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Author of the Month

Since Fall 2016, MTT admins have picked an author to showcase their stories in our Author Of the Month series.

What’s your criteria? Starting in March of 2018 we have slightly changed our AOTM selection criteria. While we still want authors with a good-sized body of work (~5 stories), we are going to select authors in the following order:

Month 1: a recently active author
Month 2: an all-time popular author
Month 3: a lesser known or over-looked author

Can readers select Author of The Month? Though the mods will make the call, readers are certainly free to “nominate” authors they think are worthy of the AotM title, so please don’t hesitate to contact us either via the archive or a direct email to MTT.Fanfic@gmail.com letting us know who you’d like to see!

Onto the list!

Author of the Month:

September: watchthesky84
October: Deedldee
November: Peskipiksi
December: PuffingNoise

January: italianfood
February: Cassandra Mulder
March: carbondalien
April: nqllisi
May: Recorderalways
June: JAMhands
July: Talkative
August: ficklevillain
September: thirtypercent
October: Dedeen
November: brokenloon
December: kells8995

January: sillyrabbit518
New Selection Criteria Implemented
March: Comfect
April: time4moxie
June: Rach3l
August: andtheivy
September: agian18
October: xoxoxo
November: Dundie All-Star
December: BigTuna

January: unfold
April: Coley
May: Stablergirl
June: vicodinfm
July: NobleLandMermaid
August: girl7
September: AOTM re-feature!
October: Sorano916
November: Duchess Cupcake
December: Sweetpea

February: Steph
March: warrior4
April and May: Quarantine Contributors!
June: Annabel Winslow


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    September’s Author of the Month: watchthesky84

    Author of 8 stories, we mods feel watchthesky84 would have definitely gotten a lot more kudos had she been writing during the “peak” Office years. Her Jim/Pam one shots explore a lot of “what if” scenarios such as "what if Jim drove Pam home from the Dundies" in Beauty in the Breakdown and "what if they tried out that bouncy castle" in Moon Bounce. All her stories are romantic with some angst, some steam and a good amount of inner dialogue, we really think you’ll enjoy them!

  • October’s Author of the Month: Deedldee

    The very talented Deedldee wrote 21 stories for MoreThanThat. Though she has her share of early season stories, she also wrote a fair number of “future fics” and stories centered around Jim & Pam’s parenthood. We mods love all her stories, and added a ribbon to Indigo and Crimson, which beautifully fleshes out Jim and Pam’s domestic life during Season 8 (arguably the best thing to come out of season 8!). We think you’ll enjoy all her stories!

  • edited July 2018
    November’s Author of the Month: Peskipiksi

    Author of 8 stories, Peskipiksi explored lot of “What if Pam wised up sooner?” type fics way back in the day, such as Three Minutes which wonders what if Pam went for that internship in “Boy and Girls” or A Grand Gesture which wonders what if she made such a gesture to Jim shortly after “Casino Night.” Though most of their stories were written in season 3, we mods have to give Peskipiksi some kind of Dundie or gold yogurt lid for returning after 9 years with the very fun In Vino Veritas, answering the question “What if Pam and Jim got very drunk together in season 3?” We think you’ll like the answer, as well as all their other fics!

  • December’s Author of the Month: PuffingNoise

    You will have no shortage of stories to read this month as PuffingNoise is the author of a whopping 42 stories! Within their catalog you will a wide variety of stories, from sweet (First Dance) to angsty (Weather-Worn and Weary), from very much in-canon to believable alternative takes on unlike situations, like Fate: The Story of the Inexperience of Jim Halpert, or City Love. And with 42 stories, you have about 1.5 stories to read every day this month!

  • January’s Author of the Month is: italianfood

    We recommend italianfood for her very fleshed-out AU fics. She is very good at keeping the characters true to themselves even in such different situations, such as college AU Dunder Hall, This is Pam, plus her stories are very well balanced. We hope you will enjoy her stories!

  • February’s Author Of The Month: Cassandra Mulder

    Author of 24 stories, Cassandra has lots of romantic oneshots. They’re all worth a read but here some our mod A’s recommendations to get started:

    Kiss and Tell – this is just flufftastic!
    Puppy love – simple and adorable but the dialogue is so perfectly them that this little scene is so easy to visualize.
    All your fault– I just like this.
    To the place where I belong – I like what is said between Jim and Karen and also between Jim and Pam. I also like the account of Jims day (interview day) and inner monologue, it seems quite realistic for him. Despite some Jam cliches this is a pretty good account of that day.
    Wake up where you are – I just like this one too.

  • March’s Author Of The Month: carbondalien

    Carbondalien has a lot of variety within her 26 stories. From one-shots to multi-chapter to one script style fic, we think you will enjoy her great characterization! Our mod ~A especially likes Does He Love You? and Here and There are Little Islands.

  • April’s Author Of The Month: nqllisi

    You have lots to read this month as nqllisi has a whopping 86 stories to her name, making her the 2nd most prolific author at the archive. Most of her fics are short and offer internal thoughts of characters during or in between episodes. And she returned last month to post the conclusion of her cute (if bittersweet) The Receptionist’s New Clothes, which we feel deserves some kind of gold yogurt lid! We think you’ll enjoy her stories!

  • May's Author Of The Month: Recorderalways

    Author of 8 stories, Recorderalways liked to focus on the "near misses" of Jim and Pam in the early years and write alternate endings for epsiodes, with stories like Handkerchief (alt ending of Back from Vacation), Between and Underneath the Words (alt ending of Phyllis' Wedding) and Pacific (alt ending of Negotiation). We hope you enjoy their stories!
  • edited June 2017
    June's Author of the Month: JAMhands

    JAMhands knows how to bring the romance as well as the steam to her stories. All 15 are worth a read, but to get started we recommend Taking a Chance: Office Olympics (rewriting the episode with, a-hem, sexier results), Billy Squier and the Bonus Gifts (what if Pam found the christmas card?) and My Myopia (a smuffy oneshot of what Jim thought of Pam's glasses in "Did I Stutter"). Happy reading!
  • July's Author of the Month: Talkative

    This July marks MTT's 11th year online so we decided to give AOTM to our 11th most followed author, Talkative. Every one of Talkative's stories is a treat to read with impeccable dialogue and characterization and beautiful imagery that on the whole stays very close to canon. Honestly we recommend every story but we mods find ourselves putting Inside Jokes, Vocabulary, and Week's End & Week Days on many of our rec lists, so those are good places to begin.
  • August's Author of the Month: ficklevillain

    If you're a fan of drabbles but also of epic multichapters, then you must read ficklevillain's Turnabout's Fair Play, a story about Jim and Pam finding their way back to each other in 100 hundres-word chapters. (don't feel like all the clicking? log in and use the download epub feature!). We hope you enjoy this and ficklevillain's three other stories.
  • Happy 1st anniversary to the Author of the Month series! We hope through this series you have discovered some great MTT authors and stories that you wouldn't have otherwise!

    At the moment we mods choose the AOTM among ourselves, but we are working on switching to a reader voting system to hopefully encourage more engagement. We are open to any ideas so if you have one please contact us through the archive or by sending this account a personal message on this forum.
  • September '17 Author of the Month: thirtypercent

    From multi-chapters to short drabbles, every one of thirtypercent's 12 stories are worth a read. Try these 3 to start:
    Pinpoint: Karen's POV - She tries to pinpoint the moment when being near him went from making her feel bubbly and young to brittle and needy.
    Shift: What if Jim never went to Stamford? An AU look at season 3.
    Silent Victory: Fluffy fluff. Jim, uh, dances to a song.
  • October 2017 Author of the Month: Dedeen

    Dedeen wrote many of her 21 stories in the later seasons which means she definitely did not get the attention she deserved, so AOTM is a small award to try to rectify that. From one-shot to epics, Dedeen's stories have a ton of heart and will remind you why you love Jim and Pam so much to begin with. All are well worth a read but here are a few to get started:
    We're Not Broken Just Bent: Jim's thoughts during Paper Airplanes
    Reverie: Jim relives some past angst
    Set Fire To The Rain
    : A story of an unspeakable secret, an irreversible regret, an unreachable dream and an unforgettable love
    Loose Ends: Jim and Pam run into people from their past
  • November 2017 Author of the Month: brokenloon

    In Brokenloon 13 stories, he did a great job of filling in the gaps of the show, as well as exploring how things could have happened quicker for our fave pair with some little changes. You'll find a great range from silly and sweet with The Newlywed Show to more romance and angst in The Second Art Show. He was also one of the few from the early archive days to return in the final season with the emotional but also satisfying Dukes, a fic about Jim and Pam addressing their issues with Athlead. But really we just suggest reading and giving beans to all his fics!
  • December 2017 Author of the Month: kells8995

    If you like fluff, you'll like kells 8995, who in her 18 stories gave us plenty of it, both sweet (such as ground floor, which explored the alternative ending they filmed for The Job) and steamy (like Jim and Pam celebrating her return from new york in may the four winds call you home). That said, she also wrote some of the other office ladies, exploring the uneasy friendship Pam and Angela occasionally displayed in burning your bridges and Kelly visiting Ryan in prison in Visiting Hours. She also wrote a great "what-if?" story about Jim taking the Cumberland Mills job in Maryland in Every Time I Wind Up At Your Door.
  • January 2018 Author of the Month: sillyrabbit519

    sillyrabbit is author of 15 stories, mostly fluffy oneshots. All are a nice, quick read but here are a couple to get started:
    All the Trees of the Field will Clap their Hands: Sometimes, still, he would wake up in the middle of the night just to make sure that she was okay, that there was no blood. And only when he had made sure of it, made sure that it was just her, clean and peaceful, did he close his eyes and fall back asleep.
    Brighter Than Sunshine
    : Pam makes plans to make a declaration.
  • March 2018 Author of the Month: Comfect

    Comfect has a lot of variety in his 9 stories but is perhaps most notable for his great AUs. Whether you enjoy a You've Got Mail-style chat-fic (Trivial Pursuits), a Chuck-style spy thriller (Asset Management) or an Austen-esque Regency romance (Paying Court), Comfect probably has something in his catalog for you to enjoy!
  • April 2018 Author of the Month: time4moxie

    For April we set out to select an all-time fave author and time4moxie was a no-brainer! Not only is she in the Top 3 of most favorited authors and prolific authors (both in story and word counts), her fics Distance Learning and The Love Song of Squirrel McPants are both on the All-time most read, reviewed, favorites and jellybeaned lists. But don't feel limited to just those two classics, she's got 76 other stories well worth reading including House crossover House Call, satisfying S3 fix-it fic Breakdown, steamy Christmas themed My True Love Gave to Me and many, many more!
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