Pam Pong Round 5: Basketball

105-pp-biggerPrevious Round, The Alliance: Things were looking great for Jim and Pam as they spent the day pranking Dwight together. But it all went south in the last couple minutes when Roy caught Jim and Pam being a little to close, resulting in a final score of -1.

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 105: Basketball

Pam is getting frustrated at the length of her engagement (now in it’s 3rd year): +1
Jim tries to remain sympathetic to Pam, though he’s definitely not upset that the wedding date hasn’t been set: +1
Jim’s excited for the basketball game, confident he will “impress a few people”: +1
Pam playfully trash-talks Jim: +1
But she also goes on about Roy’s competitiveness and their weekend plans: -3
Jim invites Pam to go to the mall with him in case Roy has to work: +2
Pam quickly declines his invite, though: -3
Before the game, Pam kisses Roy pretty passionately right in front of Jim: -4
Roy’s “Tip it my way or sleep in the car” comment dos not amuse Pam: +1
Pam only claps politely when Roy scores, but whoops when Jim scores: +2
She also clearly checks him out in his gym shorts when he runs by: +1
And she is concerned with Jim get a bloody lip: +1
After the game, Pam compliments Jim’s basketball skills, saying to Roy he’s pretty good: +1
But she says “Let’s get you into a tub,” in a suggestive tone to Roy within earshot of Jim: -4

Final Score: -2, though Pam quietly cheers for Jim during the game, her PDAs with Roy make Jim very uncomfortable. Jim just can’t avoid the reality that Pam is engaged during this round.

Next Round: Hot Girl

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