"Holly, you and I are soup snakes." The-and the reason is... because... in terms of the soup, we like to- that doesn't make any sense.

5 Times Michael's Heart Breaks by beermefive

Rated: T • 2 Reviews
Summary: Just like the title says...

Restoration by dmscranton

Rated: K+ • 2 Reviews2

Michael and Holly are lonely without each other. How do they find their way back to happier times?

The Talking Heads by PuffingNoise

Rated: K+ • 4 Reviews1

A collection of talking heads from Michael and Holly about each other; from "Goodbye Toby" until "Employee Transfer" (seasons 4-5).

Better Than Christmas in the Condo by PuffingNoise

Rated: K • 7 Reviews5
Summary: Holly reaches out to Michael on Christmas

EOR#1- When will I get a freakin' chance by xallowspuffybuff1012

Rated: T • 1 Reviews1
Summary: This is the fist installment to the series I am writing called 'Epic office romance'. It's a few days after 'Goodbye Toby' and Jim is still trying to propose to Pam is interrupted again and again after a bunch of attempts. JAM some DWANGELA and MICHAEL/HOLLY/JAN