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Author of the Month



  • May 2018 Author of the Month: shannanagin

    For May we want to feature an overlooked author and shannanagin definitely did not get nearly the accolades she deserved in the early days of the archive! We hope you'll read all 7 of her fics and give them lots of jellybeans, you can start with her first, Glass which is a great moody look at Jim's thoughts during casino night, her final fic, this is the way that we love which is a very interesting and bittersweet look at Pam and Roy as their relationship came to an end, or her longest fic, Laugh This Life With Me, a canon-divergent epic with Jim and Pam finding their way to each other a bit sooner.
  • June 2018 Author of the Month: Rach3l

    Less than a year ago Rach3l burst onto the MTT scene with the ridiculously hot Words Left Unsaid and since then has published 14 stories. Not one-shots either, but multi-chapter epics whose word-counts have added together to already make her the 5th most prolific author on the archive! What's notable about Rach3l is the highly imaginative situations she throws our beloved Jim and Pam in. From a 1984-esque dystopia in Freedom First and it's sequel Safety First, a world where everyone has superpowers in Sin Aesthetics, and just a good old fashioned college AU in The music of my heart, or whatever, you'll be impressed how Rach3l can take the core JAM story and make it something different and fresh.

    If AUs aren't your thing, never fear, she also more canon-compliant stories like first date/first time fic Love Loyalty and Friendship or Pam meeting the parents in Irish Spring. Either way, you can't go wrong with any of her fics!
  • July 2018 Author of the Month: GodInThisChilis

    This July marks 12 years of MTT online which is fitting since GodInThisChilis is our 12th most favorited author! One thing that makes The Office so interesting is how it's filmed like a documentary, and no MTT author incorporated the documentary element better than GITC. Long before the underwhelming reveal of the camera crew, GITC wrote several stories about Jim & Pam interacting with the crew such as the fan-favorites Observer's Effect and Nobody's Business But Mine. But all 20 of her stories are worth a read from the Reality Reality TV series to the Beach Games aftermath in Like Sands Through the Hourglass to an ousider's take on JAM in I Was In the Chili's -- An Open Letter from God.
  • August 2018 Author of the Month: andtheivy

    If you're an andtheivy fan, you probably agree she did not get the accolades she deserved Dundie wise or jelly-bean wise so this is an opportunity to remedy that. All 18 of her stories are worth a read from her collection of steamy stories in the Let's Spend the Night Together series, her great college AU Three Man, a collection of moments through the years between Jim and Cece in Daddy's Girl and an AU with Jim and Pam together from the beginning in In My Life, I Love You More. So start with those fic and then read the rest!
  • September 2018 Author of the Month: agian18

    Though only at MTT for less than at year, agian18 is already in the top 10 most prolific authors (by wordcount), thanks in large part to her epic Wake Me Up. Once you've checked that out make sure to read her other 7 fics, from the angsty Every Little Thing about what Jim and Pam's thoughts after Casino Night, to some great "Jim grows a beard" smut in Black and White, Chocolate and Creme to her current "Pam has amnesia" WIP Restart and of course anything else she writes!
  • October 2018 Author of the Month: xoxoxo

    An "administrator emeritus", xoxoxo very much helped shape MTT into what it is today and additional wrote some great fics. And she wrote a lot of them, her 68 stories put her near the top of the Most Prolific Authors list. To start we recommend Beginnings and Moments (both JAMfic essentials), the funny A Mid-Diwali Night's Dream (in which Angela & Dwight and Kelly & Ryan switch partners, and not in the way you'd expect ;)), and Jellybean (a sweet and different kind of pregnancy fic).
  • November 2018 Author of the Month: Dundie All-Star

    Dundie All-Star has 7 stories to her name, mostly set during S4/5 based stories with Jim & Pam sweetly navigating their new romantic relationship. All 7 stories are worth a read, we suggest What Not To Wear - a different kind of crossover with Pam getting fashion advice, Philly Jam - an AU where Pam moves into Jim apartment building in the city, and Happiness (is..) - an Angela oneshot set around Moroccan Christmas.
  • December 2018 Author of the Month: BigTuna

    While she got her start on the archive during Season 5, BigTuna returned after a long absence this year to finish up her College AU Sociology 101 then followed up with several excellent fics. She has a string of great steamy one-shots like Jim and Pam working on phyicial communication Nonverbal and Jim growing a beard in Whisker Burn, some great in-progress multichapters like Letters, Numbers, and the Spaces Between and the things that made us you and me and, perhaps most importantly of all, she finally gave the archive the "Nice Morning, too" it deserved in the excellent Stay and Fight. We think you'll love these and all her 15 stories!
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