Genres: Horror

The Haunting of Halpert House by nqllisi

Rated: MA • 7 Reviews9

Jim Halpert took the job in Maryland after "Halloween" in season 2. He's back in town, on Halloween. 

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No Pain, No Gain by Rach3l

Rated: T • 13 Reviews21

Jim Halpert loves his wife. He loves his children. He doesn't love being a werewolf… but then, who would? 

Humbly submitted for the 2018 Halloween competition. 

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halloween dundies

Beets Motel by Rach3l

Rated: MA • 8 Reviews13

A Quiet Place crossover. Gory, action-packed, dark, irreverent, and relatively hilarious (all things considered). This fic is primarily JAM-focused, but also prominently features some traditionally-underutilized secondary characters. 

Takes place around the start of season 4. Just before Fun Run would have happened, if the world hadn't ended.

Sin Aesthetics by Rach3l

Rated: MA • 10 Reviews26
Summary: A dark take on JAM from The Office, if everyone in the world had superpowers. TRIGGER WARNING: Rape, sexual assault, sexual violence. Not glorified, posted with mod permission.

Dwight Does The Twist(ed)! by Moogie Man

Rated: MA • 1 Reviews

Dwight's smile may look evil, but his soul is ...Well....evil!

The Apocalypse by Rach3l

Rated: T • 4 Reviews11
Summary: What will Pam do when the world ends?

Dream State by MonsterBaby

Rated: MA • 3 Reviews1
Summary: Jim Halpert has an active imagination when he's dreaming.

Clue: The Office Edition by bkwrm

Rated: T • 35 Reviews11
Summary: Toby is dead! Secrets are revealed. Sex tapes. Blackmails. Office romances. A hidden motive and a suspect no one saw coming.

The Fairest Of Them All by Alex Wert

Rated: M • 5 Reviews2
Summary: On their way back from a business trip, Michael, Pam, and Ryan survive a death-defying car crash, but when they return to the office, all is not well in the world. Faced with malice and magic, are their wits enough to survive an escalating deadly threat?

Argh! My Eyes!!! by Alex Wert

Rated: M • 10 Reviews
Summary: Andy and Angela get it on in 5 parts.

These Eyes by notatoy

Rated: MA • 16 Reviews6

A very dark A/U look at dear old Jim. 

***Please be warned.  This is very dark, and if you like fluffy Jim, you probably won't like this too much. 

War of the Worlds by flonkertonxx

Rated: T • 22 Reviews10

Jim, Pam, and Jim's brother Jon are visiting New York when something happens. Something that nobody would ever expect..

Don't Let Me Go by flonkertonxx

Rated: T • 76 Reviews34
Summary: What happens if Roy becomes abusive towards Pam?
A sort of AU. Post Christmas Party. Starts a few days after New Years.

I'll Be Your Hero by flonkertonxx

Rated: T • 8 Reviews6

A few years ago, Pam went home to visit her family. Little did she know that she was about to experience an even that would change her life forever. A couple of years later, she and Jim go to a Dunder Mifflin party. They are in store for a night stock full of fright.

Based off of Prom Night

Disclaimer - I don't own anything except the really old computer that I conduct my stories on.

The Best Night of Their Lives by MelissaKrasinski

Rated: MA • 6 Reviews
Summary: Pam has to go to New York during the summer for the Pratt School of Design. Jim gets the call of a lifetime to get a corporate position in New York. As feelings are announced and proposals are made, they are interrupted by a noise that neither will ever forget.
*This is an Office/Cloverfield Crossover*

He Wants Revenge by dmscranton

Rated: MA • 27 Reviews7

Pam's life is threatened when she gets kidnapped by someone she knows. Will Jim and the police find her in time to save her?

(Last chapter just added, all finished up!) 

Brought to you by the letter X... by Stablergirl

Rated: T • 106 Reviews16
Summary: There's something Spooky in the city of Scranton.

Things that Go Bump by Athena Past Featured Story

Rated: T • 53 Reviews22

"'Jiiiiiiiiim. Come to beeeed,' Pam’s voice is light, and it mistily floats down the empty staircase as it swirls about the room, echoing like a siren’s song."

A series of one-shots. There are times when Jim and Pam's relationship seem a little supernatural. 

Don't Forget To Bring A Towel by HalloweenJack138

Rated: T • 5 Reviews
Summary: It's convention time again... can three newly single men from Dunder Mifflin share a hotel room? Well, probably not very well, otherwise it wouldn't really be a story

Creed Bratton's Day Off by HalloweenJack138

Rated: T • 2 Reviews2
Summary: The office gradually falls into anarchy as Creed calls in sick.