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Future [637]

Water's Edge by Awimoweh

Rated: K • 5 Reviews6
Summary: An AU conversation after Pam's speech at the beach.

I Feel God In This Chili's Tonight by WishYouWould

Rated: MA • 6 Reviews14
Summary: AU ending to the Dundies episode. Pam doesn't get a ride with Angela. 

What to Expect With the Unexpected by Pan_cake_Cats

Rated: K+ • 5 Reviews4

"It was Saturday afternoon and Jim was sitting on his couch watching a basketball game and drinking a beer, when the doorbell rang. Jim was confused, he wasn’t expecting anyone, so he almost didn’t answer the door because it was probably some door to door salesman he had no time for. But he did. He launched himself from the couch and swung open the door. And saw nothing. Something moved below him in his peripheral vision, and his eyes snapped down."

Set around Season 2ish, before Casino Night.

Invincible Summer by shutterbug Past Featured Story

Rated: MA • 34 Reviews36

On a road trip, Jim's memories keep him company.

 Memories take place throughout Jim and Pam's relationship, from friends to husband and wife (pre- to post-series), but they are framed by events that occur during the Texas period (post-series). 

Important note: The author has chosen not to make use of all available warnings. However, one warning does apply to this story, but has been omitted to avoid spoiling readers for a major plot point and story theme. This warning applies for Chapter 10. This note/reminder will be repeated at the beginning of that chapter. 

Expiration Dates by shutterbug

Rated: K+ • 3 Reviews6

Jim and Pam debate the merits of expiration dates. 

References to "Launch Party" (S4E5/6). 

Florida Morning by warrior4

Rated: T • 3 Reviews6
Summary: Jim has a rough conversation ahead after the events in "After Hours."

It's A Date by WishYouWould

Rated: M • 13 Reviews20
Summary: Jim and Pam's first date. Set immediately after "The Job". 

A Knock at the Door by Gabc33

Rated: K • 4 Reviews6

She sits on the couch and cries. Until she hears a knock at the door.

Terra Incognita by Comfect Past Featured Story

Rated: T • 122 Reviews67

NOW COMPLETE! Jim gets in an accident on June 10, and Pam gets to help. Only AU in that it deviates from main timeline between S2 and S3 (no different worldbuilding premise).

Disclaimer: I do not own the Office or its IP.

Challenges Challenge Entry Q2 2018

isn't it funny by wemadguys

Rated: K • 5 Reviews11
Summary: Three brief, bittersweet encounters in the dunder mifflin parking lot.

All That Time I Was Just Waiting by With_An_E

Rated: T • 11 Reviews8

An Office Prequel from Jim's perspective (at least mostly). 

James Halpert starts his first day at Dunder-Mifflin just to earn a paycheck. Little does he know that accepting a job as a paper salesman would change his life more than he ever thought possible.  

A Quiet War by Comfect

Rated: M • 3 Reviews8
Summary: Jim and Pam are CIA agents, ala Jack Ryan, in a world very loosely based on A Quiet Place.

A Feeling So Sweet by battlestarjim

Rated: T • 13 Reviews11
Summary: College AU. A few months into their freshman year of college, Jim and Pam meet through her roommate and it all spirals from there.

Letters, Numbers, and the Spaces Between by BigTuna

Rated: M • 17 Reviews23
Summary: It's 1963 and West Scranton High's new math teacher Jim Halpert has a secret. When it rears its ugly head and puts both him and librarian Pam Beesly in danger, how will he react? Will they be able to outrun his dangerous past or will his enemies catch up to him, once and for all?

The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert by BigTuna

Rated: M • 10 Reviews17
Summary: One day, while riding his bike through the forest, mild mannered paper salesman Jim Halpert is bitten by a radioactive bear and becomes ‘Bear Man.’ At least, that’s the story we’ve been told. Ever wondered what really happened?

the things that made us you and me by BigTuna

Rated: T • 24 Reviews41
Summary: An exploration of the things that helped turn "Jim" and "Pam" into "Jim and Pam." Inspired by the 31 day challenge prompt on the MTT blog.

Art Supplies and Paper by Pan_cake_Cats

Rated: K • 9 Reviews2
Summary: Pam works at a chain art supply store, dreaming of her future.
Jim is a paper salesman at Dunder Mifflin.

Fourteen Voicemails on the Night of June 10th by elephantskeleton

Rated: T • 7 Reviews12


Jim receives a phone-call from a very drunk Pam the night of her wedding. With her wedding opening a fresh wound in his heart, he doesn't talk long before silencing his phone and going back to sleep. 

Pam wakes up with fuzzy memories of the night before, horrified at what she might have said in the voicemails she left Jim. 

What It Looks Like by BigTuna

Rated: MA • 4 Reviews17
Summary: In which there is some smut and a mirror. Inspired by Michael's line in season 4: "You're talking about Jim and Pam, if they're having sex. What it looks like."

The Expanding Belly by WestonFollower

Rated: T • 4 Reviews3
Summary:  A one shot collection of Pam’s pregnancy: Pam tries to get used to her stomach growing, Jim stares at her like she’s a superhero, and Michael won’t stop crying.

Beets Motel by Rach3l

Rated: MA • 8 Reviews13

A Quiet Place crossover. Gory, action-packed, dark, irreverent, and relatively hilarious (all things considered). This fic is primarily JAM-focused, but also prominently features some traditionally-underutilized secondary characters. 

Takes place around the start of season 4. Just before Fun Run would have happened, if the world hadn't ended.

Reset and Restart by warrior4

Rated: T • 5 Reviews7
Summary: Set during and just after the events of "The Job," at the end of Season 3. Jim is in New York at his interview when a certain something causes him to pause. *Recently updated to fix a few sentences and make it more in line with my other stories.*

The Quiet Ones by konekochan

Rated: MA • 6 Reviews11

People always assume that Pam Beesly is as sweet in the bedroom as she is an all other realms of her life. A missionary-only type of girl, the girl you treat like glass.

Little do they know, she just wants Jim to shatter her, break her into little pieces. She decides she's done waiting for what she wants.

It's always the quiet ones.

Nonverbal by BigTuna Past Featured Story

Rated: MA • 12 Reviews19
Summary: In which Jim and Pam work through their communication a way. A sexy way. A reimagining of the S3 episode The Return.

Wake Me Up by agian18 Past Featured Story

Rated: MA • 90 Reviews80


Jim receives a peculiar call from Pam in the middle of the night that slowly turns into a habit for the pair.

Multi-Chapter, set after Booze Cruise.

Based loosely on the lyrics to "Wake Me Up" by Billy Currington (wait, I'm writing a fic based on a song?!? Who would've thought? ;)