Pam Pong Round 4: The Alliance

104-pp-biggerPrevious Round, Health Care: Jim and Pam display some playful banter and have an overall positive, if not remarkable, round, ending in a score of +3

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 104: The Alliance

Jim goes straight to Pam to work on pranking Dwight: +2
Pam agrees to help, coming up with the idea of having Dwight overhear “information” she tells Jim: +2
Jim’s crush slips out a little when he says, “she’s so great” to the camera: +2
But he quickly covers his feelings back up: – 2
They continue to worked together all day on the prank on Dwight: +2
Jim and Pam are very close and even touching when he talks about convincing Dwight to go undercover: +2
But Roy walks in, thinks Jim is hitting on Pam and aggressively gets in Jim’s face: – 4
Dwight hangs Jim out to dry when Roy asks about “The Alliance”: – 2
And Pam doesn’t stand up to Roy, just going along with him as he somewhat roughly has her leave the office with him: – 3

Final Score: -1, This is the first time we see Jim and Pam’s teamwork on display, and their chemistry is apparent. However, when Roy shows up, things completely go south and the round ends before they can recover.

Next round: Basketball

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