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Our admin BecauseOfYou put together a list of stories she recommends for readers just discovering JAM fic, and of course to long-time readers possibly revisiting a few favorites.

Anywhere But Here by NobleLandMermaid Rated: T
Summary: “Role Reversal Challenge: It’s May 2006. Jim’s wedding is approaching and a lovelorn Pam can’t take much more. Starts during Casino Night (or an AU version of it).”
mod comment: The author has returned after many years to finish this one, really amazing!

Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: 25 (actually 23) Relationship Questions by sorano916 Rated K(G)
Summary: “Not everything that Michael sends out is spam… “

February 3rd (Or how Pam Beesly got schooled by Georgia O’Keefe, Maggie and Punxatawny Phil) byVampiric Blood Rated: K(G)
Summary: “Jim gives Pam some wonderful birthday gifts that get her thinking…  (Set about a week after Drug Testing.)”

The Love Song of Squirrel McPants by time4moxie Rated: M
Summary: “Pam’s discovered the world of internet chat rooms. Jim can’t resist the chance to be near her in cyberspace. Spoilers up to Cocktails.”
mod comment: Lengthy multi-chapter fic but so worth your time!

Still Breathing by girl7 Rated: M
Summary: “Okay, this is post Stamford (sort of) and is a little AU, given that we now know Jim and Pam have talked a little.  It’s a bit angsty, but I swear, I was absolutely seized by the urge to write this!  It’s based a little on some of the comments I read on Live Journal yesterday re: Jim as “a man with needs.”  Heh. That makes this sound as if it’s going to be a pile of smut, and it’s not.  It’ll just be a slightly different Jim – totally drunk!Jim.”
mod comment: Jonathan makes an appearance as well. Jonathan is Jim’s brother created by this author before his two D-bag brothers appeared on the show, Jon is so much better!

Somewhere to Begin by girl7 Rated: K+
Summary: He was well aware of the fact that what he was contemplating (no, planning) could result in the loss of his job; after all, the very definition of a documentary stipulated that the cameramen not alter the natural course of events or become actively involved with the subjects in any way. Even more than that, though, he understood that to do this would be to tread a dangerous line; it was rather like playing god in some ways. What if Jim could see what we’ve seen?

Climbing As We Fall by girl7 Rated: M
Summary: “A year or two before the cameras arrived, Michael takes the staff to the Poconos for a camaraderie event.  Much unresolved sexual tension and angst ensues (uh, between Jim & Pam, not the entire staff).”
mod comments: Quite different, Lengthy multi-chapter

Truth and Consequences by shan21 Rated: T
Summary: “Yup, it’s a post-Cocktails fic! With a bit of a twist. Karen does a bad thing, and Jim is about to suffer the consequences…”
mod comment: this is probably in my top 5

The Best Dundies Ever by shan21 Rated: T
Summary: “What if Pam refused to let Angela drop her off at home after the Dundies?
“I want to go to Jim’s,” Pam said, interrupting Angela’s thoughts.
Angela felt as though her head might pop off and land in one of her cup holders. Would the depravity of this night never end?”

Clash of the Titans by DinkinFlicka Rated: M
Summary: “I caved and wrote a post-Cocktail fic that can be best described by Jim’s Talking Head from Season 2 Ep 6: ‘Fight! Fight! Fight! FIGHT!’”

Time and Space by kieyra Rated: MA
Summary: “A bridge between Casino Night and GWH, with some projection beyond.”
mod comment: AU after Casino Night,  It’s another top fav of mine

Accidentally In Love by Hannah_Halpert Rated: MA
Summary: Jim Halpert: Salesman, single dad and accidental romantic lead.
mod comment: AU and incomplete but as is its still a great read, I really love this one!

A bouquet of paper flowers hiding behind a back brace by Emilys List Rated: T
Summary: “Pam is injured in a high heeled-related incident and faces a recovery, a new relationship, and a sex-less summer.”

Babylon by Paper Jam Rated: T
Summary: All the lights are changing red to green. From denial to truth in an enclosed space. Spoilers up to Cocktails.

Pacific by Recorderalways Rated: M
Summary:  This one is based on “The Negotiation” and also a Pam talking head from “Michael’s Birthday”. It’s also more angsty than the others.
mod comment: Pam gets severely injured when Roy attacks Jim

A Fool’s Bargain by fasterthansnakes Rated: MA
Summary: Pam and Jim decide to get it out of their system…Literally.  I figure there has to be another way to get rid of the sexual tension- why not actual ‘casual’ sex. Oh and it’s going to really backfire.
mod comment: Set in Season 3.  This one is so freaking amazing, so smart, so funny, so smutty!

Happy Reading! 🙂

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