But it also makes her act in a rather immature, jealous way as she laughs at Katy’s movie choice and plants a kiss on Roy, knowing full-well Jim would probably see.

Next Round: Halloween

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