Pam Pong Round 7: The Dundies

201pp-biggerPrevious Round, Hot Girl: We caught a glimpse of Roy’s insensitivity, and finally saw a real sign that Pam returns Jim’s crush when she was clearly envious of the attention Jim gave Katy the purse girl, resulting in a final score of +3.

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 201: The Dundies

When they first appear in the episode, Jim is at Pam’s desk: +1
And they joke with each other from a distance as Pam watches old Dundie footage: +1
Then we get a reminder Pam’s engaged: -2
In last years footage, Jim is not amused by Michael making fun of Pam’s lengthy engagement: +1
And he comes to Pam’s defense by going to Michael and trying to change her Dundie: +2
Pam and Jim are at separate tables at Chili’s and Roy is there: -1
Pam initially has trouble standing up to Roy when they leave Chili’s: -2
But then she tells him she’s staying: +2
And she sits at Jim’s table: +1
Pam gets drunk, allowing her to flirt with Jim about things like “second drink” and him to flirt back: +1
After getting her “Whitest Sneakers” Dundie, Pam runs to hug Jim and kisses him: +4
But she was drunk and seems a little unaware she even kissed him: -2
It certainly made Jim’s night, though: +2
More flirting occurs at the bar with Jim talking to the camera: +2
But the moment’s interrupted by Pam falling off the stool: -2
Pam is being very friendly and hugging everyone, not just Jim: -1
Outside, Pam wants to ask Jim a question: +2
But due to the cameras and Jim’s rather intent gaze she chickens out: -2
Still, it was a “great year for the Dundies: +1

Final Score: +8, Between the early departure of Roy, and alcohol allowing Pam act a less inhibited, this certainly was the “Best Dundies” ever for both Jim and Pam. However, Pam’s inhibitions (and awareness of the cameras) were already returning by the end of the round and we never do learn what she was thinking about asking Jim in the Parking Lot. Regardless, it was a great round.

Next Round: Sexual Harassment

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