Christmas at The Office: Ranking the Holiday Episodes


The Office had some classic Christmas episodes so what better way to get into the spirit of the season than to revisit Dunder-Mifflin for the holidays! Now, some Christmas episodes were better than others so if you feel like watching from worst to best (though with one exception they’re all pretty good), here’s Flonkerton’s ratings of the 7 Christmas episodes the Office gave us (along with a JAM factor rating of 1 teapot-48 to 4 teapot-48teapot-48teapot-48teapot-48 teal teapots of love). Click the “continue reading” button to see the list and don’t forget to vote at the end of the post for your favorite Office Christmas episodes.

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Pam Pong Round 10: The Fire

204pp-biggerPrevious Round, Office Olympics: Jim and Pam displayed their teamwork skills as they work together all day on Office Games, but Pam is beyond uncomfortable when Angela suggests Pam and Jim are too friendly with each other. Still, Jim and Pam has a lot of fun and resulted in a final score of +2.

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 204: The Fire

Pam answers a call from Katy: -1
She’s a bit flustered and feels she “talks really loud” as she talks to the cameras about Katy and Jim going out: +2
Jim is very flirtatious when he talks to Katy: -2
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Pam Pong Round 9: Office Olympics

203pp-biggerPrevious Round, Sexual Harassment: There wasn’t a lot of interaction between Jim and Pam, and Jim’s effort to meet Pam’s mom was thwarted by Roy. However, as soon as Roy left, Jim heard Pam’s mom ask Pam “Which one is Jim?” indicating Pam has talked to her mom about Jim, and resulting in a final score of +5

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 203: Office Olympics

Mild flirting occurs when Jim “dies” and Pam has to entertain him: +1
They worked together to create the Office Olympic Games: +2
Roy doesn’t make an appearance, nor is there any mention of him: +1
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Pam Pong Round 8: Sexual Harassment

202pp-biggerPrevious Round, The Dundies: With the early departure of Roy and more than a few margaritas and beers, Pam release some inhibitions at the Dundies, resulting in her drunkenly kissing Jim. Though she chickened out of asking Jim a question at the end, it was still the best Dundies ever, and resulted in a final score of +8

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 202: Sexual Harassment

Jim is looking forward to meeting Pam’s mom: +1
And makes Pam laugh with his “questions” for her mom: +2
When Jim talks about his “office relationship” for a moment it sounds like he’s talking about Pam (but it was the doll): +1
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