Fanfic Recommendations: Lemon-Flavored JAM Fics

jim-pam-lemonYup, we see the search terms that lead people to the MoreThanThat fanfic archive, and we’re happy to say we can deliver plenty of sexy fanfics. But with so many fics rated M or MA, you may not know where to get the most “bang for your buck”. Well, we mods have be conferring and have compiled a list of lemon-flavored* JAM fics we know you want to check out.

*lemon being a somewhat-obscure term for sexy fics.

We call this list Smut For Smut’s Sake (or SFSS)

Here are a few guideline we followed to compile this list

  • Story should be fairly short, with little preamble to the smut.
  • Multi chapter only if the majority of the chapters bring the smutty.
  • Decent dialogue/characterization
  • Everything in the story should be consensual and in general everyone should be smiling and satisfied by the end.

Couple notes before we get it on

  • All fanfics are hosted on the MTT archive unless otherwise noted.
  • These fanfics are mature, please only click the links if you are old enough to legally view adult content in your area.
  • Fics are rated M or MA (basically equivalent to R & NC17)

And with that out of the way, onto the smut! These recommendations come courtesy of our mods A and L. This is by no means comprehensive, just some of our faves, feel free to comment if your fave smutty JAM fic is missing!

Categories: Short n’ Steamy | Self Lovin’ | Three’s Company | Something Longer (TWSS) | Just for Fun

Favorite Steamy Writers – Here are a few writers known for consistently bringing the steam to their fanfics

  • andtheivy: this author tends to get good and dirty. Her longer stories have very good smut in them as well.
  • beruco – fics have lots of different fun and smutty premises
  • Honey_wheeler (AO3)- authored lots of sexy fics with a variety of pairings
  • Neotantrika (LiveJournal) – fics contain serious steam while also being very true to the characters, any and all of her fics deserve to be on this list.
  • sherlockelly – definitely the go-to author if you like some Karen with your JAM smut.
  • sophia_helix – might write the truest characterization of Pam around. All stories of all ratings are great but the ones that bring the steam really bring the steam.
  • time4moxie: not all of her stories are smutty, because quite frankly she has a lot of stories, but when she does smut she does it *really* well.

Favorite Short n’ Steamy fics- one-shots without too much pesky plot getting in the way

Afikomen by Emilys List (MA) – Translates to ‘that which comes after’ or ‘dessert.’ Pam joins the Halpert family for Passover, and enjoys dinner and then ‘that which comes after.’
‘A put this one on the list and its a great choice, also interesting to speculate on Jim being Jewish ~L

And…wrapping up by bkwrm (MA) – Jim + Pam + sex tape = this little story.
Recommended by ~A, Jim & Pam review a video starring a very familiar pair.

Awaken by dmscranton (MA) – Pam gives Jim a late night surprise.
Yeah she does, whew! ~A

Cracking the Code by wendolf (MA) – Pam has trouble “reaching the peak” in bed, thankfully Jim is happy to help.
This author writes excellent smut, her longer chapter stories have a good amount of smut as well. Highly recommended. ~A

Creaky Mattresses by unfold (MA) – Jim. Pam. Hotel room. 
Cute fun happy smut. A lot of fun to read ~A

Crossing the Line: Rules for the Modern Workplace by Annakovsky (MA) [on AO3] – Jim and Pam get up to sexy shenanigans over email at work.
Amazing characterization, humorous like the show, and of course very hot. ~L

Faking It by nomadshan (MA) – Roy realizes Pam’s faking it and turns to Jim for advice.
You may be thinking “Well, THAT would have never happened,” but nomadshan’s great dialogue and steamy writing will make you forget the unlikely premise. Check nomadshan other fics for a wide variety of pairings ~L

He Has That Effect on You by bitterpill (M) – Jim, Pam and the infamous supply closet
Recommended by ~A, bitterpill doesn’t get too smutty and explicit in her fics but they are short, sweet and sexy

“Homecoming” by CallieJames (MA) – Pam surprises Jim and gets the best “Welcome Home” present she could have expected.
This is set when Pam comes home from Pratt, you will never watch the episode “Business Trip” the same again. ~A

I’m Ready For My Close-Up, Babe by beruco (MA) – After-Dinner Party. Pam and Jim get friskay.
Recommended by ~A, as the title indicates, there is a video camera involved . . .

Internet Intimacy by stjoespirit04 (MA) – Jim and Pam talk over webcam while she’s at Pratt. (2nd person POV)
A good addition from ~A. and this author has a few other sexy one-shots that are worth checking out ~L

It isn’t wrong but still it isn’t right by sherlockelly (MA) – Sometimes Pam things that Jim is a little bit too gentle with her.
Recommended by ~A, sherlockelly consistently brings the steam in her fics. She has some KaPam and Jim/Karen fic if that tickles your fancy.

Like a carpenter that makes stairs by Stablergirl (MA) – directly after asking Pam to dinner, Jim retreats to the stairwell to collect his thoughts. He gets interrupted. By Pam.
Stairwell smut! I highly recommend this author all around, she has excellent smut in most of her longer fics as well. ~A
I second the recommendation for Stablergirl, all her fics are well worth reading, and she’ll still pop by to respond to reviews so please leave some! ~L

Never Be Okay by im_a_guestage (MA) – Pam get a little drunk and end up being the last one at Jim’s barbecue.
Yup, it goes exactly like you’d imagine from that summary. Fair warning, this one definitely takes an angsty turn at the end ~L

Old Insecurities Die Hard by stjoespirit04 (MA) – Despite every joy, every happiness, ever blissful memory, some insecurities die hard.
A married Jim and Pam decide to have a “do-over” of Casino Night, and do over they do! ~L

‘Round Midnight by time4moxie (MA) – New Year’s Eve at Andy Bernard’s house. A handful of Dunder Mifflinites are invited, Pam and Jim included. Karen who?
An alternate take on New Year’s 2007 that will leave you smiling and satisfied ~A

Second Drinks by vicodinfm (MA) – What would have happened if Pam hadn’t been the only one drunk at the Dundies?
A great exploration of what would happen if Jim was drunk too. ~A

Sometimes Co-workers Use It For Sex by Valiant (MA) [LiveJournal] – Jim and Pam end up doing it on Dwight’s desk. It’s not the first time.
This is definitely one of the more raunchy JAM fics I’ve read, nothing about this fic is safe for work! ~L

sometimes i talk like a turnstile by unfold (MA) – Post “The Job”, “Somehow on their first date, once they get past all the catching up and the explanations and apologies and confessions, they start talking about sex.
This is a bit of a departure from unfold’s usual style, but never the less hot. ~L

Temporary Insanity by thirtypercent – The green eyed monster comes out after Jim sees Roy and Pam interact at a wedding.
If you like your Jim a little bit jealous and possessive, this is a great one-shot ~L

Through Denim by Geinnob (M) – No plot, just sexage
Recommended by ~A, Jim and Pam have some fun with their clothes (mostly) on.

Trust Me by Leely – Jim has a surprised for Pam.
Handcuffs are involved, need I say more? ~L

Two Steps Closer to the Level I Imagined by beruco (MA) – Jim is worried that Pam can’t get no satisfaction.
This author also does smut very, very, well and has quite a few stories that would fit this list. ~A

Vox by sophia_helix (MA) – After The Initiation (ep305), Jim and Pam start talking regularly on the phone. Then they start to get a little bold…

Work retreat in the Poconos, little bit of phone sex, avoidance of most of the Season 3 angst, win-win-win!  ~L

Waterfall (Let’s Get You into a Tub) by yanana (MA)- set in S5, Pam relaxes after a fight with Jim over her impulsive quitting of Dunder Mifflin
Make-up sex in the bathtub, not sure you need more reason than that to read! Yanana’s other mature fics come recommended also! ~L

What Love Tastes Like by Paper Jam (MA) – Jim “coaxes” a confession from Pam on New Year’s Eve.
Recommended by ~A, Jim “takes charge” a little here and hotness ensues.

Whenever You Want, Now by falldownmore (MA) – Jim and Pam at the beet farm, set during “Money”
The reason I add this one is somewhere near the middle… ~A

You Can Go and Love Yourself – Some fics focused on goin’ solo, so to speak

Let Me Hear Your Body Talk by MixedBerryJam (MA) – Kelly gives her new BFF, Pam, a gift that sparks her imagination.
You’re Doing Things That Make My Flesh Burn Hot…. by MixedBerryJam (MA) – After Jim finds Pam’s “woodland friend”, he makes her an offer she won’t refuse.
A little self-loving, and the sequel ~A

Solitaire by neotantrika (MA) [LiveJournal] – Jim and Pam wake up and engage in some handgames
A combo of self-gratification and voyeurism with smokin’ hot results! ~L

This is going to be the last time by sherlockelly (MA) – Jim and a little self-gratification.
Very hot with a hearty side of angst ~L

It’s Okay, When It’s In a Three-way – self-explanatory

Longing by neotantrika (MA) [LiveJournal] – At Ryan’s going-away party, Jim and Pam and Ryan discover new dimensions to their friendship.
“Discover new dimensions” is certainly a way to put it! Super hot three-way action with Jim, Pam and Ryan ~L

Here in the smallest bones by sophia_helix (MA) – The town mouse and the country mouse. AU of Launch Party (403)
Another story with great three-way action with Jim, Pam, and Ryan (with just a little more emphasis on the Jim & Ryan) ~L

Not a Word… by Shassafrass (MA) – Jim and Pam surrender to silence after “The Job.” A virtual smut-angst festival!
Shassafrass wrote some great, unapologetically over-the-top smut, and every chapter of this fic is smuttier than the last, peaking with a Jim/Pam/Karen threeway that will definitely make you blush. ~L

we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet by honey_wheeler (MA) [AO3] – “Karen leans in and kisses Pam, hard and fierce, and suddenly Jim sees with awful clarity how embarrassed his mom is going to be when the paramedics tell her how he died.”
As you can see from that quote, honey_wheeler’s a pretty great writer and this is a pretty great three-way fic ~L

You really think you can go all day? – If you’re looking for more plot, or fics with more than one, um, encounter, here are some longer fics/series

The Boy Next Door by OnlyOneKitchen (MA)- Jim and Pam are next door neighbors in their early 20’s and have known each other their whole lives. Jim’s brother Jonathan and Pam are best friends and Pam does not like Jim at all… or does she? AU
This one has been abandoned, sadly. But it is one of my favorites so I had to include it. ~A

The Fantasies of Jim and Pam by I Know This Much Is True (MA) – The title pretty much says it all: the fantasies of Jim and Pam and the naughty acting-out of those fantasies.
MANY chapters of fantasies! ~A

A Fool’s Bargain by fasterthansnakes – With Karen’s blessing, Pam and Jim decide to get it out of their system…Literally.
Once you get passed the contrived premise you’ll be in store for a lot of hot sexy times ~L

The Great Awakening by Emilys List (MA) – It’s 1977, and a Dunder Mifflin Scranton party at the swinging Halpert pad turns coworkers into more. Alternate universe.
This one is different, very different, but very smutty. ~A

Let’s Spend the Night Together by andtheivy (MA) – A series of one shots, in no particular order, in which Jim and Pam get it on. A little bit smutty, a little bit sweet, a little bit sensual, and very, very Jam-my.

Miss Beesly If You’re Nasty by beruco & sherlockelly (MA) – Pam is Jim’s houseguest for a few days. Smut ensues.
A smutty multi-chapter fic leading up to some, ah-hem, back door action. Hot hot hot! ~L

Primae Noctis by neotantrika (MA) [LiveJournal] – Jim and Pam have their first date
One part super cute “first date” fic, one part incredibly hot “first time” fic, all amazingly written ~L

The Seduction of Miss. Beesly by vicodinfm (MA) – We all loved the big declaration, the single heartbreaking tear on Casino Night. But what if Jim had decided to go for it a long time ago, and what if he’d gone about it a subtler, darker way?
Recommended by ~A, this is definitely a different take on Jim but in a very good, hot way.

Spice by JAMhands (MA) –  Based on events that took place during ‘Blood Drive’. What happens when Jim and Pam decide that they may need to spice things up a bit?
This author does smut very well and she has quite a few stories that would fit this list, but I picked this one because it is eight chapters of smuttiness. ~A

Up in Jim’s Room by wendolf (MA) – Katy and Jim are still dating during Jim’s “Email Surveillance” BBQ. When Pam sees them together it lights a fire under her.
Like ~A mentioned above, you really can’t go wrong with wendolf and this fic is a sexy slow-burner ~L

Warning Labels (M, MA) [AO3] – An epic 12-part multi-author series that follows the storyline of Season 2 with one big exception: Pam and Jim are secretly sleeping together.
Equal parts sexy and angsty, if you are a fan of those things then this is a must-read series! ~L

Who Cares What the Question Is by llorin (MA) – AU Season 2, some undetermined amount of time after Booze Cruise. Roy invites Jim to a house party.
Basically, Jim and Pam get it on while Roy’s in the same house. ~A

And finally Just for Fun

The Hot Sex in the Supply Closet Story. by Maybe Once (MA) – Bad! Fic entry, this time in the Pure Smut division.  My hope is that this story is SO bad that parents will force their teens to read it in order to prevent them from gittin’ it on.  Guaranteed to kill your sex drive!
There once was a Bad Fanfic challenge on MTT and the results were hilarious! See if you guess my favorite line. ~L

Jim and Pam Do It by Daoust (M) – It’s hot, it’s steamy and it’s real. This may be more fan non-fiction than fiction.
We’ll be the first to admit most of the fics on this list are pretty idealized. This fic goes against the grain and depicts Jim & Pam’s first time as being far less than perfect. ~L

The Smut Folder by RomanCandle Rated: T – Jim teases Pam after discovering some rather embarrassing fan-fiction she has written about Josh and Polly, two characters from her favorite TV show.
Yup, a fanfic about Jim discovering that Pam has written smutty fanfic! The fic itself is not smutty but still an entertaining conversation ~L

Disclaimer by Maybe Once Rated: M – In the interest of honesty, I humbly propose some new warnings and disclaimers for rated MA fanfic.
“WARNING:   Normal humans don’t bend this way.” 😭 ~L

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